FPL wildcard tips GW5 part 2 – Jordan Sadlers wildcard team

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Here’s our FPL wildcard tips GW5 article part 2 where Jordan Sadler shows his wildcard team.  There’s also alot of additional information to help you with your wildcard or transfer choice.

 FPL wildcard tips GW5 part 2 – Jordan Sadlers wildcard team

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

Why am I wildcarding?

So after another average gameweek scoring 48, for my 3rd red arrow in a row (though I am still 96k so can’t complain) I have decided to activate my wildcard. My original plan was to play my wildcard after gameweek 4 but after gameweek 3 I thought I may be able to hold off a few weeks, however, a few things occurred this week which made me go back to my original plan.

My reasons are as follows:
– Mkhitaryan and Bernardo Silva both not starting
– Alonso’s relentless returns
– Walcott’s injury (even if it is minor, he will likely be sold a lot until we’re updated)
– Robertson’s turn of fixtures

In this article I will not only be giving my wildcard team but my thought processes and potential alternatives to help anyone else using their wildcard this week. However, if you don’t feel like the journey then just skip to the bottom to see my wildcard team.

Gameweek 4

fpl wildcard tips GW5

I’ll go into more detail about gameweek 4 on the contributors article next week so keep an eye out for that. Long story short: A Cedric off the bench tease due to Mkhitaryan’s 89th minute subbing on and a wrong 50/50 made the gameweek average instead of very good.

The definites

So I had 7 players that were definites. Mendy and Alonso have to be there because of their attacking potential and Wan-Bissaka is a great value at my original buy price of £4.0m. Salah and Aguero are both essential in my opinion due to their ownership and Wilson and Moura are in excellent form and both have good upcoming fixtures.

So this left me with a couple of structural questions:

1) Do I go with two 4.5 GKs to rotate or one premium GK?
2) Do I go with a good 3rd FWD + a cheap 5th MID or good 5th MID + a cheap 3rd FWD?

Assessing Players


So in regards to my question 1 above there were a few options for a premium goalkeeper: Ederson, Alisson, De Gea and Kepa. I ruled Alisson out because of his fixtures and I ruled De Gea out because I don’t trust United one bit currently. So that left me with Kepa and Ederson. As I’d have no way of rotating Kepa for gameweek 7 against Liverpool and with Ederson’s incredibly easy next 3 fixtures it had to be him for premium goalkeepers.

For two £4.5m rotating keepers I wanted to keep Patricio so it would be finding a good pairing for him. I narrowed this down to Begovic, Foster and Hennessey due to their corresponding fixtures with Patricio. As good as Bournemouth look going forward they also don’t look particularly convincing at the back so I ruled Begovic out. My main issue with Patricio is gameweek 6 when he has Man United at Old Trafford so I needed someone who had a good fixture gameweek 6.

Foster has Fulham away and Hennessey has Newcastle at home so Hennessey made more sense. Fabianski is a brilliant keeper and him and Patricio rotate very well but his gameweek 6 fixture is Chelsea so that was why I didn’t consider him. After sorting the rest of my team I had enough money for Ederson and Hamer so that is what I went with. However, I do think I may switch back to rotating £4.5m keepers in the near future.


As I said before, Mendy, Alonso and Wan-Bissaka are definites so that leaves two spots free. Ideally I wanted a premium defender and a cheap defender. If I needed a defender at £4.0m then the obvious choice is Bennett of Wolves as he’s the only other playing defender at that price. However, I had a some money spare so I wanted a £4.4m/£4.5m defender instead which I narrowed down to Cedric, Doherty and Rico.

As I said before, Bournemouth don’t seem brilliant defensively so Rico’s main appeal would be his offensive capability. He put out a 0.83 xA against Chelsea from LWB which is outstanding but looking at his stats from his previous club that doesn’t seem like the norm therefore I put him on my watchlist instead of in my team.

So that left Cedric and Doherty as my two viable options at £4.4m each. In the end I went with Doherty over Cedric for three reasons: better fixtures, Doherty’s average position in a game is regularly the same as the Wolves’ forwards so better attacking potential and Wolves are just a better team than Southampton in my opinion.

Premium defender options for me were Shaw, Trent, Robertson and Luiz for the Chelsea double up. I don’t trust United defensively right now so that ruled Shaw out, Liverpool have really tough fixtures so Trent and Robertson don’t seem worth their value for their next 4 games in my opinion and so that left Luiz for the Chelsea double up.

Midfielders and Forwards:

So the main decisions for me with midfielders and forwards were whether to put Hazard or Mane, my question 2 above and then what budget players to put with Hazard/Mane. I think Hazard is a great option but Mane has been Liverpool’s best offensive player so far (and just won PFA player of the month) and honestly fixtures don’t scare me when it comes to Liverpool’s offence, if anything, they excite me so Mane is who I went with.

The graphic above has all the budget midfielders and forwards that I considered.  I looked at their xG/90 and xA/90 alongside their price points to come to a decision. Looking at Ings’ xG/90 (0.71) at 5.6m he’s an absolute steal so a 3rd good forward made more sense to me than a 5th good midfielder as Fraser is the only other competitive alternative at Ings’ price and I already have Wilson so wouldn’t want to double up.

All that was left then was my 4th and 5th midfielders. I could afford one of the more expensive players in the list above as my 4th midfielder so I decided to go with Pedro as even though he does have gametime risk he’s in way better form than Willian so I think Sarri will start him for the near future.

Mkhitaryan’s game time is at serious risk, Pereyra’s underlying stats really aren’t too good and Richarlison  is suspended and Walcott is currently out injured so I felt Pedro made the most sense. However, I do think Richarlison will eventually come back in my team for Pedro probably in 2 or 3 weeks time. For my cheap 5th midfielder, going off underlying stats Hughes was the winner by quite a distance never mind how good of a start Watford have had.

The Wildcard Team

So this is the team and for the record my team value is now 101.9. I’m taking some risks doubling up on Chelsea and City defence but hopefully it will pay off. Got a strong and relatively cheap bench as well which I like as I do like to rotate my team based on fixtures (I will be switching Moura to the subs bench for Doherty into the starting 11 for this week I think).

Future transfer plans

I do typically like to make transfer plans for around 4 weeks ahead of me and so unsurprisingly I’ve done the same here. In reality things never work out the way you hope but regardless I still like to be planned and organised in case they ever do. So this is my current plan:

GW6: save
GW7: Pedro > Richarlison (as Pedro has Liverpool that week and I want Richarlison back in if he’s still in good form)
GW8: Ederson > Patricio (as Ederson has Liverpool, Spurs and United in his next 5 games)
GW9: Luiz > Robertson (this is when Liverpool’s fixtures are good again)

I will likely want to bring in Arnautovic after GW9 when his fixtures turn but I will work out how to do that nearer the time.

Hope this article helps you with your difficult decisions and I hope your wildcard is a success if you do use it this week. Good luck for gameweek 5 and lets hope this international break goes very fast!

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33 thoughts on “FPL wildcard tips GW5 part 2 – Jordan Sadlers wildcard team

    • You’re more than welcome to give me your reasons for your viewpoint, I’d be more than happy to hear them.

      These are my reasons for why I’ve not picked the players you’ve suggested. Mitrovic has no better stats than Ings or Wilson and both are cheaper, there’s a table showing that above. Mitrovic xG/90 of 0.73 and xA/90 of 0.11 versus Ings’ of 0.71 and 0.09, basically no difference but £1.1m difference in price so Ings’ every day for me. Plus Mitrovic’s next 4 games are Man City away, Watford at home, Everton away and Arsenal at home, not a great set of fixtures to bring a £6.7m forward in for in my opinion. Two tough away games and then a top 6 opponent and an inform Watford at home.

      Hazard versus Mane was something I explained above. Mane’s been in excellent form (Liverpool’s best attacker so far), he’s cheaper and his underlying stats are relatively similar to Hazard’s so I’d rather keep him with me already having some money invested in him. Plus I already have Pedro who in my opinion is the best player in his price bracket until Richarlison is back. I’m not really interested in doubling up on Chelsea attackers neither, would much rather double up Liverpool attackers as they’re more prolific.

      You’re saying City heavy defence like it’s a negative? Mendy is essential obviously but I can’t see how doubling up on City defence when they have Fulham, Cardiff and Brighton as their next 3 is a bad thing? After that I’ll sell Ederson as I said in my transfers section. Okay, yeah I’ll admit the Chelsea heavy defence is a risk and I am considering whether to replace Luiz but for now I haven’t found a good solution for it.

      As I said, you’re more than welcome to give me the reasons for your opinion. Not really sure how this wildcard can be viewed as “terrible” though but here we are.

  1. Hi Jordan, thanks for sharing this very explained article. My team has similar issues to yours, but in the end I’m going to hold on the wilcard and try to fix issues over the next couple of weeks. So it will be a good comparison to your team to know what it could have been if I wildcarded.

    As for your team, I really like the balance with all players useful other than Hamer. My only suggestion for you to consider would be to replace Luiz, I am looking at Bellerin. I know their form has been terrible, bit fixtures are excellent and Emery always ends up making string defensive sides. Or perhaps downgrade to a 5.0/4.5 and use spare cash to upgrade Hamer for the 4.5 GK that you will rotate with Patricio from GW8 ?

    • Thanks man. Yeah Luiz is where I’m a bit stuck but I had a good think last night and the logic for me was this: His next 4 games are Cardiff H, West Ham A, Liverpool H and Southampton A and after that I will be replacing whoever it is with Robertson/Trent. Luiz would be benched for the Liverpool game with Doherty replacing him who has Southampton at home. So that leaves those 3 games I want him to play.

      Now if I look at his clean sheet odds for those three games 8/13, 7/5 and I’d assume something like 6/5 for Southampton as well then no other alternative comes close for clean sheet odds bar Shaw but Watford and Wolves are good teams so I think it’ll be tough for United to keep clean sheets regardless of what the odds say. But then obviously you do have ones with more attacking potential but over the space of 3-4 games getting an attacking return on a non top 6 defender is unlikely in my opinion.

      I didn’t consider Bellerin as for some reason I thought he was £6.0m, my bad, but I did consider Monreal who does have pretty good underlying stats at 0.35 xG/90 and 0.03 xA/90 but it is Arsenal defence that concerns me and I honestly don’t view Everton, Watford and Fulham as easy clean sheet prospects for them as both Everton and Fulham have pace going forward which isn’t good for Arsenal’s slow backline. Watford wise I could rotate him however for Doherty so that wouldn’t be too much of an issue. Just really struggling with how to solve the Luiz problem well as there are flaws in every option.

      I’d rather have double City so wouldn’t want to downgrade Ederson. Though you have made my think of another option actually which is going Laporte for Luiz and then dropping to two 4.5’s or a 5.0/4.5 then I do keep my double up and save transfers. Hmm, I will look into that actually. Thank you for the feedback mate, I appreciate it!

      • actually I like the Laporte option, I would rather have doble City defence than double Chelsea, the next 3 games couldn’t be better. Plus the extra benefit of using the Ederson savings on getting your goal set up for the long term. Good luck in whichever case !

  2. I don’t get why you would buy players so short term on a WC(Eg Ederson) only to sell them. Makes no sense.

    Plus it fills up a Citeh slot for someone like D Silva, whose stats are through the roof and has no Int football during the break.

      • I’ve already mentioned that above. Doherty is way more advanced than Bennett so for the 0.4 more I think it’s well worth it as I will be rotating Doherty in often.

        No appealing players at £4.5m in midfield for me, Hughes makes the most sense and I don’t stick with a fixed 11, I like to rotate depending on fixtures.

        Ings isn’t eligible but it’s irrelevant as I have a relatively strong bench so it’s an easy switch out for Wan-Bissaka versus Newcastle at home.

        In response to your other comment. I typically prefer to play with two 4.5 goalkeepers but I want a City double up so it seemed easy enough to just have Ederson in while he’s got really easy fixtures and plan to bring him out. I want to bring Robertson back in after these next 4 fixtures for Liverpool which meant I needed to find money and Ederson’s fixtures turn then so he’s the most logical switch out. We have transfers for a reason, why not optimise them based on a players fixtures?

        Silva was someone I initially overlooked because of City’s unpredictable rotation of players. His stats are good admittedly (wouldn’t say through the roof but either way) and I have looked at ways of bringing him in for Pedro but I’m not convinced it’s worth it on balance.

  3. Regardless of whether we agree or not, it’s a fantastic, thought provoking and well explained article. Thank you for taking the time to do and share Jordan…much appreciated.

  4. Hi Jordan! I would like to put my views point wise regarding your devastatingly detailed deliberations in this article whi h were so superbly splendid they forced me to finally set aside time to post this.(This is my debut post on this brilliant website, so please forgive any unforced errors or blunders on my part, cheers!)

    1 . I understand your four point reason for wildcarding but I believe you are,in a sense, jumping the gun because your team has a good core ( which you are retaining even in the WC team) and you have a rank in the top 100,000 just like me. ( Don’t worry, I too have seen only red arrows after my fanatically fantastic first GW).

    2. Ederson sure looks the pick of the GKs considering his next three matches which look like 3 potential clean sheets but I would look at it with caution considering that the same was said about his previous three matches too.

    3. Your stance of not choosing a 4.5m GK if he has a match against a top 6 side is definitely logical, but then again a couple of such matches can’t possibly hurt too much as there is a real potential for bonus and save points, especially considering the whole team would defend for their LIVES..in such matches.

    4. Your fear for Liverpool’s fixtures may be a bit unfounded considering they are THE FORM team at the moment and could swat even Pep aside (remember they kept a clean sheet last season against Man City despite having Karius in goal).

    5. Am in complete agreement about your MID and FWD thoughts (though am a bit sceptical about Lucas).

    6. The policy of keeping mid priced subs is definitely attractive but I detest it and personally prefer only a threadbare bench with cheap gems like Wan Bissakha ‘coz I remain in freakingly feverish fear of getting the 50/50 decision wrong and then getting gigantic gallons of guilt ( like Cedric in your team last week).

    7. Last but certainly not the least, despite a few significant differences with your decisions, I remain in awe and admiring appreciation of your awesome aptitude and ability ( I have a knack for alliterations, in case you didn’t notice till now) which enabled you to write such a superb and thought provoking article. I am sure you will in a few years be replacing Gary and Thierry as THE experts (seriously man, excellent thinking)!

    {P.S. Btw that was a classy response to
    Tits Mcgee( whose comment appeared to me to be in a bad taste)- just defending your opinion and the logic behind it….you might be wrong but then never mind-we all could be-and THAT’S WHY WE LOVE FPL!!! }

    • Hey NS, thank you for the lovely and very well written comment! So these are my views on the things you’ve brought up:

      1) I agree I may be jumping the gun a little but I’d always planned on doing my wildcard in gameweek 4 and with there being 4 issues for me to solve I was happy to do it now. I know I kept a similar core of players but that was due to the fact they are players I view as essential but the differentials were the main issue for me and if I didn’t fix them I think it could have started to add up, but these are the gambles you take haha.

      2/3) Yeah there is of course the issue of Man City do seem a little shaky at the back but I’d say right now only really Liverpool seem to be better and their fixtures are poor so Ederson was an easy choice for me. To be honest after speaking to Sergio I may switch to Laporte though and use two of the 4.5’s I named above, or maybe even a 5.0 and 4.5, we shall see. I agree on your assessment of 4.5 goalkeepers which is why I plan on bringing them back in once Ederson’s fixtures turn, it’s just tough to pass up on such nice fixtures for a Man City goalkeeper but as I say I may switch to Laporte instead anyway.

      4) Being a Liverpool fan I have watched every game so far and as much as their results make them seem in form their performances have been slightly underwhelming, especially the last two. They have looked solid at the back to be fair but I’d rather not take that risk. I only fear for them defensively though, offensively I actually think these games benefit them hence why I’ve kept Salah and Mane.

      5) I like Moura due to how advanced his average position is alongside his pretty good underlying stats. My only concern with him is his game time when Son comes back but I can deal with that issue if/when it arises.

      6) My value is quite high for this point in the season at £102.0 so I don’t mind having that extra £1m invested in subs just to make rotation far easier. If I wanted cheap as possible subs I’d go Bennett and Hojbjerg at £4.0m and £4.4m respectively but I feel like then I’m far more limited in regards to if a main player has a poor fixture (or even ineligible in Ings case). Plus looking at my squad there’s not really much I could do with that extra £1m that seems worthwhile to me.

      I do get people’s fear of 50/50 choices and I got a ridiculous amount wrong last season probably costing me 50k in ranks but that’s just part of the game. Typically now if I’m really struggling I just go off bookies odds as they do far more research than I could ever do to get their numbers haha. Cedric wasn’t a 50/50 though for the record, I was always going to pick Wan-Bissaka seeing as I knew nothing about Zaha’s injury. If I’d known about Zaha though then I would have gone Cedric but there was no way to know. Patricio/Fabianski was a 50/50 though which I did get wrong haha.

      7) I really appreciate that man. I have noticed your knack for alliteration yes haha, surprised you said “brilliant website” earlier though over wonderful website! Yeah no point in being bothered by negative comments, I’ll just give my respectful viewpoint and hope they can then do the same back.

      Thanks again for the great comment and hope this answers your queries/points.

  5. Really enjoyed your article Jordan. I am on a wildcard too and I would like to check if you would consider swapping Luiz for Shaw. He’s quite good value, and have good fixtures coming up. I am also deliberating selling Salah for Sterling considering not many will cap Salah for 3 out of the next 4 games, and Sterling has excellent fixtures coming up. Although I understand the risk of rotation, but Sterling seems to play lost games for Pep.

    • Thank you! Honestly it’s definitely something I’ve considered but I’m a Liverpool fan so I try to avoid United players unless I feel they’re essential as having someone like Shaw puts me in two minds of wanting them to lose but wanting my clean sheet haha. I do think Shaw is a very good Luiz alternative, just not right for me!

      I wouldn’t recommend selling Salah personally. You’re right about him not being captained too much over the coming weeks but I still view the guy as essential due to his high ownership. Liverpool fixtures really don’t concern me when it comes to their offence neither tbh, if anything it’s probably a positive as typically the better teams play less open which gives Salah and Mane more freedom than deep defending teams like Palace and Brighton. The only Man City players I’d consider offensively right now are Aguero and D Silva personally, last thing you want is an £11m Sterling sat on your bench. However, that’s just my opinion I can understand why you’re considering him!

  6. I like your team except maybe for Luiz. But I understand your reason for doing so.

    Can you give me thoughts on my team?
    TEAM (£3m in bank):
    Forster (Patricio)
    Alonso – Mendy, Shaw (Wan-Bissaka – Bennett)
    Mane – Hazard – Moura – Walcott (Hojbjerg)
    Wilson – Mitovic – Aguero
    No Salah – hopefully Mane will be enough. risky i suppose
    Walcott – will he be fit? Fraser/Maddison instead? and later to Richarlison
    Pedro – already got Hazard
    Moura – will he be rotated – champions league & Son are back?’
    Who is best 4.5m mid (Mostly for bench)
    No Robertson – Liv fixtures are tough
    Holebas – I think Shaw is better choice, thoughts?
    Goalkeeper – any better rotation options? Or go premium?
    Wilson & Mitrovic – change Lacazette or Firmino (after 3 weeks) or someone else?
    Kane – whom to sacrifice when he is back in form?
    £3m in bank – where to spend?

    • Yeah Luiz is the only one I’m not completely convinced on but he’s only in there until I can get a Liverpool player back in and I have looked at alternatives but based on clean sheets he’s the best option as other options give me double Palace and double Wolves versus double Chelsea which just doesn’t seem like a smart move but we shall see!

      I really like your team. I’m assuming you mean Ben Foster rather than Fraser Forster and if that’s the case then yeah Foster and Patricio is a great rotation for goalkeepers, only bad fixture you’ll have over the next several weeks is Patricio versus Chelsea at home in GW15 which is nothing to worry about! For me there isn’t really a specifically better pairing, short term maybe Hennessey over Foster but I think long term Patricio and Foster is a better pairing so I’d stick unless you would be willing to sell Hennessey before GW11 (for Fabianski would be my recommendation if you were to do that).

      Defenders, of course Mendy and Alonso are essential imo so you’ve got that box ticked. Obviously you wrote this before the England game but with Luke Shaw getting a head injury tonight he could be out for a while. My recommended alternative would be Laporte for the City double up and then when their fixtures turn switching him for Robertson or Trent depending on finances. Bennett and Wan-Bissaka are good bench options, I do think Doherty is well worth the extra 0.4m if you have it spare but we can see with that.

      Midfield seems solid. I was speaking to my friend who supports Southampton and he’s not convinced of Hojbjerg’s gametime though he did say he’d expect him to play short term, just to make you aware. Hazard and Mane are good picks. I’m not a fan of going without Salah and I see him as essential (he scored 2 and assisted 2 tonight for country for the record) but that is your decision. Moura and Walcott are good picks though obviously Walcott’s potential injury is why I dropped him. As you’ve said, Richarlison is the natural replacement either next gameweek or the gameweek after. Maddison is a good alternative as Leicester do have good fixtures coming up. In regards to your Moura concerns I’m really not sure what will happen with Son returning, my plan is just see how things go and deal with whatever the situation is as it comes.

      Forward line is good, Mitrovic and Wilson are two very good forward options (though not too convinced on Mitrovic’s next 4 fixtures but that’s up to you) and Aguero is obviously essential. I’d wait and see with Lacazette before investing in him as there is a chance he may just end up back on the bench again next week haha so I wouldn’t gamble yet. In regards to Kane I’m not sure of the solution really, he’s looked really out of it lately so don’t think it’s something to worry about for any time soon.

      Now after a little think I don’t really know what to advise you in regards to you £3m. I think my best suggestion would be Walcott -> D Silva (-1.9m), Bennett -> Doherty (0.4m), Shaw -> Luiz (0.5m). I do like D Silva as an option as his underlying stats are solid at 0.33 xG/90 and 0.49 xA/90 and they do have 3 really good games coming up. Then once the poor run of fixtures come for City (GW8 forward) then you could bring in Richarlison freeing up some money to bring in Robertson etc. that’s just my suggestion anyone. It’s a really tough one tbh as your team is well balanced. Anyway, hope this helps and good luck man.

  7. My or after 4 he is 8k, like my or in the end of last season.. all of that without Alonso, I have Ederson (Stekelenburg)
    Luiz Mendy TTA Tomkins and Shaw, Salah Mane Maddison Walcott Stephens
    Kun Zaha Mitrovic
    I have 2 ft, my big problem is 4 players with injury flag, only way to bring Alonso is with minus 4, or maybe bring Lacazette for Zaha with other 2 subs like Walcott out to have de ent 11 that really starts…
    What are your opinion???

    • Hey Yaniv, great rank mate.

      To bring in Alonso couldn’t you do Zaha > Ings, Luiz > Alonso. That would just be your 2 free transfers then. Right now I’d wait and see what’s said about your players as it’s hard to know right now which of the 4 will be fit and won’t be fit. I’d expect Shaw to be out and Walcott to be back. The other two I’m unsure as not really been much update on them.

      As I say my advice would be Zaha > Ings, Luiz > Alonso or as an alternative Zaha > Wilson, Tomkins > AWB and Luiz > Alonso for a -4. Depends how you feel about hits.

      • Wow, Jordan, didn’t thought about those alternatives, a like the idea, but not so sure about minus 4… IWill wait till Friday anyway, good luck to all of us, great article!

  8. Hi Jordan,

    This is a thoughtful article and you have handled the unwarranted criticism that you received really well. I too am on a wildcard this week and I have one dilemma to resolve, which is whether to go with Holebas, Shaw or Bellerin to complete my attacking defence of Robertson, Alonso, Mendy and Wan-Bassika. Obviously the injury to Shaw may make it a straight choice now between Holebas and Bellerin, but which way to jump?! The better form and asset potential of the former, or the better fixtures of the latter? Before yesterday it was Shaw, by the way.

    What would you–or anyone else– recommend? For context, I am sitting at 110k, with Ederson a non-rotating gk, a midfield of Salah, Mane, Moura [plus filler], and a forward line of Aguero, Ings and Mitrovic.

    My indecision is driving me crazy and any help would be be appreciated. Many thanks.

    • Hi D.J.

      Thank you, I appreciate that. So I take it you have at least £5.4m remaining then if you can afford Bellerin? If it was a straight pick out of Bellerin and Holebas for me it would be Bellerin every day.

      Holebas: MUN, ful, ars, BOU, wol
      Bellerin: new, EVE, WAT, ful, LEI

      Bellerin’s fixtures are far superior for the next 5 fixtures and I’m assuming by your [plus filler] for the midfielders you’d expect him to play majority of games.

      Underlying stats:
      Holebas: 0.03 xG/90 0.18 xA/90 (2018/19 so far), 0.02 xG/90 0.14 xA/90 (2017/18)
      Bellerin: 0.02 xG/90 0.24 xA/90 (2018/19 so far), 0.07 xG/90 0.14 xA/90 (2017/18)

      So going off underlying stats Bellerin is superior as well, higher xA/90 this year and averaged a higher xG/90 last year. Plus generally speaking increased quality of teammates means you’re more likely to overachieve your xA/90 so again Bellerin wins in that regard.

      To be honest, after me looking into Bellerin more you’re making me consider swapping Luiz out for him in all honestly so maybe that helps your decision haha. I didn’t consider him before because I somehow thought he was £6.0m but maybe I’m getting confused from last year.

      Anyway, hope this helps man, good luck with your wildcard and hope it all goes well!

  9. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the quick reply. That’s just the nudge I needed!

    My head said Bellerin but I watched the Watford/Spurs game last week and noted how central Hobelas was to Watford’s set pieces, which is also central to how they play overall. And yes, I’ve been playing 4-3-3 since the start with the emphasis on attacking full backs (well, after a misguided dalliance with Bailly!), so they will play week-in-week-out. Also, as a Liverpool fan I’m not afraid of the fixtures coming up either.

    Luckily, Bellerin’s drop in price has just made him affordable for me, with a 4.4 filler. Monreal at 5.5 is also an option for you over Luiz though, and he continues to get into very good scoring positions from what I’ve seen. Maybe more so than Bellerin, so think about that if you do move away from Luiz.

    Thanks again and good luck to you too!

  10. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for this detailed overview and process of your wildcard. Quick question on my end, did you consider moving Salah to free up funds?

    My defensive players are well set, I just brought in Alonso & Bennet being in my WC.

    GK :Patricio/Hamer
    DF:Mendy, Robertson, Alonso, WBK, Bennet

    Up front is another story. I’d like to have Aguero, Wilson, Mane, Hazard & Salah but can only go there if my 2 remaining mids are @4.5 (Billing & Westwood) and Ings as 3rd forward. I feel it’s a bit unbalanced.

    If I decide to ditch Salah I can basically upgrade Ings to Mitrovic and have Rircharlison with Pedro or Moura and 3mio ITB to upgrade to KDB when he’s back from his injury.

    Love to have your opinion here.

    • Hey Greg,

      No problem at all. I did not consider moving Salah out as I personally view him as essential and with a 51% ownership and basically the best underlying stats of every player in the league I just don’t think it would be a smart move to sell him. Salah started similarly last year and then once he hit his rhythm he was ridiculous and I can’t see any different outcome to last year currently tbh. His underlying stats so far this year have actually been better than last year (he easily could have had 6 goals by now if he’d not missed some very easy chances) and he just scored 2 and assisted 2 while on international duty so I’d advise not to take the risk.

      Looking at Geek’s most recent wildcard he’s basically done a near identical team to the one you’re suggesting so it’s completely up to you. I personally prefer a slightly stronger bench just so I’m able to navigate fixtures a little easier and give myself a good buffer in case of last minute injuries or dropped players. However, one thing I would say is if it were me the last one of those 4 premium players I’d drop would be Salah. Personally I’d say drop Mane or Hazard but between those is basically a 50/50 for me, reason I’ve stuck with Mane is he’s cheaper and I am a little biased being a Liverpool fan haha.

      I honestly prefer Ings over Mitrovic right now based on their next few fixtures, I really don’t think he’s worth the extra £1.1m over Ings for the near future. I also wouldn’t get Pedro if you already have Hazard, I think you’re better off doubling up the Liverpool mids than Chelsea mids personally, even with these next few fixtures. No reason to have De Bruyne in your thinking right now man as he’ll be out for at least another 2 months so don’t worry about that for a while.

      Basically, my view on this is your team is good if you’re okay with a weak bench but personally I’d recommend dropping one of Hazard or Mane and buffing up your bench a bit. Something like:
      A) Hazard > Pedro (Save 3.9m)
      Billing > Moura (Spend 2.8m)
      Bennett > Doherty (Spend 0.4m)
      Hamer > Hennessey (Spend 0.5m)
      B) Mane > Moura (Save 2.4m-2.7m)
      Billing > Maddison (Spend £2.0m)
      Hamer > Hennessey (Spent 0.5m)

      That’s just two examples. Then bring Richarlison in for Pedro or Maddison in a couple of gameweeks or whatever. But as I say, your squad is decent as is if you’re happy with the weak bench options.

      One other potential option is Robertson > Trent to save £1.0m and spread that over your bench like Hamer > Hennessey and Billing > Hughes for example.

      Hope this helps, good luck man!

  11. Hi Jordan, will you keep Ederson in your team after rumors about him misiing the GW beacose coming baby birth? maybe you should Bettinelli and Bennet for Hamer and Doherty, for backup

    • Not sure at the moment, I’m just going to see what happens. Will likely make that decision Friday and if Ederson doesn’t look like he’s going to play then I will likely just switch to Patricio and Hennessey as a pairing and adjust accordingly I think.

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