GW12 FPL – 3 FFGeek Contributors teams Part 5


Here’s part 5 of our GW12 FPL articles for with 3 FFGeek Contributors teams. There’s Rick Porter, Yaniv Salomon and Scott Taylor. Between them they have 7 top 10k finishes in the last 4 very competitive seasons.

GW12 FPL – 3 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 5

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 5 seasons ORs were 1k, 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW11 Points: 47  (FPL average 42) Total points: 734, Overall Rank: 77k, red arrow: 38k  Team Value: £102.9m

Rick has used his wildcard

GW11 review

Another poor week where I was forced to take comfort in my score being just above average. My rank is still decent but, essentially, not owning Cancelo saw me drop a hefty 40k. My differentials are few, so if they don’t deliver I’m really at the mercy of the popular assets I’ve opted against.

Worse still, I left another Gallagher haul on the bench – though, it probably won’t be the last time if I’m honest. He may well end up on the bench again this week. He’s a 5.9m Palace midfielder. His name’s always going to have a question mark over it when it comes to team selection. Obviously, with hindsight, I’d have been better off playing him over Vardy, Toney, or either of my Chelsea defenders, but that wouldn’t ever have happened considering the fixtures and ownerships of those players. Like last week, I just need to be happy that my safety net would have done its job if it were needed.


I have Steele covering Sanchez, so the way I see it I have two choices this week. It’s a classic sword or shield scenario.

By far the safest thing I could do is bring in Cancelo. He’s close to 30% owned and was the player that really hurt me last week. I have 3.0m in the bank so upgrading either Livramento or White is doable. However, that eats my premium fund and forces me into a not-unsubstantial downgrade elsewhere if I want to bring in a big hitter for Vardy in the coming weeks. Realistically, with future moves in mind, Rudiger would have to become Cancelo. This preserves the funds, but means I lose my double Chelsea defence. There’s always the threat of Cancelo rotation too, and the game after an international break when there’s a match against PSG a couple of days later is a prime time to shuffle the pack a little.

The riskier option is to bring Kane in for Vardy. I’d be going without 30% owned Cancelo and dropping 30% owned Vardy in favour of an 9% owned forward who’s done very little so far this season. It sounds like a bad call when you type it out like that, but the idea is to bring him in while his confidence is high, the fixtures are good, and he stands the best chance of recovering the scoring form we all know he’s capable of. It would be nice to get on a player early before they become a bandwagon and, as a bonus, he’s a real easy switch to Ronaldo come GW16. This feels like a proactive move that could achieve something, rather than just covering my rear, but could easily prove to be a damp squib and another Cancelo haul would be galling.

I might have considered a -4 to do both, but I’m going to be benching good players as it is and Cancelo has a decent chance of sitting out in my eyes. Using a FT to bring him in is fine, but taking a hit would feel pretty wasteful if he does get rested.


Right now, I don’t know which route I’ll take. I’ll probably end up doing both moves over the coming weeks, so it’s not a high stakes decision. It’s just whether I want to brave one more week without Cancelo and give myself an early chance to benefit from Kane’s confidence or nullify my biggest rank threat now and move to Kane next week. I imagine I’ll choose Saturday morning when I know I don’t have any other issues.


Salah captain and either Kane or Jota vice.

transfer summary: To be confirmed. Either Cancelo in for Rudiger out or Kane in for Vardy out

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made


Scott Taylor

Scott’s last 4 seasons ORs were 12k, 15k, 1k and 12k

GW11 Points: 73  (FPL average 42) Total points: 731, Overall Rank: 89k, green arrow: 91k  Team Value: £102.4m

Scott has all his chips

Transfer summary: to be confirmed but likely White to R James and Havertz to Gallagher.

Captain: Salah. Vice: TAA or Cancelo

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made


Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 96k, 3k, 4k and 8k

GW11 Points: 71  (FPL average 42) Total points: 733, Overall Rank: 80k, green arrow: 69k  Team Value: £102.8m

Yaniv has used his wildcard

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A big green arrow to 80k . £3.8m itb , 1ft probably Jota in to Mbeumo out, not going to take hits for the Spurs train and just monitor for next GW

Transfer summary: Likely Jota in Mbeumo out

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made


The FFGeek Contributors League

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