GW13 FPL – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 5


Here’s part 5 of our GW13 FPL articles with 4 FFGeek Contributors teams. There’s Alon Shamir, Yaniv Salomon, Avishek Majumdar and Harry Vernon. Between them they have 14 top 1% finishes and 7 top 10k finishes in the last 4 very competitive seasons.

GW13 FPL – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 5

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Alon Shamir

Alon’s last 5 seasons overall ranks are 44k, 1k, 123k, 4k and 2k

GW12 Points: 76 (FPL average 57) Total points: 832, Overall Rank: 21k, green arrow: 3k  Team Value: £103.5m

Follow Alon on twitter here

Alon has used his wildcard

GW12 review:

A bitter-sweet gameweek it was. Once again I left tons of points on the bench (I guess that the poll I posted on Twitter last week didn’t help much. I asked who should I start out of Gallagher, Toney and Rudiger, and the latter came out on the bottom and was indeed benched by me) but my team scored 76 points and I got a small green arrow up to 21K OR, so I’m still pleased.

Although I missed Rudiger 14 points haul, the rest of my defence did well – Trent Alexander Arnold, Cancelo and Chilwell all delivered attacking points in addition to clean sheets. Jota did the business as well and Salah continued his magnificent season. Even Toney scored a goal, who would have thought he can! 😀

A word on the template which is very solid at the moment – I’m not bothered by it and don’t think someone should make a move just for the sake of breaking the template (of course u can if u think a certain player or structure is better than the template). I had a conversation on this with a friend this week, in which I told him that so many times during the season u feel like the template is solid and everyone’s teams are becoming similar, but it always changes sooner than one thinks. The real goal should be to get on the next template faster than anyone else. Before it even becomes a template.

GW13 preview:

We are now reaching a new phase of the season. After the first 12 gameweeks were played over a bit more than 3 months, the next 9 fixtures will take place over 36 days. It’s an average of a match every 4 days and that’s disregarding CL and cup games. In other words – rotation is coming.

Therefore we should have a decent bench which will 100% be utilized every other week. I currently have the non-playing Scarlett as my 15th player so I’m considering upgrading him at some point. I should be careful with this move however since he is still the least valuable player in my squad, meaning that every other transfer I make should theoretically provide me with more points.

A few weeks now I have been thinking about Spurs’ players and Son in particular. In the beginning of this week I was building a case for taking Foden out for Son. It is classic Pep to suddenly make Foden 2nd choice just when we feel like his place is almost secure. The Foden injury news that has come out later this week made me tend to this move even further. I like to try and be ahead “FPL curve” (aka – get on the next template before everyone) and as I strongly believe the combination of Conte and Spurs’ very decent squad must be fruitful for them, their upcoming fixtures suggest a high ceiling opportunity. Only question is whether Conte succeeds to make a positive change in such a short period since his arrival to the club.

Nevertheless, as I’m writing these lines I am watching Spurs in the Europa League and the mentioned above change I am hoping for doesn’t seem nearby. Son in particular is almost invisible and the same was true when I watched their last PL match. So, as much as I am tempted to bring an attacking asset from Spurs, I will wait (at least) another gameweek.

The other decision I am facing this week is who to replace Chilwell with. 2 weeks ago I picked him over James, and as much as I believed I made the right choice due to more expected rotation for James during the fixture congestion, the outcome was bad. Now I have a few possible replacements for Chilwell: James, Alonso, Reguilon. I will start by saying that money is not so much of an issue as I currently have 3.2 million in the bank.

James is the obvious pick. He is in the form of his life providing attacking points almost every week now, and playing for the best defence in the league. I still think he would make some 1 pointer cameos in the upcoming period but his output when starting may compensate that.

Alonso is a riskier pick in a way. On the one hand, Chilwell is injured so he must be first choice one would think. But I guess that Azpi and even Pulisic could replace him every now and than (Tuchel has previously said that the latter can take this position as it involves so much attacking). It looked like Tuchel got tired of Alonso after GW6 so I can’t be 100% sure Alonso will be now nailed on, even with the Chilwell injury. We all have fond memories from Alonso and if it does turn out that he is starting most weeks I guess his ownership will be sky high. So once again, it’s the question of whether it is smart to take this risk to try and be ahead of the curve.

Reguilon is also a potentially excellent FPL asset, but as long as Spurs’ defence looks this vulnerable, I’m not going there. It should be noted that the same as with Son, I expect Conte to have a positive effect on their defence so in the future I can certainly see myself getting one of their defensive assets.


I’m waiting for press conferences and leaks before making any move, but as things stand I am leaning towards bringing R. James instead of Chilwell and carrying over the other FT to next GW. Having 2FTs could potentially be extremely helpful over the fixture congestion period.

Team Selection:

Only decision to be made imo, is whether to start Antonio or Rudiger. Antonio seems off recently and he faces one of the 2 best defences in the league. Rudiger on the other hand is part of the best defence in the league. Although facing Man Utd and Ronaldo, I rate his points potential higher than Antonio’s. We have also seen recently that Rudiger can even provide some attacking points every once in a while.

So it would be Rudiger for me.


Still see no reason to give it to anyone but Salah. He is in an incredible form and consistently provides returns (has failed to return just once since the beginning of the season!)


I am updating this section on a weekly basis. It includes the players I monitor and consider a possible future transfer.

Defence – Reguilon, Emerson, Lamptey, Alonso.

Midfield – Son, KDB, Mane, Cornet, Alli, Bowen, Rashford, Bernardo Silva.

Forwards – Kane, Ronaldo, Watkins, Benteke.

Transfer summary: likely Reece James in for Chilwell

Here’s the team prior to any transfer being made


Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 96k, 3k, 4k and 8k

GW12 Points: 84  (FPL average 57) Total points: 817, Overall Rank: 47k, green arrow: 33k  Team Value: £103.3m

Yaniv has used his wildcard

Follow Yaniv on twitter here

Hi all, so another great gameweek , up to 47k (from 300k in GW7). Really wanted to captain Cancelo last GWk (a week after the James Captaincy was successful for me). I didn’t go for it at the end but I will not complain though, big points came from the fab 4 defenders – 48 points total!!! James(best form in the league), Chilwell, Trent Alexander Arnold and Cancelo. Bringing in Jota instead of lack of form Son turned out to be a big success. Finally a return (although it was a GK mistake) from Toney.

As you all know, unfortunately Chilwell has a big injury. So I will transfer him out probably tonight , and he will be Alonso, as I see alot of value in their defense (highest CS odds in the league although they play United).

Azpilcueta will get another GWk, and I will monitor the Foden injury situation. If he will be out, I will have 3 Chelsea defenders if Azpi will start, Antonio will be my second sub (I am keeping him for now).
No brainer on the Captaincy choice this GW, so Salah it is…
I hope to get 5th green arrow from the last 6 games to continue the run.
Good luck all!!!

transfer summary: Likely Chilwell out for Alonso

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made


Avishek Majumdar

Avishek’s last 4 seasons ORs were 32k 13k, 45k and 64k

GW12 Points: 85 on WC (FPL average 57) Total points: 797, Overall Rank: 116k, green arrow: 82k  Team Value: £102.4m

Avishek has used his wildcard

So after a reasonably successful (at least immediately) wildcard, the plan was
always to carry over the free transfer if possible, until Chilwell’s midweek injury
which is now feared to be long term. These are exactly the circumstances fearing which I opted for a strong bench on my wildcard, so that I am not forced to make a move or take a hit to field a decent lineup.

For this GW, my initial plan was to play a back 5 and bench Mbeumo and Antonio. Now with the Chilwell injury, it is not the end of the world if I play Mbeumo vs a leaky Everton defence with Antonio as 1st sub and roll over the free. However, it’s not an easy decision. A lot of serious FPL managers are still on double Chelsea defence, and even though Man United is not the perfect entry point, going with one Chelsea defender feels like betting against a Chelsea clean sheet. So I am leaning towards making the like for like switch to Alonso who seems no introduction on how lethal he can be if he starts. Yes, odd rotations are bound to be there but at 5.6m he seems like too good value to pass.
There’s another option I have been debating which is Antonio to Jimenez as a short term fixture punt and given so many managers are planning to field at least one Wolves attacker (Jimenez or Hwang) I am yet to rule it out. I will wait for all the press conferences to make my final move, but as of now here are the options I am considering in order of likelihood:

  1. Chilwell to Alonso
  2. Carry over
  3. Antonio to Jimenez

Captaincy will be on Salah. Vice is on Son as of now but it could be Alexander Arnold as well.

Transfer summary: Likely Chilwell out to Alonso in

Here’s the team prior to any transfers made


Harry Vernon

Harry Vernon’s last 5 seasons are 86k, 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW12 Points: 68  (FPL average 57) Total points: 819, Overall Rank: 43k, red arrow: 11k  Team Value: £102.8m

Follow Harry on twitter here

Harry has not used any chips

GW 12 Review

A very up and down GW for me, ultimately ended in a third consecutive red arrow. I had wanted to get Cancelo in. I wasn’t sure whether to sell Rudiger or White for him. In the end I sold neither.

So, a great start for me and huge relief when Rudiger (14) scored and kept a clean sheet in the early game. Jimenez (8) scored in the 3 o’clock fixtures.

Liverpool ran riot in the late match. Both Mo © (16) and Jota (8) scoring and Trent (15) keeping a clean sheet and returning two assists.

On Sunday, it all fell apart. Foden subbed off before the 60-minute mark, Dias was benched again for City’s clean sheet as was Raphinha. Gilmour (5) was on my bench but White came on instead to contribute absolutely nothing.

GW 13 Preview

I have sunk from 16K to 42K in the last 3 GWs, mainly because I haven’t had the right defenders. I have been too slow to react and in hindsight, I should played my WC or taken some hits. I have spent too much transfers on my attack and midfield. Still, we can only go forwards.

I will be making a defensive transfer this GW.

I will wait for the pressers and predicted team sheets before confirming.

I am looking at losing White for either Reece James or Cancelo. I expect it will be the former.

Transfer Summary

White to James (probably)

As usual I will confirm on Twitter.


Mo Salah will be my captain.

There is a storm coming this weekend so I will have a vice captain from a different fixture just in case of postponement. At present it is Jimenez who plays at Norwich. It may well change to James.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made


The FFGeek Contributors League

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