GW29 fantasy football tips – Andrew Ferguson reviews his GW28 teams in FPL, TFF, Sky and Sun plus outlines his plans for GW29

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Here’s our GW29 fantasy football tips article where Andrew Ferguson reviews his GW28 teams in FPL, TFF, Sky and Sun and outlines his plans for GW29. Andrew finished top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL plus 15k in Sun in 17/18.

GW29 fantasy football tips – Andrew Ferguson reviews his GW28 teams in FPL, TFF, Sky and Sun plus outlines his plans for GW29

Fantasy premier league

Weekly score: 38  Overall rank: 77,356

After a reasonable GW27 where I scored 41 to find a small green arrow, I smashed back down to Earth with a bang with a paltry 38 points and 28k drop. Robertson returning was my only positive point with practically everyone else letting me down; even Rashford came on to keep Digne’s 5 points on my bench! It’s getting a little hopeless and I am severely limping towards GW31 whereby hopefully my blank week planning and chip play will come to fruition.

 GW29 fantasy football tips

Transfers and captaincy

I have two free transfers and also an eye on blank GW31. Sane is going and I have a decision to make around whether to bring in Sterling, which would involve a second transfer to raise the funds, or a straight swap for Mane. City don’t score many goals away from home so I’m tempted to bring in Mane but this does mean I can’t bring in Alexander-Arnold as I am maxed out on Liverpool players… so a decision to make before the deadline. I am also interested in Maddison.

Son will start for me if he doesn’t get subbed out.

My captain will likely be Pogba with a good home fixture.

 GW29 fantasy football tips

Telegraph fantasy football

Weekly score: 43  Overall rank: 341  Transfers left: 9

A rank drop with the Liverpool defenders giving me a big slide as Van-Dijk and Alexander-Arnold smashed it against Watford. I moved Laporte out for Aguero and am now thinking about moving Jota and Sane out for Alexander-Arnold and Mane on Sunday albeit maybe a trifle too late. My team still looks good with good FA Cup coverage and most of the big guns from the main teams. I will then have 7 transfers left after the international break to maximise the double gameweeks and set my team up for the closing stages of the season; not plenty but hopefully enough.

 GW29 fantasy football tips

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Weekly score: 170  Overall rank: 43  Transfers left: 7

A great week for me in Sky with some of my rogue picks such as Rondon, Almiron and Maddison paying off whilst my double move midweek with the injured Laporte and Rondon moving on for Luiz and Van-Dijk (cap!) paid off handsomely with a good rank-rise into the top 50 overall. I need to be careful with my transfers but my high-risk strategy of not going with Salah and Aguero has fortunately paid off so far and hopefully long may it continue. I was going to get Sterling in last night and still may this weekend although we don’t get to see the lineups before the decision needs to be made so I may end up just keeping Son in for another week… we shall see.

Transfers and captaincy

As mentioned I may bring in Sterling but at the moment am leaning towards keeping Son for another week; I expect goals in the North London derby. My current Saturday captain choice is Pogba with a good home game with probably Van-Dijk capping on Sunday.

 GW29 fantasy football tips

Sun Dream Team (Team 1)

Weekly score: 74  Overall rank: 92,152  Transfers left: 3/month

An average couple of weeks maintaining rank with my defence in particular doing well but the transfers have come around now for March.

 GW29 fantasy football tips


The big boys have Europe again in March so my focus is here transfer-wise. Jota has been very disappointing but does have Cardiff this weekend so I may leave him in for one more game. Arsenal don’t have good fixtures throughout March so I’m also tempted to get rid of Aubameyang so I’m thinking of swapping him for Mane who has good fixtures and will hopefully get past Bayern in the CL. I will leave it a week as Arsenal have the extra game this week.

Sun Dream Team (Team 2)

Weekly score: 105 Overall rank: 2,405  Transfers left: 3/month

Another good week with the Liverpool defensive assets in particular bringing home the points.

 GW29 fantasy football tips


Similar to the above, I will leave the transfers until next week with the weaker players for March having good fixtures this week.

I will confirm all my transfers on Twitter (My Twitter handle is Fergi222, give me a follow!) by the respective deadlines so keep an eye out

Good luck everyone for GW29!

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  1. Swap Auba out for Mane. Do you mean Auba and Jota out and Mane in? If so then who will be your new striker or if you go to a 4 4 2 who will you bring in for your defender?

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