Happy New Year from Fantasy football Geek

Happy New Year to everybody. 2020 was a tumultuous year and we look forward to 2021 with hope and the prospect of some sort of normality

Happy New Year from Fantasy football Geek

I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate New Years Eve in some sort of form where ever you are in the world. Hopefully some of you were able to catch up with your family and friends in some sort of capacity.

I said alot of thanks to various people at Christmas but I’d like to repeat that.

Firstly, thanks to everybody for visiting the site. The support given is amazing and overwhelming.

Thanks again particularly to the contributors Rob Reid, Joseph Crilley, Alex Ball, Stephen Troop, Sergio Torija, Yaniv Salomon, Andrew Whitfield, Andrew Pratt, Harry Vernon, Keith Spencer, Costas Chari, Robert Cosgrove, Ben Wooton, Scott Taylor, Rick Porter, Kris O, Kev in Canada, Chris Tucker, Avishek Majumdar, Prakhar Patel, Mikael Danielsen,  for their articles and support over the year.  Also the Sun, TFF and Sky pundits of Michael Byrom, Lee Giles and Amandeep Tattla

Thanks again and good luck for GW17 and the rest of the season

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