Happy New Year from Fantasy football Geek

Happy New Year to everybody. I hope 2018 and New Years Eve as well as the holiday period was good to you and you’re looking forward to 2019.

Happy New Year from Fantasy football Geek

I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate New Years Eve where ever you are in the world.  Hopefully that also meant catching up with your family and friends.

I said alot of thanks to various people at Christmas but I’d like to do it all again.

Firstly, thanks to everybody for visiting the site. The support given is overwhelming.

Thanks again particularly to  the contributors Jordan Sadler, Rob Reid, Joseph Crilley, Alex Ball, Andrew Ferguson, Stephen Troop, Sergio Torija, Yaniv Salomon, Keith Spencer, Scott Hargadon, Costas Chari, Robert Cosgrove, Prakhar Patel, Mikael Danielsen, FPL Word, Mikael Hietala, Bryan Forbes O’Rourke, Simon Rowley and Ben Humphrey for their articles and support over the year

Thanks again and good luck for GW21 and the rest of the season


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Fantasy football Geek”

  1. Thank you so much geek and the team! I’ve been reading every article religiously for years, and this year I’m in the top 5k, my best ever. Much credit goes to you and your articles, so cheers :)

  2. Happy New Year, Geek! Like others, I really appreciate your dedication in making and managing such a quality site – thank you, and all the best for 2019.

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