Improvements to Fantasy Football Geek for the 22/23 season

Hi as we get to the end of June and go into July and with the Fantasy Premier League site opening soon (hopefully!) I wanted to tell you of a few changes that I will be making to the Fantasy Football Geek site and the FFGeek Patreon site for the 22/23 season.

Improvements to Fantasy Football Geek for the 22/23 season

Additional content on the FFGeek Patreon site

£2 plus Vat per calendar month

* All the articles on advert free

£2.50 plus Vat per Calender month (plus the above)

*access to Joseph Crilleys Transfer Planner and points projection tool plus FPL team run by it. 3k OR 21/22

* access to the FFGeek Contributor tracker team incl live transfers (OR 8k 20/21. 96k 21/22)

* Imaginary wildcard articles

*Bandwagon and Sinking Ships articles

*Slack Channel access

Following the teams of 10 top FPL managers who’ve finished in the top 10k OR the last 3 seasons

*The FFGeek team including live transfers and the early thoughts article will this season be on the Patreon site 4 of last 6 seasons top 21k. Also 3 top 10ks

NEW £3.00 plus Vat per Calender month (plus all the above)

*team reveals from 6 FFGeek Contributors Rob, Rick, Kev, Kris, Andrew and Joe. Live Transfer alerts and final team lineups

All Tiers – No Commitment beyond 1 Calender month although 16% discounted annual membership available

Additional articles/improvements

Contributors Teams.

At the moment the Contributor Team articles are all on this free site and are on a very informal basis without any particular structure around timing and certainty on transfers, captains and lineups.

I have agreed with Rob, Rick, Kev, Kris, Andrew and Joe that their final teams and live transfers will only go on the Patreon site this season. They will give me live info on transfers and a final lineup as it happens and I will notify those Patrons in the new tier created for this. That comes with more commitment than how we do things currently so this also gives me a way of compensating them for their work and FPL skill.

As there will be a number of live transfer and final team notifications I have created a new tier so as to not clog up the Patreon site for those who don’t want these alerts.  It is called the Wide Forward Tier and is slightly more expensive at £3.00 per month instead of £2.50 per month for the tier below. It automatically includes the £2 and £2.50 tier.

Hopefully you will find this an exciting addition to the Patreon site.

The other Contributors will continue posting on the Free Site as per last season

 Joseph Crilley’s Transfer Planner

Joe is currently looking to make some improvements to this.  The essence of the Planner won’t change though don’t worry.  Everything that led an FPL team run by the Planner to a 3k overall rank finish last season won’t change.  

Other Changes


The above improvements will involve more work from my side and so looking at the viewing data I’ve decided not to do Podcasts this season. In comparison to the membership, is very small.  The time in prep, recording, editing and posting the Pod just isn’t justifiable against other things I could do  with only so many hours in the week.  I know that if you are one of the people who listen to the Pod this isn’t what you want to hear but I hope you understand the rationale.  On the plus side you may have seen that Contributors Kev and Kris have started a Pod which I understand will continue this season so I hope this will be compensation for those of you who will miss the FFGeek Pod.

Player Rankings

Again the amount of work in comparison to the readership is low so I’m  going to change this.  I’m thinking of just doing an article with say 5 suggested transfers over the spectrum of positions for each game week.  If I an come up with a simple to follow watchlist for each gameweek I will do this too.

I’m really for this coming season and hope you will find these changes equally exciting as I do.

Again thanks for your support last season and hopefully for this season coming too.


John aka Geek

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