Last seasons 15k OR finisher Jordan Sadler returns to fantasy football geek


Last seasons 15k overall rank finisher and 4th in the 18/19 FFGeek contributors league Jordan Sadler returns to fantasy football geek.  Here he tells us how he’s been getting on this season without us.

Last seasons 15k OR finisher Jordan Sadler returns to fantasy football geek

Hello, hello, hello. I’m back and ready to take FPL back again by storm.

As a bit of background on my hiatus from FFGeek, I started to feel like life was more important than fantasy football, but I’ve now come to my senses… I kid, I moved to London, got a new job and so have been extremely busy meaning I couldn’t commit much time to FPL unfortunately. However, things have now calmed and I’m back ready to preach my FPL “knowledge” to anyone who will listen.

This article is a way for me to give you a somewhat brief overview of my season so far and my approach to FPL.

My Background:

My FPL Background: I have played FPL seriously for the last 2 years finishing 76k in 2017/18 and 15k in 2018/19. I was around 1k in March last year but when I moved to London I stopped spending as much time on my team so dropped to 15k by the end of the year. I’m quite a balanced FPL player, I’m happy to take calculated hits, but I try to avoid taking too many.

My personal background: I’m a finance analyst and a recent mathematics graduate from the University of Warwick so my approach to FPL is typically very analytical and calculated. I like to use underlying stats, bookies odds and fixture quality to make my decisions; alongside watching as much football as I can, as stats don’t always tell the full picture.

Rolling through the Gameweeks

Gameweek 1:

This is how I started the season. My logic was to try and stick to the “template” players and throw a couple of differentials in there like Smith, Soyuncu, Perez and Deulofeu.

My GW1 team didn’t perform badly, bringing me in 80 points with my captain Salah, De Bruyne, Sterling, Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk and Zinchenko all performing. This put me around the 1 million mark which I was content with for gameweek 1.

jordan sadler

Gameweek 2 to 8:

jordan sadler

These were quite an underwhelming set of gameweeks for me. I only broke the top 1 million gameweek ranks once over the first 8 gameweeks. I haven’t spent too much time on my team in truth but I do feel like this season has been quite difficult to predict and the “template” players have been pretty hit and miss.

In terms of transfers over these 8 gameweeks:

GW2: Lloris & Perez out, Ryan & Martial in (-4).

I stupidly didn’t check Lloris’ fixtures beyond Villa and Perez was very underwhelming for Leicester so Ryan with his good fixtures and Martial coming off the back of a goal in a 4-0 win against Chelsea seemed well worth the -4.

GW4: Smith & Deulofeu out, Sir John Lundstrum & Pukki in

Lundstrum was too good value to miss out on and Pukki became essential alongside neither Smith nor Deulofeu had returned so these were easy transfers.

GW5: Martial out, Mount in

Martial has picked up an injury and Mount was looking very impressive for Chelsea.

GW6: King out, Abraham in

Reactionary transfer to Abraham’s 40 points in 3 weeks and King had been underwhelming up to that point.

GW7: Ryan out, Pope in

Ryan’s fixtures turned a little and Pope’s looked better.

GW8: De Bruyne out, Son in

De Bruyne picked up a knock and Son vs Brighton seemed like a good pick, how wrong I was.

Wildcard GW9:

In gameweek 9 I used my wildcard as I wasn’t greatly happy with my team.

Goalkeeper: Ryan

Decided to go with a cheaper GK as no defences seem to be performing at the moment so premium keepers seem pointless.

Defence: Alexander-Arnold, Otamendi, Soyuncu, Lundstrum, Rico

Tried to stick somewhat template with Arnold and Otamendi (who I currently despise for costing me 13 points off the bench). Then thought I’d go with 3 cheap defenders in Soyuncu, Lundstrum and Rico as the first two are great value for money and Rico is the cheapest playing defender currently. Ideally I’d a preferred Tomori over Rico but unfortunately couldn’t afford him.

Midfield: De Bruyne, Mane, Maddison, Mount, Saka

Decided to go with a differential of Mane over Sterling as I just think going without a Liverpool forward is super risky with the way they can play. Then stuck with the template players of De Bruyne and Mount. Leicester had great fixtures coming up so decided to go with Maddison over Tielemans, this was a 50/50 for me however decided to go with Maddison due to his higher ownership. Saka is just bench fodder.

Forwards: Aubameyang, Wilson, Abraham

Went with Aubameyang and Wilson as both Arsenal and Bournemouth had great fixtures coming up. Then I finished off my team with the template pick of Abraham whose great value for money with the way Chelsea are playing offensively.

As good as the wildcard looked on paper, it certainly did not perform that way in gameweek 9, with me scoring possibly the lowest I ever have on FPL of 33. Though clearly it was a terrible week for all as I only dropped around 100k ranks.

Gameweek 10:

I felt gameweek 10 was quite a positive gameweek even though I did have a 30k red arrow taking me to 490k overall. I scored 54 points with 7 returns, including my captain. Unfortunately, none of the returns were double figures but I was still happy overall with the gameweek. However, after another blank from Aubameyang and a couple of outstanding performances from Tielemans I decided to do a double transfer of Aubameyang and Maddison out for Vardy and Tielemans. Maddison to Tielemans was a bit of a sideways transfer but it saved me money and now I have 2.8m in the bank to use to bring in another Liverpool player after gameweek 12 if I want to.

Gameweek 11:

It was a fantastic week for me which resulted in a very big green arrow, my best gameweek of the season so far.

I scored 84 points to make my total points 625 giving me a gameweek rank of 271k, taking me to 194k overall. I decided to do a differential captain pick of Mane and it paid dividends with both De Bruyne and Sterling blanking. I had 6 returns, 4 of which were double figures, including my captain. The only 2 annoyances of the gameweek were Pep/Otamendi costing me 13 points by coming on in the 90th minute and Maddison returning rather than Tielemans.

However, it was still a fantastic week and one I’m hoping to now push on from.


Hope you enjoyed the update on my team. If you want to ask me anything about my season so far then please do so in the comments below and if you ever have any FPL related questions for me then tweet the questions at me here. I’m very happy to answer any questions you may have or help with any decisions where I can. Good luck with your gameweek 12 and thank you for spending the time to read about my season so far!

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26 thoughts on “Last seasons 15k OR finisher Jordan Sadler returns to fantasy football geek”

  1. Wonderfully warm welcome, Jordan! Really great to have you back, and all the very best for the job!

    (P.S. It would be really hard to believe, but just a few days back I was gonna ask what happened to Jordan and Yaniv ( he’s been a bit subdued too imho) , both of whom had given grates of grovelling guidance to us last season.)

  2. I had to do a double-take on your wildcard, as we had the exact same WC starting lineup that week! Bench was a little different, and we are one overall point off from each other. Good to see you back!

    • I’m sure geek will put a wildcard article out this week mate. Off the cuff it’s quite tough to do a good one but I’d say something like this:

      Gazzaniga Button
      Alexander Arnold Robertson Soyuncu Lundstrum Rico
      Mane De Bruyne Tielemans Mount McGinn
      Vardy Abraham Jimenez

      Hopefully that gives you something to ponder, it would mean a reasonably priced player on your bench each week however.

    • Thanks Faisal. Yeah not been too bad so far, last week really helped! I had a better start last year but also spent about 10 times as much time on my team last year at this stage so can’t complain!

    • Thank you! Geek forwarded me that email actually, I really do appreciate it Juanita. I actually sent you an email in response a couple of days ago if you haven’t seen it yet!:)

    • Thanks mate. 103m right now mate. Not as high as it could be due to Otamendi and Wilson costing me a bit but I’m content with it to say I’ve not put much focus on my team value.

  3. Hi Jordan
    Welcome back
    Missed your input this season.
    Followed you very closely last season and it is your input that got me to top 12k last year.
    This year been struggling, and I am very glad you are back to guide me through my sticky patch.

    If you are interested, I will post my team and perhaps give me some wise words how to make the leap.
    Not topping any of my leagues at this point.

    Wish you the best of luck in your new job and FPL.


    • Good to hear Johnathan! Glad I could help you! Always happy to help mate.

      Go for it, more than welcome to put your team on here or tweet me with it!

      Thank you, same to you!

      • I am not on Twitter so I am going to bug you here instead :)

        Pope Heaton
        Pereira Tomori AWB Lundstrum Rico
        Mane martial kdb mount saka
        C. Wilson Vardy Abraham

        WC played at last international break as I fell close to 1 million in rank.
        Now back to 500k±
        0.7 ITB

        Now I need to catch up with mini leagues who are safe to say about 50 points ahead.
        I have been unlucky with captain selections thus far hence my gap.

        Please do share your insights

        • Team looks solid mate but there are two big red flags for me. No Liverpool defender and Wilson’s form. My advice would be to bring in a Liverpool defender as a shield as I expect a lot of people to at least have one Liverpool defender going forward and I expect quite a few to double up on the wingbacks, probably Robertson for AWB and then bring in Jimemez for Callum Wilson (though both do currently have knocks, they should be good). Though I think that may be a bit much funds wise, I’m unsure and if so maybe you need to do it in two or three steps. I think Pereira is a waste of funds in truth, I far prefer the cheaper options of Soyuncu and Chillwell. So I’d work out a way to swap Pereira, AWB and Wilson for Soyuncu/Chilwell, Robertson/Trent and Jimenez. How you do that it’s up to you, all depends on your play style.

          Hope this helps mate

          • Hi Jordan.
            Thanks for taking time out to respond.
            I already had in mind to bring in a Liverpool Def (rob) once the man city game was over.
            I had them before i WC-ed as they just werent keeping clean sheets.
            I was also giving Wilson a last chance against NEW and Wolves..I planned to transfer him out before the Spurs game.
            But during this time i had noticed Wolves picking up pace over recent GWs as a fair option in Jimenez.

            You make a fair point on Pereira..cheaper alternatives are available. I actually had him in the team during the WC because i wanted to enjoy his price hikes.

            SO I have 2 FT..the transfers i was actually looking at were (just waiting for the players to be confirmed fit) –
            GW 13 – AWB for Robertson, Pereira for Soyuncu
            GW 14 – Wilson for Jimenez

            Other thoughts –
            1) Rico will be going through some hard upcoming matches. Do you reckon to start finding alternatives?
            2) Heaton – keep or transfer to a non-playing cheap keeper? long term, upgrade pope to a premium keeper?
            3) Whats your view on LIV and MAN CITY attacking options over the next couple of GWs? This is where the differences will be in the near future, i feel.
            I am playing catch up on my mini-leagues.
            Whether to double up on Salah and Mane or Sterling and Kdb or to leave as it is – Mane and KDB?

            I am not sure if you may respond or not.
            either way, sincerely much appreciated.
            Good Luck

          • Hey Jon, for some reason can’t reply directly to your second question so I’ll have to reply here:

            Just be careful on Robertson currently I’d say as he does have a confirmed injury now but unsure how serious it is.

            The transfers you’ve suggested are exactly what I’d do with 2 FT’s so you have appropriate coverage.

            1) It depends on what your line ups look like with him on the bench. For me him and Saka will pretty much be permanent bench players for the next few weeks as I have good fixtures for all my other players. He’s the cheapest playing defender bar Kelly and maybe Taylor now but they’re both far less secure in playing. If you don’t have good fixtures on your other players and have some spare cash then I can’t argue against upgrading him.
            2) Pope and Heaton crossover isn’t ideal in my opinion as you have GW15 where they have City and Chelsea respectively. I’d say Heaton to Gazzaniga in GW15 could be a good call. For me this year I’m just content with sticking with one playing GK and one non playing and changing that playing GK dependant on fixtures.
            3) I think it’s probably good to have at least one of both at all times. I made the decision to go with Mane over Sterling when everyone was doubling up City assets and I clawed some ranks back because of it. Was only 26 for Mane to Sterlings 19 but the big difference was made when I captained Mane vs Villa for 24 and people who captained Sterling vs Southampton only got 2. So my gamble earned me 20 more points than most. I personally prefer Mane over Salah currently and I think KDB is better value than Sterling but Sterling is likely to bring in more hauls so guess that’s a question of the rest of your team.

            All good, hope this helps again!

          • Thanks for your feedback Jordan.
            I will be looking forward to your weekly contribution and I am sure I will be disturbing you again. :)


  4. Hey Jordan welcome back. You’re one of the few whom I looked forward to for game week teams. Look forward to all of your posts

  5. I noticed a comment that Yaniv isnt very active. Are you on the Geek Slack that comes with the Patron site? He is quite active on there. I think the launch of the Slack this year has led to a lot more focus from contributors on there instead of in these comments tbh.

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