Kickest – the advanced fantasy premier league game

Here’s our sponsored article on how to play Kickest, the advanced Fantasy Premier League game.


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What is Kickest?

Kickest is a fantasy Premier League that takes into account a wide range of match stats to compose player scores.

Also, some of the rules are different, making it a very strategic game.

How can I play?

First, you should register on Kickest .

You can create up to 3 teams, each with a budget of 180 credits to purchase a squad of 15 players and one head coach.

You can challenge all Kickest users or you can create mini leagues with your friends, choosing a classic scoring or a Head-to-head mode.

What are the main differences between Kickest and the Official FPL?

The main differences between Kickest and the Official FPL are the following:


Kickest considers many statistical actions in its scoring: not only goals, assists and yellow/red cards are taken into account to create a player score. Also passes, shots, dribbles, etc are valid.

This results in a more realistic evaluation of the performances and also more diverse scores between players.

Think about how many times you picked in your FPL team players that played very well, but scored low (3 or 4 points) without any goal or assist.

In Kickest, players get a fairer score that considers their full performances.

Here the full scoring:

Also head coaches get a score in Kickest, based on the performance of their teams:



Another interesting aspect of Kickest is that during the Matchday (equivalent of Gameweek) you can change your team, by making substitutions with the bench.

Here how it works: a Matchday is divided into Turns, meaning all matches that are played on a certain day (ex: Friday). After the end of one turn, you can insert players on the bench (who have not played yet) in place of players on the field who have not performed well.

This makes the game very strategic and dynamic.

At the end of each Matchday, it is possible to make transfers by selling players and buying new ones.


In Kickest  players such as Aubameyang Salah, Mané, Rashford and Sterling are all listed as forwards.

Given the position of these attacking players, it seems a more realistic choice than listing them midfielders.

Also, the initial values of players (in credits) are constructed after a deep analysis of their fair prices and expected performances.

The values of players are then subject to important decreases and increases, based on their real performances in their matches. Therefore, the overall budget of managers can change based on the wisdom of their choices, making the game even more engaging.

We remind the league code of Fantasy Football Geek on Kickest, which is E3D9405F


Kickest app is also available for Android and iOS

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