McDonalds Fantasy World Cup – final FFGeek team

With time running short here’s my McDonalds Fantasy World Cup final FFGeek team 

McDonalds Fantasy World Cup – final FFGeek team


If you’re still struggling with your team then I have done player rankings with stats for Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards plus a fixture timeline to help you get your captains in line and substitutions right.

Anyway here’s the team:

McDonalds Fantasy World Cup

So since my last draft I have only made 2 changes.

The first was to put Lukaku in for Cavani.  It just gave me better captain options later on down the fixture list.

I had to fund that to the tune of £0.5m so I chose the £4.0m Nigeria GK who is supposedly first choice.  My GK position has now become very risky with Caballero the alternative GK.

My first Captain is Isco for Friday.  Not a great fixture and I did think of making Godin captain but I’ve stuck with the highest points potential.

I haven’t put my players in perfect order.  I can’t see that Onazi will do anything even if he is before Lukaku.  I believe you can change formation for your substitutions but changing formation is a bit weird on the site so I’ve decided not to take a chance.

That’s it sorry about the brevity but it’s nearly 3pm.  Good luck to everyone

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