McDonalds Fantasy World Cup Wildcard – Rob Reid uses his and updates us on his teams progress

Rob Reid uses his McDonalds Fantasy World Cup Wildcard plus updates us on his teams progress as we head into round 2

McDonalds Fantasy World Cup Wildcard – Rob Reid uses his and updates us on his teams progress

Here’s a link to Rob’s initial team article.

Here’s an update as to my progress and my Matchday 2 team.

This is my wildcard team:

McDonalds Fantasy World Cup Wildcard

I’ve had a decent start to the competition. Things were looking pretty grim until Monday; indeed it took until Sunday to register a return, though Cueva should have returned on Saturday – a missed pen and what would have likely been a very high xA score without ultimately registering an assist.

3 good returns on Monday have brightened things though, including a double from captain Lukaku and the bonus of a penalty goal and clean sheet from defender Granqvist. This leaves me on 57 points with Lewandowski still to play on Tuesday, an overall rank of 44k on Monday night.

It’s a fast game – the Matchday 2 deadline is 7pm Tuesday night so I’ve turned my team around quickly. I’m sticking with my plan to Wildcard, effectively using Matchday 1 as an almost Free Hit team I guess. Therefore my squad is now set for the next 2 Matchdays with only 1 free transfer in the middle.

A few initial observations based on the action so far. Lots of points up top, midfield points are a bit scarcer with a mixed bag in defence but potential for moderate returns if you use your subs wisely. Secondly – VAR = more penalties. So it’s good to have some penalty takers in your team.

Onto my team then and I’ve tried to look for players with a combination of form and fixtures and the obvious place was to start up top.

Ronaldo was the form player of Matchday 1 and he’s got 2 lovely fixtures with little chance of rotation as both Spain and Portugal push to win the group – he’s my first choice. Luis Suarez had a quiet first game but I expect him to get more chances against a terrible Saudi side so he gets slot 2 and I’ve gone for an in form Harry Kane against Panama for my 3rd choice. All 3 of these should be on pens.

I looked at defence next – I’ve gone for 2 keepers on different match days covering Egypt and Mexico who have easier fixtures. I’ve then covered Uruguay with cheapie Varela in defence for the Saudi Arabia game.

Next I’ve gone with 2 Group B premiums. Jordi Alba for Spain – I prefer his attacking intent and game time security to that of the cheaper Nacho who despite his goal, gave away a pen and may still lose his place to Carvahal. Guererro from Portugal gets the nod to cover the other Iberian country with nice fixtures.

I’ve kept Brazilian defensive cover with Miranda as they have Costa Rica next then finally I’ve got the attack minded Rodriguez from Switzerland out the same group, he’s also on pens.

The only problem I see with my defence is that I’ve only got 2 of the 4 gamedays covered for Matchday 3, limiting my sub potential a bit. That being said, the only other fixture I like on that Matchday is Germany vs South Korea so that doesn’t really change things. Colombia might offer another option- I’ll watch their game today with interest.

Finally midfield. I wanted some Brazil cover for the Costa Rica match so Coutinho is in. He was probably their best player on Sunday, hopefully he’ll keep that form going. I di consider Eriksen here but his tough 3rd game against France put me off a little.

Then it’s about filling within budget constraints. The pickings are slim once you drop out of the premium range, but Layun of Mexico looked good going forward versus Germany and Bentacur of Uruguay has an easy fixture.

That leaves £10m for the last two slots. I’ve avoided Russia – 5-0 was an impressive opener but Egypt and Uruguay are much tougher propositions. So I’ve gone for Mesa of Argentina with cheapie Hallfredsson the filler.

For Matchday 3, I’ll likely sub out Kane for Lewdowski or Salah. I might consider my Maximum captain if I go Salah as all my best striker options will play on the same gameday. I’m worried about no French or German cover and they’re certainly viable Matchday 3 transfer options from these nations instead of the above choice.

I’m also going to keep an eye on today’s games before finalising. If James Rodriguez plays well I might consider him – there’s a way I could work a second premium into midfield by downgrading Suarez to Cavani and making some adjustments in defence. I’ll tweet if u change my mind.

Whoever you go for, good luck folks!

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