My Sky Sports fantasy football team for game week 21

What a turn up in Sky Sports fantasy football.  I’ve been forced to sit there with my team after I used 5 transfers in December way too early dying to make transfers and now I can, circumstances have changed and I wont be making any?  Here’s how this bizarre situation has come about.  I’m in 2,188 position overall by the way. 
Firstly, I was desperate to get rid of my cheap defensive gamble of Wisdom of Liverpool.  Now Enrique has a hamstring injury with no return date although some earlier reports talked about 6 weeks.  With Downing playing so well as a winger its hard to see him going back to LB so does that mean Johnson to LB and Wisdom to RB?  One things for sure, I’m going to wait for the Sunderland game before moving him on.
Also I wanted to move Rafael because of a mixture of  Utds defensive issues and the rotation issues that surround their defence.  My target is David Luiz of Chelsea who seem to be getting their defence together under Benitez.  He’s also playing in midfield and has free kicks in his locker.   However with Utd playing today and Chelsea tomorrow under Sky Sports fantasy football rules I can make the transfers tomorrow.
I’m also intending to replace sterling with a cheap tackle and bonus player, maybe someone like Lucas or James McArthy. Lucas is a great target, but needs to secure his starting spot.  I’ve left this again as home to Sunderland is a place I can really see Sterling getting returns so I’ve put it off for 1 week.
Lastly I wanted to get Bale back in to my team at the expense of Silva.  Bale then goes and gets suspended for 1 game, ruling out that option as well.  I’m considering  Mata if he lines up against QPR tomorrow but Bale is my number 1 midfielder of choice.
A word about Walcott who is obviously the man of the moment.  This is also a big area of contemplation.  Arteta is a must in my mind due to his penalties and the tackle and pass bonus situation.  He is the number 1 beneficiary  of these rules and is very good value.  Cazorla is a pretty frustrating fantasy football player but in Sky Sports fantasy football his value and the fact that Cazorla and YYT are the only all round midfielders who benefit from the tackle and pass bonus rule.  He’s also the runaway leader on points in Sky Sports fantasy football midfielders.  So here’s the issue.  Readers will know I’m a little reluctant to double up on players in attacking areas of  fantasy football but to have 3 from 1 team seems inconceivable.   I haven’t resolved this dilemma in my mind and with Walcott playing City at home next (after Saints) I have at least a week contemplation time coming up.
Anyway here’s the rather surprising unchanged team
Hart, Joe


Gibbs, Kieron

Wisdom, Andre

Silva, David

Arteta, Mikel

Sterling, Raheem


Cazorla, Santi

van Persie, Robin  CAPTAIN

Suarez, Luis


 Transfers Remaining: 14 / 5

5 thoughts on “My Sky Sports fantasy football team for game week 21”

  1. Just a quick one John, after the last advice you gave me I to an going to leave this game week alone and do some transferring at the end if the week .. Thoughts on Johnson out Luiz in?? .. I like your theory behind Luiz and Liverpools fixtures do drop off a cliff imminently .. Is Luiz a week in week out non rotation risk is my quandry ?? .. is Terry still injured? When he’s back will Luiz lose a regular spot … Mmmmmm … trying to make my team end up like Hart, Luiz, Bassong (may switch to Cameron), Evra (may change to Gibbs), Nolan, Michu, Hazard (looking to switch out for Bale), Carzola, Arteta, RVP, Suarez (pretty settled on my strikers) …

    • I think Chelsea have got the better fixtures so Ive gone for Chelsea in FPL. Luiz played with Terry in RDMs day but I think the key at the moment is that Mikel isn’t up to the screening job which is why i’m banking on Luiz continually playing.

      benetiz isnt the most predictable manager though so there’s always going tp be risk which there isnt with johnson. im still for luiz over johnson at the moment but tomorrows team sheet will be interesting.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks once again John! Albeit Evra has a CS and an assist today and its making me want to keep him! Ha :)

  2. Just as an aside .. in the Sky Format can I potentially change my Capt before tomorrow nights kick offs and potentially have Suarez with the armband for both the Sunderland and Utd game rather than have RVP for just his one game at the weekend ?? .. Worth it ??? ..

  3. I’ve taken the plunge … Suarez has the armband, Hazard is benched so Luiz is in, and with the spare cash Bale is in! … Gulp … ;) …

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