My Sky Sports fantasy football team for GW22 – 3 transfers made

My Sky Sports fantasy football team for DGW 22.  I’m 1,052 position overall.  3 transfers made.

I made 3 transfers which give me 11 left for the year and 2 for the month.  I wont be planning on doing any more this month unless forced or if Wisdom is pushed out for Enrique early.  2 of the transfers are for the Chelsea double game week.  I bought in Luiz for Rafael and Mata in for Silva.  Mata is my captain.  I also made a double game week transfer bring in Schneiderlin for Sterling.  Schneiderlin is one of the better Sky Sports passing and tackling bonus earners and surprisingly is ok for yellow cards.  he also benefits from a double game week although in reality I could have substituted him after Sunday for Wednesday.  Here’s the full team.  Lucas is definitely the best transfer of this type but I’m still unsure of his game time.  Here’s my full Sky Sports fantasy football team.  Good luck to all fantasy football geeks in Sky Sports fantasy football.



Hart, Joe

Luiz, David

Gibbs, Kieron

Wisdom, Andre

Arteta, Mikel

Mata, Juan

Schneiderlin, Morgan


Cazorla, Santi

van Persie, Robin

Suarez, Luis