My telegraph fantasy football team for game week 15

Here’s my telegraph fantasy football team for game week 15.   I’m 1,554 overall.  2 transfers made.

The Everton duo of Jelavic and Jagielka are out due to toughening fixtures and I’ve gone for the Liverpool duo of Suarez and Agger.  Unfortunately Enrique and Johnson were £0.1m and £0.2m too expensive so I had to settle for Agger as I was unwilling to make another transfer.   Here’s the full team:

Hart, JHart, J

Hart, J


Agger, DAgger, D

Agger, D





Cameron, GCameron, G

Cameron, G


Bale, GBale, G

Bale, G


Fellaini, MFellaini, M

Fellaini, M





Cazorla, SCazorla, S

Cazorla, S


Tevez, CTevez, C

Tevez, C


van Persie, Rvan Persie, R

van Persie, R


Suarez, LSuarez, L

Suarez, L



Good luck to all fantasy football geeks for telegraph fantasy football game week 15