My telegraph fantasy football team for GW24 – 1 transfer made

Here’s my telegraph fantasy football team for GW24.  Im in 5859 position overall.

I’ve changed Luiz who’s injured for Azpilicueta.  No time, have to post now


Hart, JHart, J

Hart, J





Azpilicueta, CAzpilicueta, C

Azpilicueta, C


Cameron, GCameron, G

Cameron, G


Mata, JMata, J

Mata, J


Nolan, KNolan, K

Nolan, K





Cazorla, SCazorla, S

Cazorla, S


Tevez, CTevez, C

Tevez, C


van Persie, Rvan Persie, R

van Persie, R


Sturridge, DSturridge, D

Sturridge, D


6 thoughts on “My telegraph fantasy football team for GW24 – 1 transfer made”

  1. Here is my team, I’m at the top of my league but dropping. 12 transfers left.
    (Hart, J Ivanovic, B Johnson, G Cameron, G Bale, G Fellaini, M Michu Cazorla, S van Persie,R Suarez, L Lambert, R)

    What are your thoughts? who would you transfer in? I was thinking Mata but for who? who would you transfer in for Lambert? I could reduce the cost of my defense, but for who?

    Thanks, your work got me to the top!

    • thanks for the comments Garret. sinking myself now!

      If it was my team i would swap bale for mata fellaini for walcott and if you needed to still raise funds lukaku for lambert

      remember to look at what days teams play so you can get 2 games if possible when you transfer


      • Thanks, Do you think Lukaka for Lambert is the way to go rather than dropping Ivanovic for someone cheaper? I would only need an additional 0.1

        • Hi i think lambert is probably a slightly better choice for selection certainty. Azpilicueta is as good as ivanovic as a choice in my mind

  2. Hey, thanks for your help. I’m still brainstorming ideas here. I know you originally believed a 3-4-3 was a must, but with my team in mind what do you think about dropping Lambert and going to a 3-5-2 with (Hart, Azpilicueta, Johnson, Cameron, Bale, Walcott, Michu, Cazorla, Mata, van Persie, Suarez) or even getting Fellaini in for Cazorla later? Basically it seems the top 6 mids are more constant than strikers outside RVP and suarez. What are your thoughts?

    • Its defeinitely feasible. the 3rd striker at the moment is a bit tricky as I’m showing with tevez dragging me down. the 5 could easily be Mata bale Walcott michu and fellaini with RVP and Suarez up top.


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