Premier League players to consider for your fantasy world cup squads

Here’s Matthew with an article on the Premier League players you should consider for your fantasy world cup squads

Premier League Players to Consider for your Fantasy World Cup Squads

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With the World Cup 2018 about to begin, emotions are running high for every dedicated football supporter in the United Kingdom. And there is no shortage of players who either are already established leaders of their respective countries or have good chances to prove their value at the upcoming championships. Naturally, several of them come from the English Premier League.

The English first-tier in professional football is often believed to be most demanding and competitive among all the top ones. Even the Premier League fan base by Unibet goes to show you that even smaller clubs have their fair share of support around the globe. And while naturally, people from all over be rooting for their favourites to do well in Russia, those who enjoy making up their fantasy line-ups need a little more unsentimental approach. Especially when competing against the big crowd of managers who will play the Telegraph World Cup fantasy football that we mentioned a little while ago.

Certainly, all Premier League supporters would love nothing more than to see our players making us proud out there in the world. While names like Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Marcus Rashford, Kyle Walker or Raheem Sterling are worth considering for our fantasy squads, the question is how far England will go in the tournament. Advancing from the group stages is a must, but we’ve seen The Three Lions struggling painfully on many occasions not to be at least a little worried.

Similar doubts can be shared about the Belgian side. The golden generation of talented footballers have been announced as a real threat to the usual potential champions.  However, they are yet to prove their real value at the major tournaments. If, however, the time has finally come for them, there are plenty of options from which to choose. There are magicians like Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard, a strong striker in Romelu Lukaku, a solid keeper in Thibaut Courtois,  a hard working Marouane Fellaini and solid defenders Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen and Vincent Kompany.

Also, there are players who had an amazing season and most likely will determine the overall performance of their national teams. Liverpool’s Sadio Mane for Senegal and Mohamed Salah for Egypt are the most notable examples. Of course, there is no guarantee those countries will turn out to be the next dark horses. Far safer will be to pick your fantasy line-up from stars of the favourites. Paul Pogba could have an excellent tournament as France will be aiming at going all the way to the final. Mesut Ozil might throw some assists in the mix to build up German statistics as well as a few other German, French and Brazilian athletes who have been doing well in England come to mind. Maybe even Sergio Aguero and Nicolas Otamendi should be mentioned here, that is if you are considering Argentina as one of the title contenders.

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