The rise of fantasy football betting

Here’s Roger with a special feature on the rise of Fantasy Football betting

The rise of fantasy football betting

Football has always been associated with numbers. There is an established history of betting where odds are based on the first goal scorers, league position, cup winners, clean sheets, and various such factors. These odds are an integral part of football. Today, numbers are playing an even more vital role in how football is appreciated and understood by its fans.

The rise of real-time game betting has led to an increase in the intensity of such processes. Today, it is possible to bet with updated odds as the game unravels. The real-time betting is usually combined with features such as the choice to cash-out during the game. Here, gamblers working against the changing odds try to gauge the best time to cash out to ensure maximum yields. The betting assumes an integral part in the consumption of the game.

Fantasy Football is impacted by numbers not only regarding betting. These numbers make an impact on football coverage and are a point of conversation for many. Fantasy Football emerged in the 1990s, and the popularity of the 90’s TV show, Fantasy Football League, is indicative of the interest that this game generated.

For the unfamiliar, Fantasy Football is a game in which players can virtually manage football teams that are tied to the realities of Football matches and the performance of actual players. The primary objective of Fantasy Football is to create a team with real players from actual Football teams and try to score the most points in a virtual Football league.

This implies that scoring points differ between various versions of the game. Typically, points are allotted for manoeuvres such as scoring goals and not conceding goals or scoring a hat-trick, etc. Fantasy Football betting has been around for a while but not at the scale and money earning opportunities that it presents in the current scenario. Earlier, Fantasy Football betting was carried out in living rooms or sports bars amongst friends in a league format to add an interesting angle to watching the game. Sometimes a few pounds or beers would be bet on the leagues, but the primary objective was recreational.

Due to technological advances, Fantasy Football has exploded from living rooms and sports bars and onto mainstream sports sites. Now, the prize money associated with these fantasy football games can run into the thousands and even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Fantasy Football betting will continue to rise in popularity in the coming years and there are now lots of fantasy football betting apps available. There is also a move by online casinos websites of which we have a lot of in the UK who are eager to add Fantasy football as a casino gaming experience.

As more people are interested, the prize pools will continue to expand. There are many sites out there, and most have certain advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you explore a few before you decide which Fantasy Football betting site works best for you!

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