Sky sports fantasy football – fantasy football geek league open £100 prize for winner

The Sky Sports fantasy football league for fantasy football geek is now open!

The Sky Sports  fantasy football league is called fantasy football geek and the code is 8005082

There’s a £100 prize for the winner.

Again, Its not much, I know,  but it is cash and not some prize you don’t necessarily want and then sell for a quarter of the “value” or give away to a relative!

Criteria for being eligible for the fantasy football geek Sky sports fantasy football prize is:

1. You have to register as a user with Dont worry its free and it only means you will get articles e mailed to you.

2. You have to like our facebook page at
Make sure that your facebook and user name or email are consistent for verification purposes to enter in to our Sky Sports fantasy football league. I will send you an e mail to confirm you r entry is verified. I will not accept entries after the 31st December 2012. Only 1 entry per user.

Fantasy football geek  admin’s decision is final in Sky Sports fantasy football etc etc