Sky Sports Fantasy Football – first draft overhaul plus a few player suggestions

Here’s a standalone Sky Sports Fantasy Football article looking at the first draft of my overhaul (wildcard) team.  There’s also a few player suggestions

 Sky Sports Fantasy Football – first draft overhaul plus a few player suggestions

At the moment my ranking is a disappointing 2,019 overall with 347 points. Now we’re in overhaul I’m not sure how many transfers I have left but I think I’ve used 3.

Last season I finished around the 1,500 mark.  The season before that was my best finishing of 34th.

A few structural thoughts

Sky Sports fantasy football with it’s captain for every game day makes it different than other formats and presents it’s own challenges.

It does force you to some extent to design your team to meet the captain requirements in the coming weeks or do the reverse and design a team that you only need to change for the captain requirements.

At the moment there are a proliferation of games on Sunday and Monday involving teams that I struggled to come up with any sort of captain option for so I’ve looked mainly at the latter way of designing team.  That is having players in there that I hope will stay for some time and then using transfers to come up with captain solutions.

The upcoming schedule

By the way I’ve used the FPL gameweeks rather than the Sky Gameweeks.  The fixtures generally include all the so called top 6 teams.  I’ve generally put all of Sundays and Mondays game’s though.  If it says first next to the fixture it is the first fixture of the day so therefore allowing you to see the lineups



Spurs v Liverpool (first)
Chelsea v Cardiff
Man City v Fulham
Watford v Man Utd


Wolves v Burnley
Everton v West Ham


Southampton v Brighton



Cardiff v Man City
Liverpool v Southampton
Man Utd v Wolves


West Ham v Chelsea (first)
Arsenal v Everton



West Ham v Man Utd
Arsenal v Watford
Huddersfield v Spurs
Man City v Brighton
Chelsea v Liverpool


Cardiff v Burnley (first)


Bournemouth v C Palace (first)



Brighton v West Ham


Spurs v Cardiff
Man Utd v Newcastle


Fulham v Arsenal (first)
Southampton v Chelsea
Liverpool v Man City



Chelsea v Man Utd (first)
Man City v Burnley
West Ham v Spurs
Huddersfield v Liverpool


Everton v C Palace (first)


Arsenal v Leicester (first)



Liverpool v Cardiff


Burnley v Chelsea (first)
C Palace v Arsenal
Man Utd v Everton


Spurs v Man City

Overhaul first draft

sky sports fantasy football


So the theory at least is to have Aguero, Salah, Seri, Jorginho, Mendy, Robertson, Alonso and Patricio as long term players in my team.  With the Ings, Shaw and Capoue position as the changeable positions for the odd captaincy requirement in the games with the non top 6 sides.  With Aguero and Salah you can also switch to most other players (except Kane I think)  for one off captaincy requirements for the top 6 teams

Defence and GK

I’m hoping Wolves become a strong defensive team which would be handy given Patricio’s price.  He also becomes a captaincy option for the next round on Sunday.

Robertson, Alonso and Mendy are 3 attacking fullbacks who have clean sheet and pass potential bonus points.  Cheaper options with less attacking potential but still pass point potential are  Gomez, Luiz and Laporte if you want to save funds.

I’m not sure on Shaw if you pardon the pun.  He is a great price but he’s yet to get a pass or tackle bonus points and United aren’t exactly eating clean sheets at the moment.  He’s there for the moment anyway but could be moved on if I can find a decent alternative.


Here I’ve gone for the bonus point players rather than the goal and assist options.  Jorginho has got pass bonus in every single game.  Seri has got pass bonus in 2 of the games he’s played but also has tackle bonus potential as he’s on 8 tackles with the top being 11 I think.

Capoue is a tackle bonus player although that comes with yellow card risk of which he already has 3 so he needs a bit of further thought.


Ings is there for the Southampton game and his price.  He’s ineligible for GW6 v Liverpool which is a bit of a pain and fills no other gap so he still needs some thought.

Aguero has some good fixtures and is a good go to captain option.  The issue being the lack of games where you can see the Man City lineup.

I’ve kept Salah although not having him with the fixtures and the lack of need to have him as a captain until maybe GW10 v Cardiff means he is potentially expendable as a funds generator.

A few player suggestions

These are in order of price.  With the midfielders I’ve put a P or a T next to their name if they are primarily a pass and tackle option.


Foster Watford £6.3m
Ryan Brighton £6.5m
Hennessey C Palace £6.5m
Schmeichel Leicester £6.7m
Leno £6.8m if he can get into the Arsenal side


Bennett Wolves £5.7m
Cathcart Watford £6.4m
Wan Bissaka C Palace £6.6m
Holebas Watford £7.2m
Gomez Liverpool £8.2m
Trippier Spurs £8.5m
Luiz Chelsea £8.8m
Laporte Man City £8.8m


Billing (T) Huddersfield £6.8m
Pereyra Watford £7.8m
Fraser Bournemouth £8.3m
Schurrle Fulham £8.3m
Neves (P) Wolves £8.5m
Ndidi (PT) Leicester £8.6m
Richarlison (suspended) Everton £8.6m
Moura Spurs £9.0m
D Silva Man City £10.5m
Mane Liverpool £11.0m
Eriksen Spurs £11.2m
Hazard Chelsea £11.8m


Jimenez Wolves £7.9m
Deeney Watford £8.8m
Mitrovic Newcastle £9.1m
Murray Brighton £9.6m
Wilson Bournemouth £9.7m
Arnautovic West Ham £10.1m
Vardy Leicester £11.5m
Firmino Liverpool £12.2m
Lukaku Man Utd £12.7m
Kane Spurs £13.0m

I’ll post my final team in the Saturday before the first GW5 kick off

See also Andrew Ferguson’s post which has his first draft overhaul team

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