Sky Sports Fantasy Football – my gameweek 2 team

Here’s my gameweek 2 team for Sky Sports Fantasy Football team for gameweek 2.  Despite the good start its 3 transfers made

the Chelsea players have to go as they aren’t playing in GW3 and may as well do it now as they’re away to Utd.   So, I’ve transferred out Hazard for Ramsey.  Ramsey is one of the players who consistently pushes 60 passes and 4 tackles each game so has a good chance of getting both the 2 point bonus points for each each week.  So I have put him in for Hazard who wont play in the next game week and this gameweek is away to Utd.

I’ve also transferred out Cabral for Mirallas.  I still have faith in Mirallas who’s shooting stats were reasonable and they still have ok fixtures.  He plays in a very advanced position and suits Martinez’s attacking style.  I’ve tried to keep myself to 2 midfielders in Lucas and Ramsey who are both totally reliant on the tackle and bonus points.

The third transfer is Cole out and Lovren in.  I think Southampton will be a strong defensive team and they are home today to WBA and have reasonable fixtures.

Tomorrow I will put in a City defender instead of B Turner once the line up is out.   At this stage it could be anyone.

By the way you may be wondering why Ramsey was captain.  This was automatic after Hazard went out.  I have heard some theories that you can get 3 captains in a week with a transfer of an existing captain but I think that’s when you transfer out on the last day of the game week.  Having done it I’m a little afraid to do it now in case it counts as a captain change so I’ve just left it.  Not happy with myself but hopefully too much damage wont be done.

That’s it.  Good luck to everyone in Sky Sports Fantasy football.  Look out for a captain change and transfer post tomorrow from me




































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4 thoughts on “Sky Sports Fantasy Football – my gameweek 2 team”

  1. Nice one John, have made some similar transfers myself. Although I’ve put Coutninho in the midfield which won’t leave enough cash for a City defender tomorrow. Ho hum. I also have left the Capt choice from Hazard out, hoping too that this means I can go Solado tomorrow AND Rvp on Monday. We shall see. Good luck. Cheers. James

    • sorry so late was looking at it all morning wondering what to do. thought about Coutinho but really wanted Ramsey. I’m sure what you’ve done will be fine. I changed to Soldado before the GW started so hoping I can do the same

      good luck

      • Will you have enough money left for a City Defender? I may well switch Coutinho out for Ramsey depending on today’s performance and go for a City defender also

  2. Any idea why i can’t select my 2nd captain?

    I chose one captain for the saturday game and today trying to change to a captain for the sunday game and it say “you can only make 1 captain change per week” but the rules say that a game week is saturday to friday. I have tried with both of my teams with with players in sunday and monday games are same error.

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