Sky Sports Fantasy Football – GW3 captain change

I’ve made my mid GW3 captain change for Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

I considered a number of options for today including Walcott and the bonus tackle and pass options of Ramsey and Leiva but in the end went for the old faithful of RVP.  Its against the best home defence of last season but that defence is without Toure and hasn’t looked as convincing as it did last year.

I did think about transferring out Dzeko to get double points with someone like Soldado but in the end I left it to deal with after the international break.

Here’s the team now then:

































Good luck to everyone today in Sky Sports Fantasy Football


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3 thoughts on “Sky Sports Fantasy Football – GW3 captain change”

  1. Morning John, bit of a disaster yesterday for me! After the Pelegrini debacle I’m going to make a couple of changes. As we know after today there are no games til the 14th and then I’m away til weekend of the 5th/6th Oct. Due to Utd and Spurs having some good fixtures over that period (not withstanding the Manchester Derby and Spurs playing Chelsea) I’m going to put Soldado back in for Dzeko and drop Clichy for either Vidic or Evra, appreciate you are probably very busy but any quick thoughts you have on this would be much appreciated. My capt is also RVP today. Cheers. James

    • Hi James, yes a total disaster but have to take the good with the bad I suppose. Soldado is a good call, I’m a little unsure what the affect of Lamela. He will be hopefully be a no 10 or a right sided forward rather than a rotation for Soldado. I haven’t studied him that much. Erikson will definitely help then create chances though so I’m positive over Soldado. I’m hedging my bets and leaving it. I may go for Benteke as he has a couple of good fixtures but I’m just not sure at the moment . I’m hoping Soldado doesnt go mad and score lots today though. Agree with Man u defence they have some good fixtures ahead. i would probably go for Vidic. He’s more of a rotation risk due to his injury profile but the whole Baines thing would worry me about an Evra transfer.

      cheers good luck today

      • Cheers for the response John, appreciate you have a lot of comments on here asking for advice so when you do respond it really is appreciated. I’m hoping too that Soldado keeps a regular place with Lamela signed. Utd defence wise I was thinking Vidic too, and he does have set piece goal potential to. Lets just hope his glass limbs hold up! I totally agree on his injury profile. Think I’ll go Soldado and Vidic. Then I’m unlikely to be making anymore changes until well into October so I don’t feel so bad about using more transfers. Thanks ahgain and here’s hoping for better luck today after a Pelegrini fuelled debacle yesterday! Cheers. James

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