Sky Sports Fantasy Football – My SSFF gameweek 16 team

Here’s my Sky Sports Fantasy Football  SSFF gameweek 16 team.  Remember its a double gameweek effectively

Sky Sports Fantasy Football – My SSFF gameweek 16 team

I’ve left my Sky Sports Fantasy Football  team as is.  I did think of transferring Aguero for Giroud and then back again to get 3 captains in the gameweek but that didn’t seem worth 2 transfers so I’ve stuck with the team.  I’m hoping only 2 transfers don’t damage me too much. With United playing first tomorrow I may take out RVP for Rooney and fix the Danny rose situation if RVP isn’t in the line up.  Here’s the team with Aguero the first captain tomorrow.  I’ll switch to Suarez for the Norwich home game















Good luck to everyone in Sky Sports Fantasy Football for SSFF gameweek 16


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4 thoughts on “Sky Sports Fantasy Football – My SSFF gameweek 16 team”

  1. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate john, I’ve been waiting for this input all week, so thank you. Again. I too have been contemplating RVP out Rooney in, regardless of if RVP is injured or not tbh. RVP is class no doubt, but he’s not as rampant as last year so does he justify his price tag when Rooney will play with him even when he is fit?. I could then use the spare cash to replace Rose. His injury has just dragged on and on and Physio Room has him not expected back til 15th Dec. I’m struggling to justify leaving him in the team. Thoughts? I’ll be interested to see if you make any changes tomorrow. Be sure to post! cheers. James

    • I will definitely post. btw good day. Coleman clean sheet and goal, barry 2 assists, Ramsey 2 goals. couldnt have gone any better cheers

      • Agreed John, sound choices from you as always. Looking forward to your post today as I’m still undecided on Rooney, whether RVP is injured or not I’m on the brink of bringing him in to use the spare cash to resolve the Rose situation. Cheers. James

  2. I agree with Rose, the double gameweek makes it an untenable situation. i havent looked at it enough as yet but if RVP starts I may hold. For the next GW as well we should see the team sheet before the transfer deadline. personally i dont think he will start and I’ll be planning for that eventuality

    cheers and good luck

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