sky sports fantasy football November update

Here’s our FFGeek sky sports fantasy football November update including our rank, potential transfers and captain planning


In this article I’ll briefly recap on my sky sports fantasy football team results to date, my way of playing and then talk through potential transfers and captain planning


Here’s my basic stats:

Points: 833

Overall rank: 2,760

Transfers used: 4

FFGeek league position 31 of 196

 So things have pretty much stayed the same in terms of rank since my October Sky Sports fantasy football update

Here’s the team as is now:

sky sports fantasy football

 So after hovering around the 1400’s for a while I’ve suddenly dropped back to 2,760.  That’s because the last gameweek was a total disaster apart from Salah.

Man City are the challenge at the moment as they obviously score lots of points but are uncertain selection wise which makes it difficult to captain plan them.

With the new overhaul rules it’s also hard to know how many transfers you should be using and this year will be a learning curve.  Should I be more aggressive?  I’m playing like there’s no 2nd overhaul but I’d rather have too many towards the end of the season than not enough


I tend to play the game differently than anyone I’ve seen and I explained it in more detail in this season introduction post which also includes a rule summary. It also helps understand the rest of the article

In very simple terms I like to play 3-4-3 and have 3 premium forwards and 1 premium midfielder from the top 7 clubs to carry the principal captain burden. I then look to have at least 2 premium attacking defenders hopefully from different clubs than the forwards so they can possibly pick up the captaincy gaps if required. Budgetary constraints will probably mean 1 cheap Defender and a cheap GK. The remaining 3 midfield slots will be filled with cheap pass and or tackle bonus players who will hopefully pick up points in a consistent fashion negating the need for transfers to find good fixtures for lower value players. Again these are, hopefully, from a different spread of teams so they can fill in for captain duties when required on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday night.

I use transfers very rarely so I can fill all the captain slots and try to only make them when there are injuries or unavoidable captain gaps. I plan my captains about 5-6 weeks in advance.

The 2 overhauls (wildcards essentially) mean that my saving of transfers for the scattering of fixtures at the end of the season maybe a complete waste of time. That maybe offset by the many different nights of fixtures for postponements and TV demands but that remains to be seen. This way of playing has served me reasonably well so far so I’m going to continue with it come hell or high water. I have to say I don’t know anyone else who plays this way.


Whenever I plan a transfer I check on what the effect on my captain will be. The designated captain picks if you like are always going to come from the probable top 7 teams. There will probably be 4, 3 strikers and 1 midfielder. Here were the candidates:

Chelsea – Morata

Liverpool – Salah or Mane, maybe Coutinho

Spurs – Kane

Man Utd – Lukaku

Man City –  Gametime is unpredicatable but anyone could be a captain on the day

Everton – no one suitable

Arsenal – Lacazette  or Sanchez at a push


So I’ve gone through 9 gameweeks (using FPL gameweeks ) to see where I need captains for my team. I’ve looked through all the permutations and below are transfers and a timeline to try and achieve a captain every match day.

So after going through the gameweeks I have planned 2 scenarios to get me through to GW20.  1 scenario has 3 transfers the other 4.  They get me through to GW20 with only 1 game uncovered and that’s the Everton v Swansea game in GW18.

In the timeline below I outline the transfers with the timings.  The transfers are in the main to cover captain requirements.  I’ve introduced D Silva to cover some City needs as he has as good a gametime security as you can expect and has good pass bonus. Jesus worries me and it also allows me to bring in Morata who also has good fixtures and fixes some captain gaps.  By the way be careful you transfer D Silva and not B Silva as they rather unhelpfully have named him as opposed to calling him Bernardo.

The difference between the 2 scenarios is merely to do with the initial Brighton transfer in GW12.  If Bong doesn’t start or I get cold feet on his gametime I get in Stephens instead which ends up costing me an additional transfer.

These transfers don’t cover me for unexpected injuries.  I wanted to get rid of Matic for Silva not Xhaka btw but I couldn’t get the cash to work.

Scenario 1 transfers

Reid to Bong (Brighton)

Xhaka to D Silva

Jesus to Morata

Scenario 2 transfers

Reid to Jorgenson or Zanak as he’s known in FPL

Xhaka to D Silva

Mooy to Stephens

Jesus to Morata


Gameweek 12

Man Utd v Newcastle – Lukaku

Watford v West Ham – Reid

Brighton v Stoke – (1)Transfer Bong in for Reid or (2) Stephens in for Mooy

Gameweek 13

West Ham v Leicester –  Maguire

Man Utd v Brighton – Lukaku

Huddersfield v Man City – Latest (1) Transfer in Silva for Xhaka or (2) Jorgensen for Reid and Silva for Xhaka

Gameweek 14

Leicester v Spurs – Kane

Chelsea v Swansea – (1) and (2) Latest transfer Morata in for Jesus

Gameweek 15

Watford v Spurs  – Kane

Man City v West Ham – D Silva

Gameweek 16

Spurs v Stoke – Kane

Liverpool v Everton – Salah

Gameweek 17

Huddersfield v Chelsea – Morata

Spurs v Brighton – Kane

Gameweek 18

Chelsea v Southampton – Morata

Bournemouth v Liverpool – Salah

Everton v Swansea – ?????

Gameweek 19

Arsenal v Liverpool – Salah

Burnley v Spurs – Kane

Gameweek 20

Spurs v Southampton  – Kane

Newcastle v Man City – Silva

C Palace v Arsenal –

How the 2 scenario teams would look

Scenario 1

sky sports fantasy football

 Scenario 2 team

sky sports fantasy football

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