Sun Dream Team analysing the Star Man Awards

In this article we attempt to see any pattern in the Sun Dream Team star man awards to date to see if it can influence our decisions for transfer window 4

Here’s the table showing all those players to date who have won  more than 5 Sun Dream Team star man awards 

Star Man

Shows a table of the amount of Star Man awards.


Juan MataMFCHE£5.5m14
Luis SuarezSTLIV£6.0m13
Gareth BaleMFTOT£5.5m9
Dimitar BerbatovSTFUL£4.0m8
Eden HazardMFCHE£4.0m6
Robin van PersieSTMAN£8.0m6
Wayne RooneySTMAN£7.5m6
Julio CesarGKQPR£1.0m5
Leighton BainesDFEVE£5.5m5
Ryan ShawcrossDFSTO£3.5m5
Pablo HernandezMFSWA£2.0m5
Robert SnodgrassMFNOR£2.0m5
Marouane FellainiMFEVE£3.5m5
Santi CazorlaMFARS£4.0m5
Jason PuncheonMFSOT£1.5m5
Carlos TevezSTMCY£6.5m5
Romelu LukakuSTWBA£2.5m5


So what does this tell us?

6/17 are strikers

Suarez, Rooney Berba, RVP and Rooney are all players heavily involved in the game.  Lukaku is the exception but has been playing as the lone striker.  There is more of a correlation between involvement in the game than goals interestingly.  The 2 players who missed out who have the same characteristics are Lambert and Benteke both of who have 3 Star man awards

8/17 are midfielders

Its very difficult to find a compelling pattern for the midfielders.  The correlation between involvement isnt  as obvious.  Cazorla Fellaini Mata and Hazard are all both in the top 10 goals and assists for midfielders but Gerrard and Walcott don’t appear as they should.  Fellaini is the only player who’s in the support striker category

2/17 are defenders

Baines is the obvious choice at defence due to his attacking prowess.  He may not score but creates far more chances than any other defender Shawcross is a little harder to pick

1/17 is a GK

Cesar has had some memorable displays at home in a team which did little other than defend.

The interesting thing is that there are 14 different teams involved which shows that its not just the big teams that dominate.  So when you’re picking a player for a team in the transfer window how do you take in to account their star man potential.  I’ve listed the 14 teams and then tried to compare them to the player that I would say is their dominant or star player if you like and compared them to the star man winner as being the obvious way of picking them

Chelsea – Mata  – definitely  their dominant player who runs the game.  Hazard is more of a “flashy” player.

Liverpool  – Suarez – Yes the only other player who could compare is Gerrard

Man Utd – RVP and Rooney – no question that these 2 are the 2 star players

Fulham – Berba is definitely their star player

Everton – Fellaini and Baines have been there stars this year

Tottenham – Bale is unquestionably their star so understandable.

WBA – Lukaku –  A hugely talented player who should have started every week.  Has shone every time he plays but the amount of star man awards are a surprise

Stoke – They’ve overperformed on clean sheets early in the season and for some reason Shawcross has been the beneficiary.

Southampton – Puncheon – not the star by any means. I cant understand why Lambert hasn’t got more awards

Norwich – Snodgrass.  Snodgrass and Hoolahan have been the most dominant players although Snodgrass has set piece involvement.

Man City – Tevez is a very dominant player in terms of involvement but definitely not their star

Arsenal – Cazorla with Walcott is probably the stars but Cazorla the dominant player in terms of involvement

QPR – Cesar has put some strong performances in when they have been in under the kosh at home.

Swansea – Pablo Michu has been there star but there’s no real dominant player although I would have expected De Guzman to feature more in terms of involvement


So there’s no totally clear pattern although what we do know is that the star man awards don’t just go to the big teams and although a good proportion go to the team “stars” and the dominant player its not that predictable.  What is clear is that being able to pick them is important as 8/10 of the top Sun Dream Team scorers are in the Star man awards table above.  The exceptions are Walcott and Michu

So when doing your transfers in the Sun Dream Team transfer window 4 think about the players star man potential as picking the right player will definitely bring rewards