Sun Dream Team transfer window 2- best goalkeepers and defenders

Here’s my view of the best Sun Dream Team GKs and defenders for transfer window 2.   I’ve included some stats analysis and commentary to help your transfer window decisions

Sun Dream Team analysis background

I’ve just listed the GKs with just their price and a bit of commentary but on the defenders I’ve given the following stats so you can make your own assessment

1 Total Sun Dream Team points

2.  The Sun Dream Team defensive ranking.  This is just their ranking by points total

3.  The points per game.  The Sun Dream Team supplies games including sub appearances which makes the information a bit distorted.

4.  The % of 7+  plus awards of their total games.

I’ve then attempted  to rank them although obviously you will have your own views.  I’ve also provided a bit of commentary.


Lloris £4.0m

The top goalkeeper and 9th top point scorer in Sun Dream Team.  Spurs probably benefit most from additional fixtures being in the Europa league and the Capital one Cup.   The best defence in my view and he has played the majority of the additional games. Mixed fixtures in the premier league though with Man City away and United home and away. On the plus side there’s WBA, Stoke and Palace at home plus Fulham and Sunderland away

Boruc £1.5m 

The GK from the all conquering Saints defence is the top point scoring GK from the non European teams.  Not in the Capital One.  Very difficult premier league fixtures though with Arsenal Chelsea and Everton away plus City and Chelsea at home.  Only Villa and WBA at home plus Cardiff and Sunderland  away look like good fixtures.  However as they showed at Liverpool with a clean sheet win they aren’t afraid of anyone.  A big gamble though given the fixtures

Mignolet £3.0m

Not in the Capital one Cup or Europe but do have some good fixtures with Norwich, West Ham, Cardiff and Hull at home.   Defence has struggled after opening with 3 clean sheets.  Only the clean sheet against Fulham prevented 8 consecutive matches without one.  Underlying stats haven’t been too impressive but you still have to believe that at home they will get clean sheets and Mignolet looks good value. Liverpool should be looking to win the FA cup with no European distractions and an early exit from the Capital One


1.  Kyle Walker £4.0m   points:63    Def Rank 5     PPG  3.9     7+ awards – 38%

Vertonghen is the Sun Dream Team darling and the top point scoring defender but Walker is cheaper by £1.5m and less rotatable as Spurs don’t have a real RB rotation option.  By the way Danny Rose is an absolute bargain at £2.5m he’s supposed to be fit for the 23 November. He should get back into the side as Spurs need the attacking width that Vertonghen at LB doesn’t really give.

2. John Terry £5.0m points:64    Def Rank 4     PPG  4.27     7+ awards – 47%

Chelsea haven’t performed on the clean sheet front in the premier league.  Surprisingly though Terry has had a lot of gametime and has started all the premier league games.  Also far better value than the rest of the defence .  Chelsea are in the Capital One Cup and the Champions league but Terry wont play the FA cup.  Fixtures dont have many standout easy games but there’s enough to suggest they can pick up the clean sheets.  Terry has good attacking potential at set pieces as well.  Chelsea defence can only get better.

3.  Kieron Gibbs  £3.5m    points:63    Def Rank 5     PPG  3.7     7+ awards – 41%

The Arsenal defence hasn’t been performing as well as it could have been with only 2 clean sheets in the premier league.  However, the underlying stats have been sound.  Also, they’ve only conceded more than 1 goal in the league once.  Gibbs and Sagna are the same price and a pretty interchangeable choice having got similar points.  I marginally prefer Gibbs although its a pretty close call.  Arsenal aren’t in the Capital one and both Sagna and Gibbs will be rotated in the FA Cup but some good fixtures in the premier league including  Hull, Cardiff and Fulham at home.  Arsenal defence will improve.

4.  Jose Fonte £1.0m   points:54    Def Rank 9     PPG  4.5     7+ awards – 58%

Has made the position partnering Lovren his own and an absolute bargain at £1.0m.  Half the price of Clyne, Shaw and Lovren but only slightly less points than Lovren.  Only Baines and Lovren have more points from the teams not in European competitions.  Fixtures are the tricky thing as very difficult premier league fixtures.  This is his main drawback.  .    Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton away plus City and Chelsea at home.  Only Villa and WBA at home plus Cardiff and Sunderland  away look like good fixtures.

5.  Phil Jones £4.0m    points:49    Def Rank 13     PPG  3.4     7+ awards – 36%

In a defence which is either expensive or rotated or injury prone, Jones stands out as a utility player who will play a number of games.  Can also play as a CDM.  With United battling on all fronts the additional games will surely give him the chance to continue his good points tally

6.  Seamus Coleman £3.0m  points:42    Def Rank 19     PPG  3.2     7+ awards – 38%


6 clean sheets in the premier league and a team that will definitely take the FA Cup seriously.  Has good attacking prospects.  He creates more chances than Baines and is under half Baines cost of £6.5m.  If your’e swimming in cash, Baines with pens and free kicks is going to get more points

7.  McAuley £2.5m    points:37    Def Rank 27     PPG  3.4     7+ awards – 45% 

Not in Europe or the Capital One but have some good premier league fixtures with Villa, Norwich and Hull at home.  Will surely take the FA Cup seriously.  Also has good attacking instincts with 2 goals and an assist so far in the premier league

8.  Curtis Davies £1.0m   points:50    Def Rank 11     PPG  4.2     7+ awards – 75%

Can Hull keep up the home defensive heroics?  Outstanding points contribution considering tough fixtures.  Still enough good fixtures at home in Palace Stoke and Fulham to suggest clean sheets can continue.  Sun Dream Team love him with 9/12 7+ ratings and 2 Starman awards.  Hard to predict what Bruce will do with the FA Cup but a definite rotation risk for it.

9.  Kolarov £3.0m   points:27    Def Rank 44     PPG  2.25     7+ awards – 33% 

The problem with the Man City Sun Dream Team defence is either price and/or rotation.  So if everyone is rotatable then why not go for the cheapest.  Kolarov will give an attacking dimension for the easier games and will probably start the FA Cup games.  Only Zabaleta, who’s £5.5m, has scored more points for City.  Its not for the faint hearted but then no one in the City team is.

10.  Razan Rat £1.0m    points:25    Def Rank 47      PPG  2.5     7+ awards – 40%

Seems to have made the West Ham LB position his own an a bargain in a defence bolstered by the fact that there’s normally 10 of them.  Fixtures are a bit mixed but the priority the manager puts n defence will surely see clean sheets.  Should take the FA Cup seriously if not in any relegation issues

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  1. You seriously suggesting Mignolet the man who has just over 30 points. I’m taking him out and replacing him with tim howard, evertonhave some good fixtures coming up and a couple other teams as part of a cost cutting plan i’m replacing him with Mcgregor who will prob outscore him.

    suggesting any of the liverpool back five is just wrong

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