Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – the best midfielders

Here’s my view on the best midfielders in Sun Dream Team to give some food for thought for your transfer window 2 decisions

Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – the best midfielders

I’ve listed what I think are the best Sun Dream team midfielders using the  following stats so you can make your own assessment:

1 Total Sun Dream Team points

2.  The Sun Dream Team midfield ranking.  This is just their ranking by points total

3.  The points per game (PPG).  The Sun Dream Team supplies games including sub appearances which makes the information a bit distorted.

4.  The % of 7+  plus awards of their total games.

5.  The % of Sun Dream Team star man awards of total games played

I’ve then attempted  to rank them although obviously you will have your own views.  I’ve also provided a bit of commentary.

1. Ramsey (£2.5m)    Points:  140     Mid rank:  1     PPG:  7.8     7+awards: 72%     Starman awards:  38% 

Incredible to think that he’s  finished 60 points ahead of any other midfielder.  That’s virtually the same points total as 3rd placed midfielder Lallana.  Can it go on?  Every week I think it can’t and then he does something spectacular again.  This is a guy who has never scored more than 3 goals in a season in the premier league.  Also, it’s also not like Bale last year when Bale at least had a load of shots to back up the goals, Ramsey doesn’t have that.  All logic says it has to stop, but you cant use logic with Ramsey at the moment , its gone beyond that.  What makes it worse is that Sun Dream team love him with 7+ awards and Star man awards coming out of his ears.  The good news is that to cover him its not expensive but it does use a precious transfer.

2.  Silva (£5.5m)    Points:  57     Mid rank:  4     PPG:  5.2     7+awards: 82%     Starman awards:  18%

Another man loved by Sun Dream Team.  The only issue is that he’s currently injured but expected back 4 December.   It is a gamble then to transfer him in.  It’s made worse by the fact that he doesn’t have a great injury record in the first place.  However, has the class and should share the star man awards with Aguero as the main creative force.  Also getting into the box and scoring more this year which will help the points total

3.  Brady (£1.0m)   Points:  55     Mid rank:  10     PPG:  5.5     7+awards: 60%     Starman awards:  20%

Sun Dream Team gives the opportunity for standout players in non top 4 challenging  teams to get decent point totals with Star Man and 7+ awards.  If your’r liked you’re liked and Brady seems to fit that bill.  Another player who’s been injured but should be back for the next gameweek.  Brady with penalties and free kicks has the opportunity to continue racking up the points

4.   Gerrard (£5.0m)   Points:  52     Mid rank:  8     PPG:  4     7+awards: 77%     Starman awards:  8%

Another guy absolutely loved by Sun Dream Team.  Had a slow start to the season but has come alive recently.  Normally gets a 7 rating in the warm up and with pens and free kicks will always get the chance to return. Suarez will hog the Starman awards s the only issue

5.   Lallana (£2.5m)   Points:  63     Mid rank:  3     PPG:  5.3     7+awards: 58%     Starman awards:  25%

Stand out flair attacking midfielder in the Southampton team that’s taken the premier league by storm and currently sitting in 3rd. the only shadow is tough fixtures starting with Arsenal and Chelsea away next.  this may diminish returns.

6.   YYT (£6.0m)   Points:  80     Mid rank:  2     PPG:  5     7+awards: 63%     Starman awards:  6%

Has started the season in spectacular style with a number of brilliant free kick goals.  Its just hard to see this continuing and for him to consistently return given his deep lying position.  Will also struggle to get starman awards with Silva and Aguero in the team

7.   Ozil   (£5.5m)   Points:  45     Mid rank:  15     PPG:  3.5     7+awards: 46%     Starman awards:  8%

Despte being an undoubted world class talent has not really felt the love of the Sun Dream Team awards.   Has struggled away from the Emirates with all his premier league goals and assists apart from the Sunderland game coming their.  The plus side is good fixtures and talent to give him the chance to improve things.

8.   Hazard   (£6.5m)   Points:  52     Mid rank:  8     PPG:  4     7+awards: 38%     Starman awards:  8%

Frustrating player who like Ozil has only got a goal or assist once away from his home ground.  This is reflected in his awards.  Has got the love of Mourinho with consistent selection and additional games to turn things around though.  It will be a roller coaster though.

9.   R Morrison   (£1.0m)   Points:  56     Mid rank:  5     PPG:  4.7     7+awards: 42%     Starman awards:  17%

A beacon of creative attacking talent in a very defensively set up West Ham side.  Its just hard to see these returns continuing without any set piece involvement.

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8 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – the best midfielders”

    • Hi Gavin

      2 excellent players last year. I was a little reluctant on Walcott as I thought he had started the season well but had been very unlucky. Yet he hadn’t scored well in ratings with Sun Dream Team which I found a little perplexing. . The same for Coutinho. Given that I decided not to put them in my best articles. they are both good historic punts though if you’re willing to take a risk. Coutinho is good value as well

      good luck with your transfers

    • Hi Pat, Not sure I completely understand the question but if its which of those pairings I prefer then definitely Rooney/Aguero


    I want to bring in suarez and have Van persie, Giroud, Sturridge.
    Also want to take out Lampard for a midfielder maybe Snodgrass or Sessegnon but not Ramsey as he cant go on.
    At the back I want to take out Williams for Rose or Font/Lovren or Ron Vlaar.
    Any chance of any help. I have spent 49.5 on the team.

    • Hi shauna, thanks for the comments

      If you have the money I would swap Suarez for Sturridge and leave Giroud.

      Out of Sessegnon and Snodgrass I would pick Sessegnon although I would probably take Lallana over the 2 even with the fixtures and would take Ramsey. Agree with the Saints defence transfer. A Spurs defender is definitely a good idea. Rose is great value and I think he will get back into the team. That assumes he ever stops being injured. Given the constant date changes this has to be a risk. You then have to weigh in how quickly he will go from sub to starting. Walker is a less risky option if you have the money

      hope that helped

      Good luck

  2. Hi , I left a question on twitter . Ive currently got a midfield of Walcott Coutinho and Pablo Hernandez , Strikers are RVP Soldado and Giroud . I’m thinking of taking out Walcott Pablo and Soldado for Ramsey Ravel Morrison and Suarez , good idea or can you think of better long term options ? Cheers , great site by the way

    • Hi Rob, thanks for the comments. Can I firstly say I cant believe how unlucky youve been with injuries. I mean your whole midfield out.
      I have to say i think you’ve done the right transfers there.

      the only other option I could think of was

      RVP – Suarez
      Giroud – Aguero
      Pablo to januzaj or R Morrison

      But don’t know if that works cash wise and no Man Utd coverage if Morrison. I suspect not

      good luck

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