Sun Dream Team – Review of the FFGeek teams and looking at October and November

Here’s our Sun Dream Team review of the FFGeek teams and a look forward to October and November.  We also look at the teams in European competition in detail and outline a team if I could start again

Sun Dream Team – Review of the FFGeek teams and looking at October and November

The FFGeek Teams

Team 1

Points: 490 Overall Rank: 103k team value: £54m + 2.6 ITB 3/3 transfers left

sun dream team

So improved considerably from my last update but 103k is still nothing to shout about.  In the team I feel that Kolasinac, TAA, Salah, Silva, RLC and Lacazette are all vulnerable this month.  Unfortunately that’s 6 vulnerable players with 3 transfers

My top targets in are Chelsea and Man City players as you’ll see from the fixtures later

Team 2

Points: 490 Overall Rank: 103k team value: £54.9m + 1.0 ITB 3/3 transfers left

sun dream team

Weirdly on the same points as the other team.  Less players in the firing line although the double Liverpool, Man Utd and Spurs could be changed

The FFGeek Man Utd and Man City teams

I did 2 teams with only Man Utd players and Man City players just for a bit of amusement.  I won’t go into them in detail but here’s the brief low down on progress

Man Utd team:  530 points and a 23k overall rank

Man City team:  461 points and 233k overall rank

So the Man Utd team has been successful with their results.  The Man City team if you were wondering less so as the budget makes it trickier and I keep missing out on Sterling and Sane’s points

The top point scorers in Sun Dream Team

sun dream team

So 7 strikers, 2 midfielders, 5 defenders and 1 GK.  Interestingly defenders making more of a contribution than in previous years

All the players are from the top 6 sides I will look at below

Top Points per game players

sun dream team

Ignore Vorm, Byram, Walker-Peters and Musa who can’t hold a first team place.

Here you have 5 strikers, 1 Mid and 4 defenders.  Again all players ignoring the players above are from the expected top 6 teams that I will focus on below

Focus on teams

Here’s the teams in the European competitions with some players suggestions.  The stats are obvious.  The value coefficient just relates the PPG to the value of the player.  Then I’ve put the fixtures next.  The gap is to separate October and November.  Then I’ll make a couple of comments


PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff


Next 6 premier league and other fixtures:

Watford (A)
Red Star (A) EL
Everton (A)
Norwich (H) EFL
Swansea (H)

Red Star (H) EL
Man City (A)
Spurs (H)
Koln (A) EL
Burnley (A)

A pretty tough run for me on fixtures with a good chance neither of the 3 will play in the Europa League.  Hard to pick anyone at the moment.


PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff


Crystal Palace (A)
Roma (H) UCL
Watford (H)
Everton (H) EFL
Bournemouth (A)
Roma (A) UCL

Man Utd (H)
West Brom (A)
FK Qarabag (A) UCL
Liverpool (A)

Good fixtures coming up and both players are worth rolling the dice for.  Batshuayi is also worth keeping an eye on to see if he replaces Morata


PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff


Brighton (A)
Lyon (H) EL
Arsenal (H)
Chelsea (A) EFL
Leicester (A)

Lyon (A) EL
Watford (H)
Crystal Palace (A)
Southampton (A)

Everton’s a tricky one as they have had to absorb new players after the loss of Lukaku and have had tough fixtures.  The Burnley performance was not a good sign though.  A gamble at best


PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff


Man Utd (H)
Maribor (A) UCL
Spurs (A)
Huddersfield (H)

Maribor (H)
West Ham (A)
Southampton (H)
Sevilla (A) UCL
Chelsea (H)

Manchester City

PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff
De BruyneMid6.6596.61.00
D SilvaMid5.5475.20.95


Stoke (H)
Napoli (H) UCL
Burnley (H)
Wolves (H) EFL
West Brom (A)

Napoli (A) UCL
Arsenal (H)
Leicester (A)
Feyenoord (H) UCL
Huddersfield (A)

Great form and great fixtures.  I think you could do worse than have 3 in your team.  Pep’s rotation matters less in Sun Dream Team as what you lose on the swings you’ll gain on the roundabouts

Manchester United

PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff
De GeaStriker5.3525.81.09


Liverpool (A)
Benfica (A) UCL
Huddersfield (A)
Swansea (A) EFL
Spurs (H)
Benfica (H) UCL

Chelsea (A)
Newcastle (H)
Basel (A) UCL
Brighton (H)

Some tricky fixtures in amongst UCL games which could be worse.  United have started with good fixtures so it’s hard to say how they’ll react as they get harder


PlayerPositionValuePointsPPGVal Coeff


Bournemouth (H)
Real Madrid (A) UCL
Liverpool (H)
West Ham (H) EFL
Man Utd (A)

Real Madrid (H) UCL
Crystal Palace (H)
Arsenal (A)
Borussia Dortmund (A) UCL
West Brom (H)

Some trickier games mixed in with some easier ones.  Kane is the standout player.  Alli is banned for 1 more UCL game.

My team if I could start again


The above team is £54.9m which hopefully is around the average team value.  A few compromises.  Obviously the Goalkeeper and Martina.  I’d also prefer Alonso to Luiz (who I believe isn’t suspended btw) and Otamendi to Stones.  No Man Utd defence either although I’m gambling on the fixture turn not making it too much of a loss

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  1. Brilliant article,

    I have Erriksen in my team at present but I am considering changing him to hazard based on the upcoming fixtures Tottenham have, good move or a wast of a transfer?

    Team: De Gea / Danilo /Lowe / Stephens (out) / Valencia,
    David Silva/ Erikksen / Salah
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