Sun Dream Team hints – FFGeek Sun Pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Previous winner of the FFGeek league and top 1k overall finisher Simon Rowley talks through his team and plans in this Sun Dream Team hints article

Sun Dream Team hints – FFGeek Sun Pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Team update 

Value (including money in the bank) £61.2m, 787 points, and overall ranking of 8,936. So not to bad, but dropped off from last couple of weeks, from a high of 4,722

sun dream team hints


2 preliminary transfers done, which can be changed right up till 7am on Friday. Davies out, he’s missed the last few premier league matches, and with Rose back to fitness, he’s likely to rotate even more, so D Sanchez in. I don’t particularly like swapping defenders in the same team, but I wanted a Spurs defender, and with Alderweireld nursing an injury, and Vertonghen missing a recent international, Sanchez looks the most game time secure (he’s also got a better points per game ration than Alderweireld surprisingly).

With WBA’s recent form, Hegazi needed to come out, but this is the transfer that had me thinking most. Eventually I’ve gone for Gomez at Liverpool, he has decent fixtures coming up, and looks a good prospect. Christiansen at Chelsea is also very tempting, but I’m unsure on his game time every week. This leaves me £1.1m in the bank, which doesn’t leave me enough to swap Pickford out for anyone significantly better, but hopefully Everton’s form improves once the new manager is finally in place.

Rest of the team 

I’m happy enough with everyone else, Lukaku’s form has obviously dropped off, but I think Pogba’s return will change that. Jesus could do with more game time, but I still think he’ll score goals.

Thoughts on my team 

Signing of the season?  – Easily Salah, proving an absolute bargain for everyone who had him from the start.

The one that got away?  – KDB. I had him, but transferred him out (I wasn’t the only one though), but wish I hadn’t now.

Disappointment of the season?   – Pickford. Enough said.

Surprise of the season?  – Otamendi and Sterling. Both scoring far more points than I could have imagined.

Money no object signing?  – probably Aguero. If I had the money I’d probably put him in, but every season he has a spell out injured, quite often around this time of year, if memory serves me right.

Player I’m hoping will move me up the leaderboard?  – Hazard. Low ownership, and the potential to score big points, means he could be a really good differential.

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14 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team hints – FFGeek Sun Pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team”

  1. Hi Simon
    Looking for advise on my current team and think it’s time to swap Jesus for Aguero Currently 823pts with 0.3itb

    Any input is greatly appreciated tia

    • To get Aguero in, you’re going to need to downgrade someone then. Id go for Jones, he’s constantly an injury worry, despite playing every week! However, Xmas is coming, and I’m not convinced he can play 2 games a week, as the schedule is. If you went for Gomez, that would give you enough to upgrade Pickford as well.

      • Thanks Simon, that gives me something to look at especially just seeing your retweet about clyne having a lengthy spell injured. Gomez could be a good shout

  2. I have 835 point. Any suggestions on what I could do with my team please.
    De Gea
    Jones, Valenica, Gomez, Sanchez.
    Salah, Hazard, Sterling,
    Lukaku, Kane, Jesus
    I was thinking.
    I’ve a got 0.1m in the bank.
    I’m thinking of taking Jones out for Bailly which would give me an extra 1m to spend and then would take out Jesus for Morata.
    Any other ideas to help me, I would be so grateful.

    • That makes sense. You could also swap jones for a city defender, city are very impressive defensively this season so far. Cuts down on rotation risk that way.

  3. Hi Simon.

    I have no money in the bank and three transfers remaining.

    Valencia Cahill kolasinic ogbonna.
    Kdb hazard Salah
    Kane lukmu Jesus.

    What would you do with this team as it stands?

    • Not too much wrong there. Without checking prices, id be looking at getting rid of ogbonna, unless you want to see if he becomes first choice, and moyes stiffens their defence up. Gomez a good option if you do change. Foster doesn’t get many ratings, and WBA obviously in a poor run of form, but there isn’t much else available in that price range unfortunately.

  4. Simon.
    My team is
    Jones Baines Valencia Ogbonna
    Salah KDB Hazard
    Lukaku Aguero Kane.

    I have 0.2 itb and 2 transfers left

    I’m thinking of moving Jones out to get a bit extra cash to strengthen the defence.
    Was thinking for Cahill maybe?
    What’s your thoughts on this?

      • I can afford him but I wanted to free up money to get better defenders in.
        I was thinking of taking a gamble on Christian from Chelsea as well. He can’t do any worst than Baines can he!
        Simon. If you were trying to free up some cash who would you get rid of and replace with?
        Thanks for your time

        • Id try and leave front 6 alone. Christiansen wont play every week, but if your happy to gamble, then try – jones, Baines and ogbonna out, walker, Christiansen and Gomez in? I haven’t looked at prices though.

  5. Not got enough cash for that.
    Taken Jones & Baines out for Cahill & Christensen.
    Surely he has to start After playing well against United!

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