Sun Dream Team – an interview with Michael Byrom joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 16/17

On Fantasy Football Geek we’re ramping up our Sun Dream Team coverage.  We start with an interview with joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17, Michael Byrom.  He also finished top 1k in 2017/18 and top 300 in 18/19.  An amazing history. He talks about his Sun Dream Team strategy and provides a draft team.

Sun Dream Team – an interview with Michael Byrom joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 16/17

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Michael.  Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself.

So I’m Mick Byrom, 53 yo divorced ,father of 3 and have 1 beautiful grandson, I live in Barnsley and work at a Morrisons bakery in Wakefield.
My team is Nottingham Forest.

I enjoy walking, cooking and spending time with my family.

You’re famous as a joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 16/17 how did that feel?

Winning dream team in 16/17 is undoubtedly my best achievement in FF, having come runner up 6 years earlier it was nice to go one better ( even tho it was shared for the first and only time in SDT history)

The feeling and emotions I felt that day are hard to put into words , just a surreal moment when Diego Costa got the goal against Arsenal in the Cup Final that I required to put me on level points with my rival , although I remember feeling apprehensive about the possibility of Costa picking up a yellow card late in the game and therefore losing first place , thankfully that didn’t happen , safe to say there was quite a celebration in my house that night.

Your finishes since being joint winner in 2016/17 are 2017/18  Top 1k and 2018/19 Top 300. Going back further you finished runner up in 2010/11 winning 50k and had regular top 100 finishes afterwards.  That’s incredible.  What’s your Sun Dream Team strategy?

No set strategy so to speak ,
I tend to build my teams around the usual suspects, renowned heavy scorers then hope to find the odd cheap gem which of course is always needed in order to make a serious challenge.   I don’t believe in going all out for a stellar front 6 with a budget defence, I always go for a well balanced team with a sound defence.  You’ll never win anything with a Bournemouth block for example.

So plenty of research

Looking at obvious things like fixtures, injuries, upcoming suspensions.  I also aim to get as many Champions/Europa league players in as possible. I
don’t like to use up my monthly allowance of transfers too quickly unless absolutely necessary.  I always prefer to hold back until late in the month

Just stay focused all season, eat , sleep, breathe it for 9 months and go off my own instincts, not listen to others .

Do you have a draft Sun Dream team you can share with us?  

sun dream team

So that’s a draft of one of my teams ( subject to tweaking before kick off )

Opted for a 433 formation although many of my other teams will be 442

Pretty happy with Patricio in goal , at £2m represents good value in what should be a solid defence and of course with the 2 extra games in August

I’d advise a minimum of 2 Liverpool defenders at all times , hence Trent and Robbo , Zinchenko at 3.5 could prove a real bargain with Delph departed and Mendy injured again he will surely get plenty of game time .

Onto midfield, Sterling I believe is simply a must have , his goals and assist ratio over the last couple of years have been amazing, KDB has looked very sharp in pre season and I expect him to hit the ground running

With two premium mids in there I delve into the bargain basement and Uniteds new recruit from Swansea Dan James looks an absolute snip at 1m , the lad has pace and power to burn , has impressed in pre season and I see him getting plenty of game time so a no brainer for me .

Up top

Gone for the tried and trusted in Salah and Kane , nothing much to add there

And my 3rd striker is Jamie Vardy, he finished last season off really well , seems to have a new lease of life under Rodgers and with Leicester having some favourable early fixtures I see Vardy filling his boots .

So that’s my first draft , could of course all change over the next few days ha ha .

Your favourite Sun Dream Team player and your nightmare Sun Dream Team player?

Favourite dream team player of course is Diego Costa, got the goal in the cup final v Arsenal to give me joint first prize in 2017

Also have a soft spot for Yaya Toure who in 2011 scored me bags of points to get me runner up spot , was his first season at City and none of my rivals had him , did me proud .

My nightmare dream team player will always be RVP who single handedly prevented me winning dream team in 2011 , he scored goal after goal after goal and me being the stubborn man that I can be flatly refused to put him, massive error that will always haunt me as it was simply all I needed to do , ha well you live and learn .

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this interview Michael and we’ll see you updated draft team again closer to gameweek 1

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  1. What’s your thoughts jesus did get almost 200 points last season can see him playing more & Mcneil will be guaranteed games for Burnley my team : Ederson Robertson digne trent Arnold sterling b silva Mcneil salah Kane jesus.

  2. I finished 148th once . It was when berbarov was with totenham . I put him in just as he came back from injury and scored loads !!

  3. Michael, your dreamteam record since 2010/2011, obviously commands respect, in comparison I would class myself as a novice, will you be doing more drafts before season begins, & keeping other dreamteam managers upto date with transfers throughout the season.

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