Sun Dream Team – my first draft team

This is a tricky one for me as Im new to the sun Dream team  and Im sure Ill be on a steep learning curve but here goes!  Any feedback is gratefully received.  Excuse the short comments as I’m a learner at the Sun Dream Team format.

Here’s the rationale behind my selections

1.  With it covering all the different cups ive tried to pick teams in or who will compete in as many competitions as possible.

2.  With the player ratings  and star man points Ive tried to pick players (with a few exceptions) who are important to the team and involved in the play.

3. With no points for assists I’ve looked for goal scorers rather than assist based players

4.  With only 12 transfers I’ve not tried to put the emphasis on fixtures

I’m looking forward to doing it and leaving it.  I haven’t got a league as I made a mess of the registration.  My team is also called Early door rangers as again i made a mess of the registration.  I would be happy to join someone elses and invite others.  no prizes though.

Heres my Sun Dream Team


Howard – Seemed the best value GK in conjunction with the other defensive options


Rafael – little option at RB now so hopefully will get good clean sheet and game time.

Zabaleta – again should get good game time over a number of competitions

Agger – Im banking on Liverpool being successful in the cup competitions

Risse – I would have preferred Hangeland but too expensive unfortunately


Hazard – scores and gets assists.  Will have to battle for star man ratings but hopefully will get some good game time

VDV – Again heavily involved in the team and scores goals so looking for good ratings and star man points although Bale could be a magnet for these

Dempsey – Had to have him in with his goal scoring record and should get good star man points.  Fulham should be chasing the cups as wont have any relegation issues


Rooney – will score and hopefully dominate star man ratings

Aguero – as for Rooney

Borini – good value at £3m.  I’m sure he will score goals and get alot of gametime.  Suarez and gerrard may dominate the star man awards though

Again sorry for the short nature of this article.  I’m looking forward to any comments which may assist a 2nd draft









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    • no Vertonghen is nailed on as CB as are Walker and BAE but the other CB position is between Kaboul Gallas and Dawson and I guess you could even count caulker in that. kaboul is the favourite but its a definite risk im afraid. Vertonghen is the same price or go for Assou – Ekotu who’s cheaper at £3.5m

      hope that helps


  1. Good luck with the Dreamteam. Looks like a good lineup but if you can get Terry in he might be worth a look. My least favourite format, in fact I hate it. The main problem is that the points for ratings are essentially awarded by one individual, not a problem for Star man/ MOM, but when it’s for a whole team and it’s a feckless moron who appears to have watched a different game to everyone else responsible then you have a problem ( one of them gave an 8 rating to Van Bommel in Holland’s first Euro 2012 game, yes that game where he was the worst player on the pitch). It’s very much a complete before the season starts and forget about it game. The key thing as you’ve already pointed out is no points for assist so scoring players are a must.
    My team is
    Hangeland, Shawcross, McAuley, Gibbs
    Walcott, Kagawa, Gerrard
    Rooney, Tevez, Aguero

    • interesting team. youve gone far lighter than me on assists. Is that due to the ratings and star man being geared to the mids and forwards? Having noo points deductions is also useful

      • Just decided to go for goal threat, Gerrard maybe Kagawa also will get assists but it’s attack happy for sure. Think you’re right about ratings and starman potential as well and the sun tend to give goal scorers 7 ratings due to the criteria they use.

        • Just wanted to double check that assists don’t count. Only goals and clean sheets with ratings and starman are positive.

  2. with Rafael at the Olympics with the Brazil team will he play this week? You very well could see Valencia at right back again as he was against Hannover

      • I actually thought I was posting in the sky sports thread. If you are going to leave the sun team more or less alone Rafael is probably a good pick, with all united’s injuries in the backline i can’t see Rafael missing too many games. Found you on google..don’t know how I’ve missed it before..keep up the good work

  3. Hart
    Harte, Clyne, gibbs, Enrique
    mata, Sigurdson, Bale
    Rooney, Torres (capt), Tevez.

    changes made again. RMT

  4. Makes more sense to get a goalie in Europe (Krul is an obvious cheapie), unless you want one transfer already taken care of. Riise will do okay, but won’t score that heavily – remember no assists. VDV is an injury magnet, as well as a star man magnet and a big gamble at 6m. Borini is an unknown quantity. Plenty of decent cheap-ish strikers that may not be in Europe, but with easier start fixtures e.g. Jelavic, Graham.

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