Sun Dream Team Q and A – part 2

Here’s a few more questions from readers comments on Sun Dream Team which I’ll respond to in the form of a 2nd article so everyone can get some food for thought.


Question 1

Really impressed by your website mate, fantastic depth in analysis.

What transfers would you recommend for:


If it was my team there would be 2 choices.  A more conservative choice would be Michu Samba and Giroud out for Cazorla Huth and Lukaku/Lambert depending on who you’re more comfortable with.   I think Michu’s fixtures are too difficult and his goals have been more regularly against the poorer teams.  I don’t have faith in the QPR defence enough for Samba although he does have good goal potential and Cazorla is a better bet than Giroud.  A more radical change would be around RVP.  Although I am a big fan there is the possibility of extensive rest if United win the league earl given his previous injury record and gametime this year.  If youre willing to do this then my changes would be RVP out Berba in Michu out Hazard in and Samba out Agger in.  This would be a change of formation btw

Good luck!

Question 2

Any ideas who to transfer in and out of this lot ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Jen.
Ben Davies


Hi If it was my team I would try  to increase the Chelsea quota in the team given the additional fixtures they have.  I would drop Walcott for Mata who I think is essential and I would also transfer Aguero out to raise funds to improve at least 1 defence member.  In his place I would change formation and introduce Hazard and replace either Davies or Fabio,  Davies would be my choice to remove given the difficult fixtures Swansea face and replace him with Azpilicueta unless you have enough cash in the bank to buy Luiz.

Good luck!

Question 3

Really worried about this window. 85 points in lead with Cech, Baines, A.Williams, Zabaleta, Chico, Cazorla, Michu, Mata, Van Persie, Suarez and already swapped Giroud for Bale so i’m back to a 4-4-2.
Second place has Reina, Williams, Shawcross, Baines Chico, Mata, Bale (Walcott now Lampard) V Persie Ba And Suarez.
What ther two changes do you think i need to help maintain my lead ?
Got £650 riding on this….. Cheers


Well you certainly did the first transfer right in my view.  Again there’s the RVP or not option.  If you keep RVP I would reduce the Swansea exposure and transfer out Chico and Michu due to Swansea having such difficult fixtures.  I would replace Michu with Lallana who I think will produce good numbers to the end of the season and I would replace Chico with Reid of West ham as I think big Sam will keep the defence tight for the rest of the year.

Again the next option revolves around RVP as Ive said above.  If you’re brave enough to do this I would introduce Hazard and Vertonghen in for RVP and Chico

Question 4

ike your report mate, here’s my team…
Krul, ivanovic, huth, Gibbs, zabaleta
Mata, hazard, Walcott
RVP, aguero, sturridge
I mad a few bad changes last window. Took a gamble on sturridge scoring goals and therefore taking points of Suarez. Walcott in for cazorla, the worst move I made. And keeping the injury prone aguero.
Ideally I need 5 transfers to be happy but that’s not going to happen. So, I’m 100% bringing Bale and Suarez but the other change I’m not sure. I’m thinking going 4-4-2 with aguero, sturridge and Walcott out and Suarez, bale and cazorla in. I would like to out Gibbs and krul but might have to keep them in to strengthen elsewhere. Mini league bragging points and money at stake.
There’s also a few punts out there that could get big points:
Lampard: always consistent points, pens, europa and fa cup bonus points for Chelsea players.
Defoe: goalscorer, bale only scored all them goals when he was injured. Europa league.
Any thoughts are appreciated. Cheers


Even at this moment i’m still not sure whether to transfer out Aguero or RVP.  I would do the Aguero Sturrdige and Walcott out for Suarez Bale and Cazorla as you suggest though.

As for Lamps Im a big fan I just prefer Mata and Hazard as they are naturally more forward players and Lamps I think is too expensive.

Defoe I’m also a big fan of its just a gametime issue with Adebayor and him battling it out.

Question 5

My Team:
Luiz, Rafael, Williams, Kieron Richardson,
Mata, Walcott, Hazard,
Aguero, Suarez, RVP

My opinion is to get rid of Richardson, RVP and Rafael and bring in Zabaleta, Tevez and Metersacker, due to the run in Man City and Arsenal have. What do you think?

I’m 60 points behind the leader who has:

Szchney, Ivanovic, Shawcross, Vertonghan, Rafael, Cazorla, Hazard, Walcott, RVP, Sturridge and Defoe.

Any suggestions?


Hi if it was my team I would either go for RVP out if you want to differentiate yourself and also Richardson for gametime issues and Williams due to Swansea difficult fixtures.  I would put Berba in upfront and then go with Vertonghen despite your mate having him and also agree with Mertesacker/Nacho coming in for Williams

Question 6

HI there,

Thanks for all the advice and blogs its giving me a lot of food for thought. I wont bore you with my entire team as im sure i can figure out enough from what you have written. However would you mind adding something on Aguero. I have stuck with him all season and he hasn’t returned the favour.. YET. Do you think he could come good or should i jump ship now?

I have RVP, Sturridge and Aguero and after reading your previous blogs it looks like there is merit in getting rid of all 3.

Just wondered what your Aguero thoughts are

Thanks mate, loving your site


At the moment I am not sure what to do over Aguero and RVP in my team and will sleep on it and decide tomorrow.  In short I expect Aguero to play if he can stay fit (big if) and Mancini wont take the foot of the gas even if Utd win early as Chelsea are still in pursuit.  Whereas RVP really could be rested if Utd win early which does worry me.

If I was starting from scratch I wouldn’t put either in but at the moment I’m keeping Aguero and dropping RVP but wait for tomorrow.  I would get rid of Sturridge yes, injury issues and just doesn’t have the all round game which gets rewards in Sun Dream team

Question 6

Great advice, I’m second in my mini league, with a lot of ground to make up (220) and a few weak links:

My team
BAE, Baines, McAuley, Shawcross
Pienaar, Mata, Walcott, Michu
RVP, Suarez

1st team
Baines, Huth, Ivanovic, Enrique
Bale, Hazard, Whilshere
RVP, Suarez, Ba

I was thinking RVP > Berbatov, Piennar > Bale, McAuley > Luiz


I think your suggested transfers are sound but I would probably take Michu out for Bale and McAuley for Azpilicueta but yours work as well I just think Pienaar will get more points than Michu given the fixtures

Question 7

Great site mate. I’m 71st in the country. Thanks to you early in the season with some good tips. Especially zabaleta.

Are you confident azpili will get regular games from here on?
No mention from you on lampard, any reason why you don’t fancy him on recent form and coming fixtures?
My team is
Huth. Shawcross ivanovic zabaleta
Bale hazard mata Walcott
Rvp Suarez

Obviously Walcott out, loose a stoke player and one other.
Any tips mate would be greatly appreciated. You know far more than me, and my position would be much lower without your site


First of all congratulations on doing so well 71st in the country is amazing and while I would like to take some of the credit I think you’ve got to take it all yourself.

On Azpili no but only Cole will be rotation proof in my mind as Benitez just doesn’t seem to fancy Bertrand at all. So then it becomes a price differential thing with him being very good value at £3.0m.  Luiz at £4.5m would be my next choice.

Lampard I mentioned I am a fan of but everyone needs to have Mata and then the price differential dictates you go with Hazard over Lamps.

I dont necessarily think Walcott is a certainty to transfer out its just whether you think this injury will come good quickly or slowly.

Again I would be looking at 2 options

1. RVP out  – Berba in, Shawcross out and Vertonghen in, Huth out and Nacho/Mertesacker in


2.  RVP out – Tevez in Huth out Vertonghen in and Walcott out Cazorla in

Good luck for the rest of the season

Question 8

Bit confused with the suggestion of transferring out rafael when I read u put the other day as him being a best pick defender for this transfer?


I think he is probably the best representative of the united defence which is looking strong but he has played alot of games and if Utd win the league early looks a candidate for rest so in looking at peoples teams depending on who else they have he can become a candidate for transfer.  Hope that helps

Question 9

My current team is Foster; Ivanovic, Zabaleta, Assou Ekotto, Huth; Dempsey, Cazorla, Mata, Walcott; RVP, Suarez….I’m not sure what changes to do at all.


I would probably change Dempsey for Bale, Walcott for Hazard and then I would probably change Foster for Jaaskaleinin


Thats it good luck everyone for tomorrow.  I’ll post my transfers which will be the last Sun Dream Team post





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  1. Hi, loving the site. What’s your thoughts on my team and what transfers would you recommend. My team is Cesar, Reid, Luiz, Shawcross, Zabaletta, Mata, Hazard, Walcott, Aguero, RVP, Suarez. I have 0.5m left in the kitty and struggling to make changes apart from Bale for Walcott. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Ive made transfers last month. I went through the procces & found out after the deadline that they hadnt registered although it said that they were pending. Could you please look into this as I feel ive lost out

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