Sun Dream Team Q and A – part 1

Here’s a few questions from readers comments on Sun Dream Team which I’ll respond to in the form of an article so everyone can get some food for thought.

Question 1

hi, could you help me with transfer window? Below You will see two teams, first one is mine and second one is my friends, I’m about 90 points behind, so question is who should I put in now? I will be grateful for any tips. Many thanks

My team:

my friends team


Hi you’ve got 3 defenders with game time issues in Cahill who’s injured Caulker who’s a squad player and Monk who will be replaced as Chico is set to return.   I know you want to differentiate yourself from your mate so I would sell RVP Monk and Cahill and go 4-4-2.  I don’t think anyone can ignore Mata so you I would equalise this threat and put Vertonghen in for Spurs coverage and he will hopefully score outperform LLoris who may not play in the Europa and  lastly as a differentiation put in Nacho for Arsenal who have good fixtures.

Question 2

Hi my team will be very difficult to change, currently 758 on the season standings.

Team is

Ivanovic – Williams – Shawcross – Vertonghen

Hazard – Mata – Cazorla – Bale

Van Persie – Suarez

My feelings are Ivanovic will definitely come out due to lack of games recently, thinking maybe Azpilicueta or Luiz. Van Persie has gone off the boil and he only came in last window, 19 pts in 4 weeks compared to Rooney who has scored more than double. And then it’s between Foster and Williams, with both in decent form. My team is hard to change as I have 4/5 top defenders, 4/5 top midfielders and the top two strikers??? What suggestions do you have, baring in mind Hazard and Mata won’t be moved as they are consistent scorers for me


Firstly I’m not sure given your position that I should be giving you advice but here goes!

The players I would think of tweaking would be Foster for fixtures and poor defence Williams for the same Shawcross again for fixtures and overpriced for the clean sheet potential and RVP as there is a theory that if Man U win the league early he could be rested given his workload this season.  I think it depends if you want to consolidate or if you want to gamble and go further so I’m going to assume you want to gamble.  I would then maybe change RVP for Silva and change formation or  who as the only attacking midfield threat with Nasri out of favour should play lots of games plus City have good fixtures . Or you could swap him for Berbatov and strengthen your defence.  On the first theory I would downgrade Shawcross to Begovic and introduce Agger for Williams as Liverpool have good fixtures to finish.

Hope that gives some food for thought.


Question 3

I’ve got Schwarzer, Vertonghen, Baines, Shawcross, Zabaleta, Hazard, Mata, Michu, Cazorla, Suarez, Van Persie.

Considering swapping Van Persie for Rooney, Baines for Azpilicueta(due to Baines going off the boil and Chelsea having more games left) and Bale for Michu.


If it was my team I would remove RVP due to the risk of being rested if Utd win the league early and replace him with Berbatov who’s in goof form with good fixtures.

I would also replace Baines with Cole who is the least rotation prone Chelsea defender and I would swap Bale who’s a must have for Michu who has difficult fixtures to finish and has shown a tendency to score against the poorer teams rather tan the better ones

Question 4

I’ve got:



As you would have seen in my previous questions I think there’s some risk with Utd players that if they win the league early there could be some resting so i would sell Rafael and RVP and Michu for fixtures and the fact that he tends to score more against the poorer teams

I would put Bale in for Michu,  Berba in for RVP as he’s in good form with good fixtures  and Agger in for Rafael as Liverpool have good fixtures and a strong defence.

Question 5

in this moment i have cazorla, mertesacker, osman,
also have azpi, hazard or de gea and rooney

if choose giroud, bring mata to my midfielder
if choose walcott (assuming he already will be fit), bring berbatov

which could be the best combo?
giroud-mata or walcott-berbatov?


personally I think that Mata is an essential and I’m a big fan or Giroud who I think will come right given his underlying stats and the fixtures Arsenal have.  walcott also has an injury doubt so its the former for me

Question 6

I’ve a problem I’d like some help on I’m in 5 leagues with my team top of 4 n 3rd in another I’ve led from the begging n don’t wanna balls up now but I need to change a few things coz some are catching me up.. My team is schwartza
Baines vertoghen Kieron Richardson cauluka
Bale mata hazard wolcott
Rvp Suarez …
I was thinking baines wolcott cauluka out
Rooney huth & shawcross in as ul see am thinking all out attack can someone think of out else pls


In my mind a Chelsea defender is essential for the run in.  Walcott is apparently back on the 6 april but there is a risk attached to that so if it was me  i would go

Caulker  out Azpili in

Richardson out – huth in (unless you have £0.5m in the bank for S taylor)

Walcott out Cazorla in

However if youre willing to take the Walcott risk you could go

Baines out – Azpili in

richardson out – nacho in

Caulker out Agger in

 Question 6

Any help and advice would b appreciated. Current team is : hart, huth, zabaleta, rafael, mertesacker, hazard, mata, carzorla, aguero, podolski and sturridge. I have a few ideas of what I want to do. Current strikers haven’t really performed to say the least. Mostly to injury or “virus”. Last games for arsenal consist of many teams in the lower half of the table, which surely means more clean sheets and more goals? Trying to resist putting bale in as a lot of my friends are putting him in. I need to do something different but different hasn’t really worked for me yet…


interesting one.  Podolski  Rafael and Sturrdige are the sales for me.  Bale unfortunately is a must have given his form and the Europa.  you also must buy a Chelsea defender and I would tend to swap out Rafael due to rotation threat and go for Azpilicueta.  if you had any money in the bank then I would  buy Berba but 1 of lambert Lukaku and Benteke is an option for the remaining striker position.  They all have advantages but at a push I would go for Benteke


Thats it for now I’ll finish up the rest of the questions on Friday as I’m out for a couple of days.  leave transfers as late as possible on Saturday morning if you are able to.


20 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team Q and A – part 1”

  1. Really impressed by your website mate, fantastic depth in analysis.

    What transfers would you recommend for:

    Cheers for the help.

  2. Any ideas who to transfer in and out of this lot ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Jen.
    Ben Davies

  3. Really worried about this window. 85 points in lead with Cech, Baines, A.Williams, Zabaleta, Chico, Cazorla, Michu, Mata, Van Persie, Suarez and already swapped Giroud for Bale so i’m back to a 4-4-2.
    Second place has Reina, Williams, Shawcross, Baines Chico, Mata, Bale (Walcott now Lampard) V Persie Ba And Suarez.
    What ther two changes do you think i need to help maintain my lead ?
    Got £650 riding on this….. Cheers

  4. If you’re leading by 85 points i think you should try to copy your rival’s team as much as you can as possible as that means you’re competing against them with only 4 or 5 different players rather than 9 or 10. Boring but safe.

  5. My Team:
    Luiz, Rafael, Williams, Kieron Richardson,
    Mata, Walcott, Hazard,
    Aguero, Suarez, RVP

    My opinion is to get rid of Richardson, RVP and Rafael and bring in Zabaleta, Tevez and Metersacker, due to the run in Man City and Arsenal have. What do you think?

    I’m 60 points behind the leader who has:

    Szchney, Ivanovic, Shawcross, Vertonghan, Rafael, Cazorla, Hazard, Walcott, RVP, Sturridge and Defoe.

    Any suggestions?

  6. HI there,

    Thanks for all the advice and blogs its giving me a lot of food for thought. I wont bore you with my entire team as im sure i can figure out enough from what you have written. However would you mind adding something on Aguero. I have stuck with him all season and he hasn’t returned the favour.. YET. Do you think he could come good or should i jump ship now?

    I have RVP, Sturridge and Aguero and after reading your previous blogs it looks like there is merit in getting rid of all 3.

    Just wondered what your Aguero thoughts are

    Thanks mate, loving your site


  7. Great advice, I’m second in my mini league, with a lot of ground to make up (220) and a few weak links:

    My team
    BAE, Baines, McAuley, Shawcross
    Pienaar, Mata, Walcott, Michu
    RVP, Suarez

    1st team
    Baines, Huth, Ivanovic, Enrique
    Bale, Hazard, Whilshere
    RVP, Suarez, Ba

    I was thinking RVP > Berbatov, Piennar > Bale, McAuley > Luiz

  8. Bit confused with the suggestion of transferring out rafael when I read u put the other day as him being a best pick defender for this transfer?

  9. Great site mate. I’m 71st in the country. Thanks to you early in the season with some good tips. Especially zabaleta.

    Are you confident azpili will get regular games from here on?
    No mention from you on lampard, any reason why you don’t fancy him on recent form and coming fixtures?
    My team is
    Huth. Shawcross ivanovic zabaleta
    Bale hazard mata Walcott
    Rvp Suarez

    Obviously Walcott out, loose a stoke player and one other.
    Any tips mate would be greatly appreciated. You know far more than me, and my position would be much lower without your site

  10. great site bro.

    any suggestion to change my team?

    Gk- Lloris
    Def- Yanga Mbiwa, Monreal, Wilson
    Mid- Carzola, Silva, Hazard, mata
    Fwd- Suarez, berbatov, Tevez


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