Sun Dream Team – My team if I could start again

Here’s my Sun Dream Team if I could start all over again.  Obviously this transfer window is only 3 changes

I’m going to copy the detail from other posts so you’ve got all the information in 1 post



  • cost:  £3.0m.  Points:  23.    7+Star man rating.  2/4.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  8

Hasn’t got the additional games but does have value on his side and good fixtures plus 3 clean sheets on the bounce other than that.


Rose – Europa league

  • cost:  £2.5m.  Points:  22.    7+Star man rating.  1/4.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  1

My Spurs defence coverage.  Great value in a solid defence with the best fixture rating.  BAE to QPR means the only cover is Naughton to LB and Vertonghen who will be the 1st choice CB.

Chico – Europa League 

  • cost:  £2.5m.  Points:  9.    7+Star man rating. 3/5.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  2

My Swansea defence coverage.  All of the Swansea defensive team  have cover so its trying to pick who is the most likely to be rotated for the easier Europa League games.  I’ve identified Amat as the only realistic defensive cover for the CBs so I’ve gone for Chico as my Swansea defender of choice.  I’m hoping that Williams as the most important CB is kept for the more difficult premier league games rather than some of the easier Europa League games.  That was the case in the Europa league 2nd leg against  FC Petrolul Ploiesti where Williams was rested.  It’s very difficult to predict though.

Gibbs – Champions league

  • cost:  £3.5m.  Points:  27.    7+Star man rating.  3/5.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  4

All the Arsenal defenders have cover but Gibbs seems to be liked by the rating masters and is the cheapest first choice with Sagna.  Good defence and good fixtures

Ivanovic – Champions League

  • cost:  £6.5m.  Points:  17.    7+Star man rating.  1/3.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  5

Very expensive and will be the subject of rotation but has great attacking potential and the defence looks very solid. If you’re willing to gamble on lower value in the attacking positions this may be a big money buy that gets you decent returns.


Eriksen – Europa league (£4.0m)

A little bit of a force as I saw the 3 fowards as the best options for their teams coverage.  Good value compared to some of the other attacking midfield assets.  10 goals and 17 assists for Ajax last year.  He’s a player of real quality.  It seems likely that AVB will use him behind Soldado and Sun Dream Team managers who own Soldado and have seen him surviving on scraps within a team devoid of real creative quality will be celebrating.     Difficult to see Eriksen lasting in a 4-3-3 but given the struggles that this formation has seen in opening up  Swansea and Crystal Palace that would seem a risk worth taking to me.

Silva – Champions League

  • cost:  £5.5m.  Points:  15.    7+Star man rating.  2/3.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  6

Main creative attacking midfield force and therefore should play the vast majority of games.  Challenging Champions league group but this should at least mean rotation minimised

Hazard – Champions league  (injury doubt)

  • cost:  £6.5m.  Points:  4.    7+Star man rating.  0/4.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  5

Assumes injury clears up.  I know I put him as a sell but with this lineup I’ve got money to burn so I’ve put him in due to his record last year which was very good.  Has started like the Sun Dream Team raters have some sort of personal grudge against him.


RVP -Champions league 

  • cost:  £8.0m.  Points:  17.    7+Star man rating.  1/3.     Star man awards:  1     fixture ranking:  3

Its been a fairly slow start so far for last years top forward but out of 3 games he was playing Chelsea and Liverpool in 2.  Still getting chances and fairly rotation proof given the pressure on Moyes to perform.  Good fixtures and hopefully Rooney will be back as expected for the 22nd September soon as the creator.

Giroud – Champions league

  • cost:  £4.0m.  Points:  32.    7+Star man rating.  2/5.     Star man awards:  1     fixture ranking:  4

The only real striking option at the club now unless you count Walcott as an option.  Therefore virtually guaranteed to start for such juicy fixtures as home to Stoke and Norwich and away to Palace in the Premier League.  Tough champions league draw only negative.  Will get loads of chances with Ozil, Cazorla and Walcott behind him.  Not really liked by the Sun Dream team rating people but that wont matter as long as the goals go in.

Bony – Europa league

  • cost:  £3.5m.  Points: 13    7+Star man rating 1/4.     Star man awards:  0     fixture ranking:  2

Swansea in the Europa League demand coverage and its a difficult choice due to the umber of additions Laudrup has made to the squad to allow rotation.  One thing is for sure though Laudrup will want to win the Europa league and defend their Capital One cup title.  Bony has got off to a slow start and has struggled for game time but you cannot ignore the guys record in Holland which was phenomenal  and the fact that he will be the most advanced striker when he inevitably starts.  Michu should play behind him.  That’s why I’m backing him over Michu.

That’s it for my Sun Dream Team weekend.  Hope you enjoyed it and got something useful from it.  I’ll show you the changes to my team before the window closes

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11 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team – My team if I could start again”

  1. Hi, I am struggling with my transfers for the Sun Dream team and was hoping for a bit of advice. Who do you think I should swap in this window? My current team is as follows: Szczesny; Rose, Rat, Dawson, Kolo Toure; Hazard, Cazorla, Walcott, Silva; RVP, Soldado

    My initial thoughts are to sell Rat, Toure and Cazorla and bring in Chico, Giroud and one of either Davies from Hull, Fonte or Sagna…which 3 changes would you make though? Thanks

  2. I’m curious why soldado doesn’t make your list? Is it the fear of rotation? I have giroud,bony and soldado as my strikers and am looking to sub one at this transfer window for RVP. My thought was giroud due to tougher fixtures and the sun’s low ratings for him. Why do you think it should be soldado going and not giroud or bony?

  3. Could really do with some advice on my transfers, my team is




    I’ve got 0.5 leftover so the first obvious swap is mirallas for Giroud. Then I was going to swap Hazard for Lampard & Chico for Gibbs bt checking the fixtures I think I may have to get rid of jaskillean as west ham got some meaty fixtures – any advice would be appreciated.

      • Ok my bad…. :( sorry lol

        Thought this was FPL not Sun..

        Mirallas – ) Giroud
        jaaskillen -) mignolet

        wouldnt be to hasty on ditching hazard tho think may regret that one

        good luck :)

  4. Unfortunately not enough funds to get mignolet without tinkering abit more with defence. I’m now thinking of forgetting about Gibbs and swapping Dawson for Rose, I can then afford mignolet & keep hazard.

  5. Great site you do and im a great fan of it. My team is as following with 3m left.
    Any chance me picking you brain please, as I’m thinking of these transfers.
    Hazzard out for Lampard
    Soldado out for Van persie as defoe WILL play in Europa
    Bony out for Giroud.
    Also what’s your thoughts of Eto playing in prem and champions league??

  6. Fantastic work on the site, keep it up! But one burning ques for the Sun Dream Team Coleman or Cahill? I have 4.5 left with a team I’m pleased with, I already have Hazard and Cahill will mean my team will have 10 euro coverage. Cahill’s game time is a factor…

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