Sun Dream Team tips – the best strikers

Here’s another Sun Dream Team tips article– the best  strikers.  I’ve put it in a fairly easy to follow table with the key stats looking back and going forward.  After that Ive put a bit of commentary on each of them.  The commentary is crucial as I’ve talked about gametime and form

 Sun Dream Team tips – the best strikers table

I’ve based the table on a mxture of Points Per Game, Future Fixtures and Value for Money.  It’s not the just the best points or points per game it’s a mixture of the 3 key stats.  The Key to understand the stats is at the bottom of the table.  Then there is  a short commentary on each player.  It’s important to read this as a number of players have some gametime and form issues to consider.  There’s also a bit on the  best points per game stats by cost band


Rank Name Cost Points PPG PPG/£ 7+ %  Starman %  Fixt ease rank
 1. Suarez £7.5m  263  9.1 1.2  83% 31% 19
 2. Aguero £7.0m  216  7.7 1.1  64%  25% 5
 3. Sturridge £5.0m  183  7.0 1.4  81%  12% 19
 4. Rooney £7.0m  183  5.2 0.74  63%  29% 2
 5. Lukaku £4.0m  122  4.5 1.1  59%  7% 12
 6. Bony £3.5m  159  4.1 1.2  41%  10% 16
 7. Remy £3.0m  102  4.3 1.4  42%  13% 17
 8. Giroud £4.0m  165  3.9 0.98  48%  7% 3
 9. Rodriguez £2.5m  135  3.6 1.4  49%  5% 14
 10. Adebayor £3.5m  107  5.6 1.6  58%  21% 11
 11 Crouch £2.5m  80  2.5 1.0  38%  3% 9
 12. Benteke £5.5m  87  3.2 0.58  33%  11% 10
 13.  Jelavic  £3.0m  45  2.4 0.79  32%  11%  4



1.  Rank:  My view of their rank given the various stats

2.  Cost:  Their cost in Sun Dream Team

3.  Points;  The total points to date in Sun Dream Team

4.  The points per game:  The total points divided by the games played.  The higher the better.  The Sun Dream Team supplies games including sub appearances which makes the information a bit distorted.

5.  Points per game/£Cost:  A rough calculation of their points per game in relation to their value.  The higher the figure the better.  This shows how good value they are

6.  The % of 7+  plus awards of their total games.  This gives a general indication of Sun Dream Teams view of the player

7.  The % of Starman awards.  Again this gives a general view of the players starman potential

8.   Fixture ease.  This is the rank of how easy their fixtures are to the end of the season

I’ve then attempted  to rank them although obviously you will have your own views.

Commentary on each player


Do I really need to say anything.  The best stats and the best form of any player.  A must have


If someone could say that he would be fit for the rest of the season he would be a must have.  Supposedly fit for the weekend but his returns from injury  haven’t been that reliable and he’s also been pretty injury prone when back.  Unfortunately the City game is on Sunday so it’s impossible know if he will line up for that and it will all hinge on Pellegrini’s press conference on Friday


Has been an incredibly consistent player this season and he’s also excellent value.  Only negative is competing against Suarez for Starman awards.  However gets a 7+ award in 81% of games and scoring for fun.


Rooneys returns aren’t great for his price but RVP injured means Rooney should play up top and that should see more goals.  It will also give him pen duties.  United have 2 extra champions league games although they are against Bayern.  Another positive is that United also have pretty good fixtures to the end of the season.  However until United solve their home form it involves a decent leap of faith especially when you see what else you can get for the price


Has provided a reasonably consistent scoring record although hasn’t been able to get big returns.  Still has alot of talent and the last 2 games have shown Everton are real top 4 contenders.  Confidence in the team and with Lukaku will be sky high


Returns are artificially low due to the in and out nature of the team and alot of sub appearances under Laudrup.  However with a decent run in the team now he’s shown why he scored over 30 goals in the Dutch league last year.


With Cabaye gone Remy is the undisputed star of the Newcastle  team and should Newcastle be able to get back on winning ways he should be the target of Starman awards.  Thats a big if at the moment as they look very poor.  Remy does give them goals though so look for improved returns.  Tough fixtures and an injury are the negatives.  He should supposedly only miss 1 more game but you have to have faith that that will happen rather than some protracted return as can happen.


Pretty ordinary returns considering that he’s the only striker in the Arsenal team.  However he is good value at £4.0m and has secure gametime.  Arsenal also have good fixtures and potentially 2 additional games courtesy of the FA Cup.


The cheapie striking success of the season. Excellent returns for the value and offers a cheap alternative if you want to invest in the midfield.  Fixtures are mixed but gametime is secure and he’s often started over Lambert


Adebayor has outstanding returns for his value and is the star of a pretty un starlike team.  This is evidenced by his excellent Starman returns.  The only negativity is about his injury which currently has no return date.  The Friday press conferences will hopefully shed some light but without that it’s a big gamble


Crouch is another cheapie option who’s had ok returns to date.  However now has the striking spot nailed on and is also in a reasonable run of form as Stoke start to look like more of an attacking team.


Had a very poor season considering his start and last season.  His returns are unsurprisingly  poor as a result. However like Crouch again has just started to find a reasonable vein of form so it should improve his returns.  He also has pen duties and is the undoubted star of the team meaning if he can find his scoring boots again he should be a magnet for starman awards.


Jelavic is one of those strikers who looks like he can’t hit a barn door on most occasions.  However he does get into a position to get a number of shots in so the law of averages eventually catches up with him.  The returns even given the reasonble price are pretty ordinary. However, you’re banking on a run in the side plus good fixtures to turn his fortunes around.  Is desperate to get in the Croatia World Cup squad so will never be lost for effort.  Hull also have potentailly 2 extra games through the FA Cup.


Best points per game by value range

Here’s a quick schedule to show you which players have the best points per game stats within the following cost ranges

£7.0m – £8.0m

Suarez 9.1 PPG, Aguero 7.7PPG

£6.0m – £7.0m

£5.0m – £6.0m

Sturridge 7.0 PPG, Benteke 3.2 PPG

£4.0m – £5.0m

Lukaku 4.5PPG, Giroud 3.9PPG

£3.0m – £4.0m

Adebayor 5.6 PPG, Bony 4.1 PPG

£2.0m – £3.0m

Rodriguez 3.6 PPG, Crouch 2.5 PPG

£1.0m – £2.0m

Thats it hope you found them useful Sun Dream Team tips

Here’s the link to the fixture article.  You will need to copy and paste into your browser

Sun Dream Team transfer window 4- The Teams with the best fixtures to the end of the season

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  1. WHAT combo would you advise my good friend -a, kompany nasri lukaku b, sagna nasri rooney c,terry silva dzeko. And who would you pick if you had a choice between LUKAKU OR DZEKO

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      Kompany nasri and Lukaku. Lukaku over Dzeko due to gametime and Lukaku more chance of – good luck

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