Sun Dream Team tips GW40 – 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 40

Here’s our Sun Dream Team tips GW40 article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 40. There’s previous joint winner in 16/17 Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 17/18 and top 300 in 18/19. There’s also Lee who finished an incredible 79th last season, Red Rum who finished the last 3 seasons in 5k, 750th and 250th and lastly TFF expert Bryan (37th and 7th last 2 seasons) is having his first season at Sun Dream Team.

Sun Dream Team tips GW40 – 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 40

Michael Byrom

Michael was joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17. He also finished top 300 in 18/19 and top 1k in 2017/18

 Toral Points 1,726 Overall rank- 5,267

Hello everyone hope ur all safe and well , so pleased to have footy back even tho it’s not going to be quite the same for quite a while .

May transfers
Robertson > Lindelof
Trent > Laporte
Funds left : £3.2m

So just a few words about my team , decided to dispense with a couple of Liverpool defenders with my May transfers, Trent and Robbo and replaced them with Laporte and Lindelof , reason being I fully expect Klopp to rotate heavily once the title is secured, so decided to pair up Lindelof with his United team mate Harry Maguire as I expect the Red Devil’s to finish strongly with their decent looking fixtures, Laporte is City’s main defender and will improve their back line no end .

So 3 transfers in the bank for June with no plans as of yet to use them .

Have £3.2m spare funds

So fingers crossed we can get this season finished and go again pretty sharpish into 2020/21.

Good luck all and stay safe .

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sun dream team tips GW40

Lee Giles

Lee finished an incredible 79th overall in Sun Dream Team in his first attempt last season

Total points 1,682 Overall rank 15k

I’ve decided not to make any transfers as my team is made up of Liverpool who are going for the title, Man City who have a extra game and Wolves who have a decent first few fixtures. I’m not happy with not owning De Bruyne but I’m willing to wait a week before I look into getting him back as it will need a couple of transfers and I’d rather keep them with possible injuries coming up. Good luck for the game week.

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sun dream team tips GW40

Red Rum

Red Rum has finished the last 3 seasons in Sun Dream team in 5k, 750th, 250th

total points 1,744, overall rank 3.1k,

It’s been a long time. Three months without football. Whilst there has been no football, transfers have been available and a number of changes have been made.

In goal, Patrício has come into the team to release funds as cheaper than Ederson. With their upcoming opponents West Ham, Aston Villa and Bournemouth and the fact they have kept 4 clean sheets in the previous 5 games, it raises the appeal of investing in defence.

Next come in the Man City duo of Sterling and Aguero with City having a game tomorrow. Aguero always seems to do well at the Etihad stadium with him having more goals at home than any other city player. So it bodes well as City meet Arsenal and Burnley at home with Aguero having 5 goals in last 3 home games against Arsenal and scoring in every home appearance against Burnley.

The introduction of Sterling seems a strange choice given the fact that he has collected 0 points over the last 12 games and he last scored a goal on 27th December 2019. However, I think Sterling will be one of the players that will benefit from the lockdown. He said he has been working on individual aspects of his game during this time including free-kicks and shooting with his left foot. His pace and dribbling skills may be a problem for the opposition defenders that are not match fit yet.

Bruno Fernandes has made on a huge impact since joining Man Utd in January. He has scored twice and provided three assists in his five Gameweek appearances. He is averaging 5.6 points per game, the third highest among Midfielders, only Mane and De Bruyne have better ppg ratios. Fernandes seems to be on corners, free kicks and penalties although will face set piece competition from the returning Rashford and Pogba. With kind fixtures till the end of the season, Fernandes is looking a very important player for fantasy football teams.

Games are going to come thick and fast, rotation is going to be a problem, injuries will play a part, game weeks may consist of three games for some teams so player lockdown needs to be taken into consideration when planning transfers. Then need to take account the European games which are scheduled for August. A lot to mull over.

Good luck to me and everyone for game week 40. More importantly, Stay Safe.

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Bryan O’Rourke

This is Bryan’s first season at Sun Dream team but he has a fantastic history in TFF finishing 37th last season and 7th in 17/18

Total points:  1,469  Total points 1,469

And so it all begins. This team is floundering around 290K place with 1469 points scored. This feels like the start of a new season but with no preseason friendlies to go by. I have made one of the three transfers by bringing in Aguero for Salah based on a feeling/hope that Man City may score heavily. Best of luck to your team.

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