Sun Dream Team tips GW44 – 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 44

Here’s our Sun Dream Team tips GW44 article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 43. There’s previous joint winner in 16/17 Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 17/18 and top 300 in 18/19. There’s also Lee who finished an incredible 79th last season, Red Rum who finished the last 3 seasons in 5k, 750th and 250th and lastly TFF expert Bryan (37th and 7th last 2 seasons) is having his first season at Sun Dream Team.

Sun Dream Team tips GW44 – 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for Sun’s gameweek 44

Michael Byrom

Michael was joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17. He also finished top 300 in 18/19 and top 1k in 2017/18

GW43 88 pts, Total Points 2,048 Overall rank- 3.1k

Transfers left 3

Gw 43

Not the best of scoring weeks largely due to the blanking Harry Kane , seeing me drop down to 3k overall.

Gw 44

Will be awaiting Saturdays Liverpool team news but should Mo Salah be in the starting line up I’ll be using my first July transfer…..

Kane > Salah

Tottenham and Kane look dreadfully out of sorts and a straight swap to the hungry looking Salah in pursuit of the golden boot looks to be a no brainier .

Good luck all this game week.

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sun dream team tips GW44

Lee Giles

Lee finished an incredible 79th overall in Sun Dream Team in his first attempt last season

GW43 points 119 Total points 2,011 Overall rank 6k

A big score of 119 points has taken me to 6k from last weeks 9k, thanks to the Man Utd,Man City and Liverpool players. I still have 1 remaining transfer for July,I will keep another week just incase of a injury but I’m looking at either Patricio or a Liverpool defender to another Man Utd player for the good fixtures and a fa cup game.
Good luck for the game week.

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sun dream team tips GW44

Red Rum

Red Rum has finished the last 3 seasons in Sun Dream team in 5k, 750th, 250th

GWK points 112 total points 2,100, overall rank 849th,

Hello once again to all fantasy football managers. My team gained a good return of 112 points this week. The player scores are in the picture below.

July Transfer 1

With European games no longer a factor, I decided to lose my Wolves assets. Last week it was Patrício, this week I decided to remove Doherty. Wolves generally have some tough games ahead. I have brought Wan Bissaka to join his Utd team-mates De Gea and Maguire. I am a big fan of Wan Bissaka – he is very sound defensively with tackling as one of his biggest strengths with 3.8 tackles per game in the league. Also I have noticed he has had two assists recently which shows he is bombing forward to support the attack (he has covered 43.4 kilometres – the most out of any United player in the league since the premier league restart). Utd are a defensively sound team and I am happy to go with De Gea, Maguire and Bissaka for the season run in.

Team Status

The team has a total of 2100 points and an overall position of 849. An increase of 100 places. I am fairly happy to be within the 1k rank and hope to stay there. The team has a value of 53.6 with 1.4m in the bank with two transfers remaining.

Good luck to me and everyone for game week 44. Not long to go.

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sun dream team tips GW44

Bryan O’Rourke

This is Bryan’s first season at Sun Dream team but he has a fantastic history in TFF finishing 37th last season and 7th in 17/18

1695 points

1695 points scored this season so far, in what has been a steep learning curve.

A plan of action would seem to be to bring in some players still involved in the FA Cup, so in come Lindelof and De Gea for Allison and Sanchez. Best of luck this weekend.

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