Sun Dream Team tips GW8 – 5 FFGeek contributors show their teams for gameweek 8

Here’s our Sun Dream Team tips GW8 article where 5 FFGeek contributors show their teams for gameweek 8. There’s previous joint winner in 16/17 Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 17/18 and top 300 in 18/19. There’s also Lee who finished an incredible 79th last season, Red Rum who finished the last 3 seasons in 5k, 750th and 250th and lastly TFF expert Bryan (37th and 7th last 2 seasons) is having his first season at Sun Dream Team. We’ve also added new Contributor Tom Grogan who finished in 34th place last season

Sun Dream Team tips GW8 – 5 FFGeek contributors show their teams for gameweek 8

Michael Byrom

Michael was joint winner of Sun Dream Team in 2016/17. He also finished top 300 in 18/19 and top 1k in 2017/18

GW7 pts : 104 Total pts : 463 Overall Rank : 17k


Well satisfied with my return of 104pts from gw7 again propelling me in the right direction shooting up from 69k to 17k Overall with 10 of my 11 players contributing to the cause , the European affect really kicking in now , can’t stress enough the importance of cramming as many ucl and Europa involved players into your teams as possible .


So onto GW8 and with it a fresh set of transfers for October.

At the time of writing I’m uncertain of the moves I’ll be making as I’ll be keeping a keen eye on Peps press conference and any news on the Kdb injury, if Kdb is indeed ruled out as expected then in all probability I’ll replace him with one of Vvd , Trent or Matip and also replace Pope with one of Ederson or Allison ( ofcourse awaiting the Liverpool line up on Saturday for the latter )

So my formation is more than likely to change from 343 to 433 over the weekend.

It wouldn’t faze me to move away from my normal stance of holding transfers back for later in the month and in this instance make all 3 transfers immediately given that October is such a short month , but as I say still somewhat undecided on my moves until injury updates and team line ups are confirmed.

So good luck everyone for your planned transfers and here’s hoping for a fruitful GW8 .

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Lee Giles

Lee finished an incredible 79th overall in Sun Dream Team in his first attempt last season

Overall rank – 4.9k. GW points 106 total points 481

It’s always a good week when you score over 100 points,and my 106 points took me into the top 5k for the first time this season.  Man City players accounted for 64 points and that was with zero points from Aguero.   Patricio, Alexander-Arnold and Salah made up the rest with Dan James the only other player not to register any points despite 2 games, but as he’s so cheap he’s tricky to transfer out so looks like he will stay and accept anything he gets is a bonus.   I will likely save my transfers until after the international break unless I hear anything regarding the injury to De Bruyne.

Good luck for the game week.

 Sun Dream Team tips GW8

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Red Rum

Red Rum has finished the last 3 seasons in Sun Dream team in 5k, 750th, 250th

GW7 points 90, total points 464, overall rank 17k,

Hello once again my fellow fantasy football managers. This week my team did ok with 90 points although I was aiming for over 100. The player scores are in the picture below.

sun dream team tips GW8

Star player of the week

Mo Salah. Few question marks after 3 games where he only gained 2 points so it was good to see him back to scoring goals and a star man award in the midweek champions league game.


Along with Salah’s 18 points, Kane gained 12 points but still few doubts remain as Spurs endure a poor run of form including a trashing by Bayern Munich. I think Kane’s form is quite the opposite of his team so I will keep him in the team for a while but will monitor. Tammy Abraham scored in the champions league. He is turning out to be a bargain striker and I am hoping his England call up will give him confidence to score even more goals in the coming weeks.


Two goals, assist and star man from team mate Sterling this week shows why he is a must have in every team. No points from B. Silva and Harry Wilson who face the chopping block soon.


Clean sheet points for Ederson and Otamendi as City kept a clean sheet. Walker and Zinchenko played only in the league and so are now seen as rotation risks so this means I will change tactics and remove some City defenders in the near future keeping only Ederson and Otamendi. Liverpool’s TAA scored a 11 points with clean sheet and assist but Liverpool concede three goals in the champions league so their defence looks a bit shaky so not looking to invest there yet.

Team status

The team has a total of 464 points and an overall position of 17k. So a small rise of 9k places = another green arrow. That’s three a row now. The team is pushing in the right direction but a few areas I would like to sort out. I have used the one September transfer I had left over (more details below) and a team value of 52.0m with 0.3m in the bank.


I have removed Zinchenko from my team as he had come too much of a rotation risk and City now tend to concede a lot of chances especially since Laporte’s injury. Opposition teams now target Otamendi and Fernandinho as City’s weak link so most of their attacks are in the middle. His replacement is City’s in form midfielder Riyad Mahrez.

I am a big fan of Mahrez, he has many offensive weapons in his locker room that can make him a good fantasy football asset. He has good dribbling skills so can win penalties, takes corners so good assist potential there. As shown in the Everton game, he can score from free kicks and he has good long shot ability. Rotation is an issue but hopefully as he is an explosive player, he can score points with limited game time. Mahrez is doing great in my TFF team as he is king of the second assist where he passes the ball to De Bruyne to provide the assist.

Mahrez surprisingly has a low ownership of 3.6% so if he does well, the team could go high up in the rankings. Also with plans to get rid of B.Silva soon with off field matters a concern, I will have double attacking city threat in Sterling and Mahrez for their good fixtures in October. As De Bruyne is a injury concern, I am hoping that B.Silva, Mahrez and Sterling are amongst the points when they face Wolves who could be still recovering from their tough win on Thursday night.

No transfers planned this weekend as I want to spend the next two weeks planning my next moves. Walker, Wilson and B.Silva are on the hit list but no replacements lined up.

Good luck to me and everyone for game week 8. See you next week.

Tom Grogan

Tom finished an incredible 34th in Sun Dream Team last season

GW7 pts: 64 Total pts: 473 

Another tough week for me. Coming in with a disappointing 63 points. The root of the problem is glaringly obvious. The defence. Combine Peps need to rotate Zinchenko out of the team and that coinciding with them actually recording clean sheets (Classic) in tandem with the absolute horror show that is Tottenham and Manchester Utd the result is a meek and miserable outlook.

So first things first I have already got two transfers locked, loaded and ready to go. Zinchenko is coming out for Otamendi who, being the only fit centre half is nailed on a starting berth every week and with 4 out of 5 of City’s next game coming at home to Wolves, Atalanta, Villa and Southampton he is pretty much a must have.

Next up is a bit more tricky. But I am taking out Maguire for Robertson. Robertson has hit the peak of his powers over the last couple of weeks culminating in him scoring midweek vs Red Bull Salzburg. But with this transfer i am going to wait one Premier League game. Manchester United have Newcastle away with Liverpool facing Leicester at home. As bad as Manchester United are somehow Newcastle are even worse so i favour that match up instead of Liverpools tough home test against Leicester who i really rate and believe are perfectly set up to play on the counter. Although i think Liverpool will still win, just not with a clean sheet.

I will hold back one transfer for injuries as there are murmurings of a Kevin De Bruyne groin injury and with his recent injury past i do not want to take any chances. Plus there is the added danger of something getting injured on the international break. (Please not Otamendi).

As far as the rest of my team goes, pretty productive. Disappointing that Aguero fired a blank at home against Dinamo Zagreb and also did not start against Everton. The problem with him and Sterling at the moment is that neither are guaranteed starters so its up in the air in terms of their production. But you just can’t drop them simply for the fact that they can explode at any given moment and bag 20 points from one game. As can be seen when Sterling came off the bench on Tuesday night and was the best player on the pitch even though his Cameo only lasted 30 mins. But here is hoping that has thrust him into the “Undroppable” category for the near future.

Notable mentions for Son, Auba and Mane. All grabbing goals this game week and i am really excited about Aubameyang’s fixtures moving forward over the next couple of months. Especially with Lacazette out the goal scoring onus is firmly thrust upon the Gabonese sharp shooter.

Good luck for the upcoming fixtures this weekend and speak to you all in a couple of weeks!

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sun dream team tips GW8

Bryan O’Rourke

This is Bryan’s first season at Sun Dream team but he has a fantastic history in TFF finishing 37th last season and 7th in 17/18

GW5 points 45, total points 440, Overall rank 65k

440 points scored overall and placed 65299 overall. No transfers this week. The midfield is a bit lightweight, another City player would be good, as always it’s finding the right one. With 0.6m in the bank I considered a puntish Pepe to David Silva move, but with a good home fixture for Arsenal this weekend, I’ll give the new boy another roll of the dice. Good luck.

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