Sun Dream Team tips – Sun Pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Previous winner of the FFGeek league and top 1k overall finisher our Sun Dream Team pundit Simon Rowley talks through his team and plans in this Sun Dream Team Tips article

Sun Dream Team tips – Sun Pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team

Team update 

I’m currently on 1879 points, and in 4911 overall position (prior to FA cup matches). That’s 1000 places lower than from my last update, but I’ve still risen in rank for the last couple of weeks, after dropping down to almost 7000 in January.

sun dream team tips

Team makeup 

I’m fairly happy with my current 11 for this months fixtures. Its not a perfect team, with some rotational issues (Rojo, Gomez and Silva), but with FA cup and champions league on top of the league fixtures, there should be plenty of chances to score points.

Going forward 

Looking at the fixtures for next month, and beyond, certain teams do appear to have favourable run ins. I’d love to get a  Spurs defender in (probably for Gomez), but looks impossible with current funds. Burnley look to have the easiest run in overall (hence Pope being transferred in), but lack any extra games. Swansea are currently the best team form wise, outside the top 6, and I may look at putting Mawson in with March’s transfers.

Man City 

With everyone seemingly having at least 3 Man City players, and many having even more (5 for me!), its worth looking at when they could win the title, as this could lead to rotation in the league, if Pep decides to then concentrate fully on the FA cup and champions league. At the minute I believe the 7th of April is the earliest, but that will move forward if Man Utd don’t win every league game before then.

Price fluctuations 

A quick moan on prices. Not only do price changes appear random (both up and down), but it means there are very few bargains to be found, to try and improve overall ranking, or league positions. Personally I’d prefer the changes to be removed completely, or done monthly, or restricted to £0.1M per week. Does any one actually like the price changes?


As always, I’ll post weekly updates every Friday, and all transfers as I do them. Follow me on @upthevale1 if you don’t want to miss out on them. Good luck to everyone going forward.

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19 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team tips – Sun Pundit Simon Rowley updates us on his team”

  1. I’m racked 450th in the country with 2002 points. I’ve got 1 more transfer left with 1.8 m in the bank and not sure what to do. I’m thinking of putting firmino in as the gamble hasn’t worked putting Lukaku in as I thought he’d play better with the signing of sanchez but hasn’t.
    Here’s my team
    Valenica, Smalling, Van Dijk, Walker
    Sterling, Salah, Hazard
    Aguero, Kane, Lukaku.
    Whats your thoughts and any advice on my one transfer?

    • Firstly, congratulations. Absolutely brilliant. Secondly, firmino is definitely an option, but atm id leave Lukaku in this week, for the FA cup and champions league. Firmino doesn’t play till next weekend.

      • That was the plan with Lukaku to keep him and to take him out next week. One player I would like is De Buryne but can’t afford him at the moment. Liverpool look a such better team at the back with van Dijk, just thinking taking Courtois out next month for Karis as Liverpool only have 2 of the top 6 left to play and r so good at home, also frees up a bit of cash.

        • Assuming klopp sticks with karius, I can see the appeal. KDB is the one player we all wish we had, but cant afford now.

          • Just seen Eric Bailly is back for Man U. If he plays instead of Smalling he goes in as Bailly is by far the best centre half they have and that’s all my transfers used.

  2. Simon.
    Any thoughts on my team

    V Van Dick

    I have 1950 points and 2 transfers left with 0.4 in the pot.
    I’m hoping Gomez is back from injury now as that last defender is becoming hard work.
    Was thinking maybe him out for a cheaper defender and Sanchez in for Lukaku but not sure about booting Lukaku as he will always get chances.
    Thanks in Advance

    • Personally id like a Utd defender in there, keep an eye on Rojo or Lindelof getting a regular starting place (Bailly if you can afford him). Lukaku always likely to score, but equally likely to go 6 matches without doing anything. Sanchez does at least get involved in the build up.

  3. I’m ok with the price changes at 300,000 max either way. The other year it was 600,000 if memory serves me correctly. My issue is when a player gets a goal and an assist (Firmino) one game and also a goal another game then is a minus 300,000 on the week. Ridiculous. Also I’ve seen guys play decent or for only 10-20 minutes, get hurt; out for the following game or more and their price go down 100-300k. WTF on all the above?

  4. The price increases are too extreme in my opinion. Makes it very hard to chase. I’ve only made one transfer in last couple of months as I can’t see a way to improve. Currently on 1964 points after today’s games (not sure of rank)

    Smalling Walker Alonso Martina
    De Bruyne Salah Hazard
    Lukaku Kane Aguero

    Thinking Alonso to Vertonghen and spending £1.7m upgrading Martina. Just shy of affording Bellerin so not sure if there are any good options.

  5. I like the price changes myself. It adds another element to the game. I like to buy players at a low and sell for a profit. People that are chasing just need to bring differentials and there are some that are cheap in the game. Recently, we have seen Giroud, Mane and Willian do well, so good differentials are out there in the game.

    My team is 2060 points:
    De Gea
    Apzilicueta, Alonso, Van Dijk, Vertoghen
    Salah, Sterling, Mahrez
    Kane, Aguero, Sanchez

    Got 3.2m in the bank but now looking at differentials mainly as no point having players from teams above you.

  6. Hi Simon, just looking ahead to March transfers, & trying to solve my defensive problems, which 2 defenders out of 3 listed, will be most beneficial, Van dijk, Walker, Alderweirald, thanx.

      • Looking at ur earlier blog u said u were interested in getting a spurs defender In, Alderweirald looks a stronger option than D. Sanchez if funds don’t allow u to get Vertonghen, wld u still put VVD & Walker above a spurs defender, Man city do have better opportunities in terms of fixtures in March, but their defence is not unbreachable, & walkers 7 out of 10 marks r not great, thanx.

        • Aldereiwelds big issues are his contract situation, and just coming back from injury. If he can overcome both of those, he’s definitely the defender to have.

  7. Any thoughts please Lads

    I have 3.5m left to spend on a defender this month

    Who would you pick?

    Christensen but they have city/Barca to play away
    Robertson but will he be rested v Porto & they play Man Utd

    Is there anyone else

  8. Hi Simon my teams is as follows
    Walker_Keane_Smalling_van dijk
    I was thinking OPTION 1_sterling 4 sane/D.silva as not sure about sterling injury Keane out for Sanchez Tottenham and then walker maybe as says he is injured for family
    OPTION 2 hazard 4 de bruyne sterling 4 William and Keane 4 Sanchez Tottenham or Christensen Chelsea please advice on these option or if you have any other option please advice many thanks

  9. Going into March I.m Top of my league with this team on 1993pts with 1.2m ITB.

    Van Dijk
    De Bruyne

    1 transfer done already > Van Dijk in. 2nd is at least 90 pts behind me. I’m expecting him to try & get salah in to close the gap. 3rd place has already done exactly that but he’s 130 pts behind.

    My question is if they do so, should i go on the defensive & get Salah too? I feel i have a more balanced team that them. But the way he’s scoring very game, i think he’s scored in 7 consecutive matches?? he could close the gap. I’m just not keen on burning all 3 transfers to do it.

    My intention was to transfer Courtois > Ederson & save a transfer, but could do Sterling > Salah Courtois > Pickford or Hazard > Salah, Courtois > Cech Arsenal have on paper a good run of fixtures.

    Here’s the 3rd placed team with 2 transfers left on 1854 pts
    Van Dijk
    De Bruyne

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