Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 – What have we learnt from the season so far?

I thought I would start my Sun Dream Team coverage with a review of the scoring to date so we can understand whats happening so far in  and the implications for our  Sun Dream Team transfer window 2 decisions


If you cant be bothered going through all the stats and analysis there’s a summary under “what does it mean” below.  just go to that

The last couple of years players like Mata, Cazorla and Hazard who have been heavily involved attacking midfielders have dominated the scoring but things so far have been different.

Here’s the top 26 point scorers (to go to 63 points) to date:

statsRamsey, AaronMIDARS56.002.5m140
statsAguero, SergioSTRMCY15.437.0m108
statsSturridge, DanielSTRLIV17.805.0m89
statsRooney, WayneSTRMUN12.437.0m87
statsGiroud, OlivierSTRARS20.754.0m83
statsVertonghen, JanDEFTOT14.915.5m82
statsNegredo, AlvaroSTRMCY13.506.0m81
statsToure, YayaMIDMCY13.336.0m80
statsLloris, HugoGKTOT19.754.0m79
statsSuarez, LuisSTRLIV9.737.5m73
statsDefoe, JermainSTRTOT20.003.5m70
statsSzczesny, WojciechGKARS17.004.0m68
statsSagna, BacaryDEFARS19.143.5m67
statsDawson, MichaelDEFTOT18.863.5m66
statsvan Persie, RobinSTRMUN8.258.0m66
statsBony, WilfriedSTRSWA18.573.5m65
statsTerry, JohnDEFCHE12.805.0m64
statsGibbs, KieronDEFARS18.003.5m63
statsLallana, AdamMIDSOT25.202.5m63
statsWalker, KyleDEFTOT15.754.0m63


Some Sun Dream Team Stats

Here’s some basic stats:

  • Those with European competitions vs those who are not

In the top 21 Sun Dream team scorers only Adam Lallana and the Liverpool strikers Sturridge and Suarez are not involved in European competition. This effect will lessen as the easier qualifying games are virtually over and the domestic cups will start to take effect on the rankings

  • Here’s the breakdown by position

10 /21 are strikers 48%

3/21 are midfielders (3 different types) 14%

6/21 are defenders  (3 are FBs and 2 are CBs and Vertonghen has played both) 29%

2/21 are GKs (9%)

4 of the top 5 though are strikers

  • Here is the club split between the clubs in Europe

Arsenal  5 (Ramsey, Giroud, Szczesny, Gibbs and Sagna)

Spurs 5 (Vertonghen Defoe, Lloris, Dawson Walker)

Man City 3  (Aguero Negredo YYT)

Man Utd 2 (Rooney, RVP)

Swansea 2  (Bony Michu)

Chelsea 1  (Terry)

  •  Here’s the average cost of the top 21

The average cost of the top 21 players is around £4.5m.

There are 18 players over £6m.  Only 5 are in the top 21.

  • Here’s how the Sun Dream Team allocate Star Man awards by event

Approximately 55% of the Sun Dream Team Star Man awards will go to one of the goal scorers

18% goes with the clean sheets although only 1 in 3 clean sheets will see a defender get a Star Man award

27% goes in other situations.

  • Here’s how Sun Dream Team allocate Star man awards by position

45% of Sun Dream Team Starman awards have gone to mids  ( Ramsey 7, Lallana 3, N Zonzi 3)

32% of Sun Dream Team Starman awards have gone to Strikers  (Rooney 5,  Aguero 4 Michu 4)

16% of   Sun Dream Team Starman awards have gone to Defenders (C Davies 2, Baines 2)

7% of Sun Dream Team Starman awards have gone to GKs (Marshall 2)

What does this mean?

Here’s the key findings from above and initial views on whether this will continue

  • Players in teams in the European Competition score better

As we’ve virtually got through the easier group stages and the games lessen plus as domestic cups take more emphasis this will lessen

  • Invest in strikers, they score best

I think this is consistent with other fantasy football formats and will continue

  • Don’t think value equals points.
  • Look for players who score goals not assist based players
  • Sun Dream Team love Aaron Ramsey

Will it continue.  I’ve doubted it many times and it still continues.  He is unprecedented in fantasy football.

Ok so next I will be looking at the teams with the best fixtures to the next transfer window, then giving my views on the best players by position.

Hope you found that an interesting start


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