Sun Dream Team transfer window 4 – transfers made

Well after alot of agonising I’ve made my Sun Dream Team transfer window 4 transfers.  Here they are with the full team

RVP out  – Hazard in

No comment on my faith with RVP it just means that with 8 premier league games to go and a 15 point lead the potential for rest given his recent year history injury record and the gametime this year leads me to believe he will be rested alot.  Hazard has been in fine form recently and Chelsea potentially have alot of additional games is the reason for tat selection.

Walcott out Cazorla in

Again no comment on Walcott as a player it just came down to the injury and my worry that it wont be a straight forward recovery even though he’s supposed to be back next week.

Clyne out Ashley Cole in

I had £6m left so I spent it on Cole as in theory he’s the least rotatable player in the defence.  Bertrand has played most of the Europa games but I’m gambling with the trophy in sight that maybe he will play Cole more.  He’s not a Sun Dream team favourite thats for sure but at least I now have some Chelsea defence exposure.

Here’s the full team after the Sun Dream Team transfer window 4.


1.  GK – Howard – would like to have changed him given Evertons CS record but with good underlying stats in the defence hopefully that will come right

2.  Defence – Cole – as above

3.  Defence – Zabaleta

4.  Defence – G Johnson

5.  Defence – W Reid – West ham have good fixtures and a very defensive minded manager so i’m keeping faith here

6.  Midfield – Cazorla – as above

7.  Midfield – Bale – no explanation needed

8.  Midfield – Mata – the Sun Dream Team teachers pet

9.  Midfield – Hazard – as above

10.  Aguero – Could have transferred out him rather than RVP but his gametime certainty seemed better given City will need to keep playing to the end.

11.  Suarez – no explanation needed

Good luck to all fantasy football geeks in Sun Dream team transfer window 4