Sun Dream Team World Cup comes to FFGeek – the basics, rules and a quick draft team


Here’s our Sun Dream Team World Cup article where we introduce the game and provide a summary of the rules and a brief overview.  There’s also a quick draft team and the FFGeek league details

Sun Dream Team World Cup comes to FFGeek – the basics and rules


The first thing I would say is how abysmally the Sun Dream Team site is laid out and in particular with regard to the rules which are hard to distinguish between general rules and not particularly user friendly.

I’ve tried to isolate what I think are the key points in playing but you should satisfy yourself as to their accuracy by reading them your self using this link and not rely on mine.  If anyone think’s I’ve interpreted anything wrong please tell me in the comments column.

Some general info

The Game is free to play. You must be 18 or over and a resident of the UK or ROI. All teams are eligible to win a share of the £175,000 cash prizes.

Enter your team(s) before kick-off of the first match on Thursday 14 June 2018.

The maximum number of teams a Manager may enter into the Competition is 10.

For each team you must select 11 Players as follows:

– The total value of the 11 Players must not exceed £50 million at the time of selection.
– Each team must have one of three playing formations:
– 4-4-2
– 4-3-3
– 3-4-3

Point Scoring

The scoring system and points will be awarded as follows:

All Players

Goal Scored (excluding own goals) +5 points
Hat-trick (3 or more goals) +5 points
Assist +2 points
Who Scored Star Man +5 points
Who Scored Player Rating of 7+ +3 points
Yellow Card -1 point
Red Card -3 points
Penalty Saved or Missed -3 points

Goalkeepers and Defenders

Clean Sheet (no goals conceded) +5 points
2 Goals Conceded -1 point
Each Goal Conceded Over Two Goals -1 point

Goalkeepers Only

Penalty Save or Miss +3 points

Player ratings

The player ratings and the Star Man award will be supplied by an independent ratings provider WHOSCORED.COM

Extra Time

These ‘How to Score’ rules shall apply equally to matches which involve extra time. For example, a goalkeeper or a defender will only be awarded points for a clean sheet if their team has not have conceded any goals by the end of   Extra Time.

Penalty Shoot-Outs

Goals, saves and misses during any penalty shoot-out do not contribute any points to the scoring system.


OPTA assists statistics to determine assist points allocations as follows:

– A Player making a pass with the direct intention to set up a successful goal attempt from an open play situation;
– A Player taking a corner, throw-in or free kick where a goal is scored directly from it by another Player;
– A Player shoots or passes forcing the defender to put the ball into his own goal;
– A Player who is awarded a penalty which is taken and scored by a team-mate.

Points for assists are only awarded to a Player from the goal scoring team.


Substitutes who come on during a Match will be awarded and deducted points as if they had played for the full match.

Players substituted off will continue to be awarded and deducted points as if they had played the full match

Player values

Player values will remain unchanged throughout the entire Tournament.


The Competition is scheduled to run from 14 June to 15 July 2018 and is split into 32 days (25 Match Days and 7 Rest Days )

Each team will be credited with 20 transfers for the entire Tournament which can be used following kick-off of the first Match at 16:00:00 on 14 June 2018. Managers have until 18:59:59 on 15 July 2018 to use their allocation of available transfers.

A transfer will take effect if you transfer a Player out for another Player where neither the outgoing Player’s Country nor the incoming Player’s Country have played during that Match Day.

A transfer will be classified as pending if you transfer a Player out for another Player where either the outgoing Player’s Country or the incoming Player’s Country has already played or commenced playing during that Match Day.

All pending transfers will take effect at 00:00:01 on the following Match Day.

Managers can make a maximum of 3 transfers to their team in a single Match Day from their initial allowance of twenty (20) transfers.

Any transfer that is made may be reversed on the day on which it is made  up to the scheduled kick-off time of any Eligible Match in which either the incoming Player’s country or the outgoing Player’s country are participating; or

On Rest Days the same lockout process will apply with all transfers made that day being processed at 23:59:59. These transfers cannot be reversed after this time.

A Brief Overview

So if you play the Sun Dream Team premier league game the above, in the main will be familiar to you.

Interestingly its 20 transfers for the whole tournament which will make things tricky and steer you towards the favourites for the tournament.  The transfers do appear to allow you to wait until the lineups are out providing the player you want to transfer out has not played on that match day.

The player ratings will play a decent part in the scoring system and that may be an element which makes it difficult to predict.

There are no value changes which will make things easier.

A quick draft team

Here’s a team I put together quickly which won’t be my final team.

sun dream team world cup

I haven’t paid attention to the order of games at the moment to try and maximise good fixtures.

Most of the choices are fairly obvious and I’ve tried to stick to the tournament favourites.  My big gamble is obviously Mendy who has been injured for Man City most of the season. He should start but the friendly tonight should help.

The other cheapie is Polish creator Zielinski.  He was the last player plug and seems ok for the price.  Poland have an ok group.

No Brazil defence, no England or Colombia players or Ronaldo but although the cash means you can get quite a decent team there will be choices to make.

FFGeek Sun Dream World Cup Team League

Here’s the link to the FFGeek Sun Dream Team World Cup League

League PIN: WCW6UFM9

Follow us on twitter and facebook for article updates and news

Here’s the link to my telegraph world cup article if that’s another format you are thinking of playing

58 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team World Cup comes to FFGeek – the basics, rules and a quick draft team”

  1. What’s the best way to use these transfers? Maybe for example when a players played their first game swapping for someone who is yet to play theirs rather than swapping for a player who has played already. You could potentially have 23 players play before Russia’s 2nd game but would have used 15 transfers. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Ricki – but you only get 20 transfers for the whole tournament so you’d have to go through the rest of the tourney with only 5 transfers left…

  3. It was just an example. If you done at least 10 would give you an advantage and try to keep most of your team players who are likely to the final or 3rd place play off would help.

  4. Yeah I’m not criticising mate. It’s not a bad shout, maximising those transfers early doors. Think I’d rather keep mine in the back burner for later when things become clearer.

  5. I’ll give it a gamble and hopefully not screw myself over half way through the tournament. Cheers!!
    #Fat Ronaldos

    • I think you can do up to 10 teams free so you could do one with that strategy and another using transfers slower?

      Good luck anyway

  6. Just to clear up, if you jave a player who has played on thursday you can or cant transfer him out for a player on friday? The same round of fixtures? Doesnt make sence to me that you would be able to do this. But if your player doesnt feature being able to sub him out does

  7. Ryan – you can transfer a player out that has played on the Thursday for a player yet to play the following day.

  8. Got two teams drafted.. not sure which is better.




  9. so for instance…
    Portugal are kicking off at 7 o’clock, if I transfer ronaldo at 4 o’clock for someone else that is playing in a fixture the next day, the transfer won’t be made until the following day? Am I correct? Or does the transfer happen straight away and I loose ronaldo and receive my new player straight away?

  10. Are you going to make updates for every round? I’m asking because I am competing against some friends in a small league but I am not football savvy at all and I’d like to copy your team and transfer 1 to 1. Will you let me know where I can find updates and your drafts? Thank you for posting these, helps lost guys like me a lot.

  11. Correct – if you take a player out before he plays then it will be an instant transfer. Providing the person you are brining in hasn’t already played that day. In the circumstances you mentioned. You will lose Ronaldo before he plays and not receive any points for him.

  12. Hi , if i transfer a player which just played a day much, for onother player which plays the same day, for instance 2 hours later , does the transfer count? do i lose the points of the first player?

  13. If you transfer someone, can you transfer them back into your side?

    For instance
    If I transfer ronaldo for Messi
    Could I get ronaldo back?

  14. it stays! Always a good idea to keep some money in the bank for future upgrades as the tournament progresses and you find out who’s playing well

  15. How do these transfers work can you make a transfer on the day before the first game will it count for that day?

  16. If I transferred golovin out tomorrow for someone who is playing tomorrow. Would I lose the 16 points he scored today?

    • No you wont and great call. You have to do it before the first game starts though

      Good luck today


  17. If I swap out Ronaldo for Suarez for Egypt vs Uruguay when Portugal play Spain will I still receive points for Ronaldo

  18. I’m wanting to make two transfers tonight but 1 million pound of my transfer budget seems to vanish…. why is this???

  19. Im on android and cant seem to change my formation.. is that right? As my mate can change and he’s on iphone.

    • I’m sorry I can’t help with that I’m doing it on desk top and I have an i phone. Hope you sort it out

      Cheers and Good luck

  20. I’ve only made 4 transfers but it’s stating that I’ve made 16/20 already ? Can you help me please ?


    • Hi Jonny

      I believe you can but I don’t know why you would. The teams are out an hour before at least

      Good luck today

  21. How he hell do I change formation? I have 442 but want to change it to 433, it doesn’t allow to change a midfielder for an attacker, don’t get it.

    • Hi Jon

      I think when you go into transfers where it says my team there’s the formation option at the top.

      I think that’s how it’s done. I can’t remember the last time I changed formation sorry

      Good luck today

  22. There used to be a 5 point win bonus at each stage after groups. Do you know if this still happens?

    • Hi Simon

      The rules don’t cover it but I imagine you can. Remember transfers are reversible if you do them early enough so you should find out through trying

      Good luck

  23. Hi, just wondering if someone could help me with this question?

    In the first game between france vs Australia Pogba was awarded and credited with the points for scoring, however the goal was later taken off him but the points gained for that goal was still given and not corrected?!

    Why is this??

    • Daniel

      My recollection of the Suns rules is that the goal has to be taken off very quickly for it to change the Suns point system. After that short time the points stay irrespective of the goal decision

      Good luck today

  24. Players who are eliminated and are in your team I assume you can’t then transfer them out , I had 2 of the German team , but a mate in our works league had 6 Germans , so does that just leave him with 5 players to transfer in and out ?

    • Hi James

      Yes you do

      ELIGIBLE MATCH means a football fixture commencing on or after 14 June 2018 and continuing throughout the Tournament including the Third Place Play-Off fixture.

      cheers and good luck

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