Sun Dream Team World Cup teams – 2nd draft FFGeek team


Now that I’ve finished all the player rankings here’s my Sun Dream Team world cup teams article where I outline the 2nd draft team.

Sun Dream Team World Cup teams – 2nd draft FFGeek team

You may have seen my initial draft team in my rules and intro article.  Despite going through all the players things haven’t changed much.

Here’s the new draft:

sun dream team world cup teams

Effectively I’ve downgraded Suarez to Cavani, Kimmich to Hummels and Ramos to Danilo from my original team in order to raise the cash for upgrading Zielinski to Rodriguez.

Whether it’s worth those downgrades remains to be seen and now defence has a couple of less than perfect gametime risks in Danilo, Mendy and Hummels although, ultimately,  I think all 3 will play.

My main dilemma is De Bruyne or Muller.  I don’t like having no German attacking representation but I feel exactly the same about Belgium.  I could swap Cavani for Timo Werner and then put De Bruyne in which would solve that problem.  I also don’t like having no English representation as they have good fixtures too.

I think alot of these dilemmas could be fixed by having a timeline of games and swapping around the premium players for the potential high scoring games.  20 transfers isn’t a huge amount but the scoring potential between the Group game mis matches outweighs the risks with not having players later in the competition I feel.  That doesn’t mean you can go transfer crazy in the Group stages I just feel that the balance should be weighted in that regard.  I’m hoping tonight I have the time to produce that time line

My final team will happen tomorrow.  My intention is that tomorrow I will concentrate solely on team tinkering rather than any further player articles and then post final team versions.

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7 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team World Cup teams – 2nd draft FFGeek team

  1. I like the logic of weighting transfers early to take advantage of lopsided match ups. I had been planning on saving most of mine for when teams get knocked out to guarantee matches with 3-5 used in the groups to cash in on extra matches by swapping to teams playing later fixtures.

    I’m now looking at having Ronaldo and Suarez up top and then rotating Messi/Neymar/Lukaku in the third slot, maybe not talking Luk for the England game. That’s 7 transfers though, and with 3-5 looking necessary in the rest of the team, does only 8 seem like not enough transfers left for later?

    (PS. Thanks for the excellent site and tips. It’s keeping me sane while lying sick in bed today!)

  2. Thoughts on my team selection..




  3. What do you think of Uruguay Goalkeeper Fernando Muslera as a Good Cheap Option. Uruguay on Paper have easiest group.

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