Sun Dream Teams – the FFGeek teams

Here’s the final FFGeek Sun Dream Teams which may give you some ideas for transfers

Sun Dream Teams – the FFGeek teams

Here’s my 2 teams as I did for last season.

Whereas last season there was a distinct difference this season it’s a bit more random.

Reasonably good finishes last season in 7k and 12k for the 2 teams

Team 1

sun dream team

So just the 1 player outside the top 6 but a great price for Richarlison in a team with good fixtures.

Team 2

This team is a bit more experimental as it would have been easy to have the team above with some minor variation

sun dream team

Sorry about the brevity but hope it’s of some use none the less

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  1. Do you think it’s risky not having hazard? Looks like he will play some part tomorrow and then starting next week, especially given no COMPETITION for his place.

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