telegraph fantasy football – 1 FA Cup transfer made

After a disastrous FA Cup Saturday I’ve only made 1 transfer today in telegraph fantasy football due to a rather unhelpful Chelsea team sheet 

In the end I just swapped Suarez for Sturridge gambling on Sturridge starting in the Oldham game this afternoon.  I wanted to swap Luiz for Azpilicueta but he didnt make the starting line up so in the end I left it rather than spending £0.9m more on Ivanovic

Here’s the full team:

Hart, JHart, J

Hart, J


Luiz, DLuiz, D

Luiz, D





Cameron, GCameron, G

Cameron, G


Mata, JMata, J

Mata, J


Nolan, KNolan, K

Nolan, K





Cazorla, SCazorla, S

Cazorla, S


Tevez, CTevez, C

Tevez, C


van Persie, Rvan Persie, R

van Persie, R


Sturridge, DSturridge, D

Sturridge, D