Telegraph fantasy football 2013/14 is now open – rules review and my 15 minute team

Telegraph fantasy football 2013/14 is now open. It was probably my worst format last year.  I did it for the first time last season and finished 13,698 out of an estimated 250,000 managers.   I’ll give a full break down on the rules but in simple terms its a fixed transfer game which includes the FA Cup as well as the premier league and has no captain and no subs

Telegraph fantasy football rule Summary

Nothing has changed last year in terms of game rules although there are various prize variations and league variations etc. 

The Telegraph fantasy football site has the following key fantasy premier league points to using the Barclay fantasy premier league site as the precedent:
FA Cup plus Premier league games only
30 transfers per season. 5 games max per game week
No Captain feature
No wildcard
No substitutes
Player values don’t change
No vice captain
Unlike Sky it has 3-4-3
No limits on players from anyone team
Every position has same points (5) for a goal
High goals against points

You can do transfers during the game week but before the first game on the day only

No clean sheet points for midfielders
“Key contribution” assist rule. 2 players can get an assist
No bonus points for performance or man of the match points
Clean sheet rule is the whole game to get 4 points otherwise just 2!

 Heres the full rules cut and paste from the Telegraph fantasy football site

Team Selection 

6.1 Managers’ team selections must consist of 11 players chosen from the selection list. The combined total value of their 11 player team selection must not exceed £50 million at any time throughout the Competition. The team of 11 must include 1 goalkeeper and 4 defenders plus either 3 midfielders and 3 strikers (4-3-3) or 4 midfielders and 2 strikers (4-4-2) or 3 defenders plus 5 midfielders and 2 strikers (3-5-2) or 4 defenders plus 5 midfielders and 1 striker (4-5-1) or 3 defenders plus 4 midfielders and 3 strikers (3-4-3) or 5 defenders plus 3 midfielders and 2 strikers (5-3-2). Managers may switch between formations when making transfers.

6.2 A player can only appear in the same team once at any one time – player duplication is not permitted. There is no additional restriction on the number of players chosen from the same club.


7.1 Points will be awarded based on all FA Premier League and FA Cup matches (featuring Premier League teams) played from Saturday, August 17, 2013 until and including the final matches, scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2014. Points from abandoned matches will not count towards scoring in the Competition.

7.2 Points will be awarded and deducted per match as follows:
Player featured in starting XI +2
Substitute appearance +1
Goal scored +5
Key Contribution to a goal (including own goals) +3
Sent off -3
Yellow card -1 (2 yellow cards leading to a red card will count -3)
Own goal -3
Missed penalty -2
For defenders and goalkeepers only:
Clean sheet (players completing full match only) +4
Clean sheet (players completing part of a match only) +2
Defenders and goalkeepers will lose their clean sheet bonus by conceding one goal and will lose one point for every additional goal conceded during their appearance.
For goalkeepers only: penalty +5 (for these points to be awarded the goalkeeper must have prevented the penalty from being scored with some part of his body).

Key Contributions for goals will be awarded at the sole discretion of the judging panel appointed by TMG. Up to two players may be awarded a Key Contribution for the same goal. For general guidance only, the following will be considered by the judges, among other factors when deciding on Key Contributions:

No Key Contribution is given to a player who simply touches the ball sideways from a free kick, or to the penalty taker when penalties are saved or come back off the woodwork before a goal is scored.
If during a pass to a team mate that results in a goal, an opposing player significantly alters the speed or direction of the ball, then no Key Contribution is given.
If a goalkeeper does not have control of the ball and parries a shot or drops a cross or the ball rebounds off the woodwork, the attacking player shooting or crossing the ball may receive the Key Contribution if a goal directly ensues.
In the event of a penalty, the player in possession of the ball when fouled for the penalty may get a Key Contribution if it is successfully scored, but not if he takes the penalty himself in which case no Key Contribution is given.
No Key contribution is given for a player who earns a free kick that subsequently results in a goal.
No Key Contribution will be awarded for a player who checks or shields another player, makes a run to create space for another player or shields the ball without touching it.
A Key Contribution may be awarded for an own goal.

The judges’ decision shall be final and TMG will not enter into any correspondence regarding points deducted or allocated to players.


  A total of 30 transfers are available during the Competition. Managers may use a maximum of five transfers in any one game week (Tuesday to Monday). 

 9.4 Players must be transferred before the earliest scheduled kick-off featuring a Premier League team on any match day in order to score points on that day. 

My 15 minute team and commentary

 Again at the risk of sounding like Jamie Oliver here’s a quick team Ive knocked up just to get people thinking.  I refused to let it take me any more than 15 minutes as I really dont see the pont at the moment before all transfers are complete and weve had a chance to look at form and potential lineups from the pre-season games.

Here’s the team then and a few thoughts on each player.  I’ve gone for 3-4-3 and assumed no DGW1 for Chelsea and Aston Villa


GK  S Mignolet – Liverpool £3.5m

Now that its been confirmed that Reina is going to LIverpool he looks like very good value compared to the rest of the elite keepers.  Liverpool have good fixtures to start and a strong defence especially at home and had 16 clean sheets last year 2nd only to Man City.   The negative points for goals against to me make elite team defenders where you should be looking in my view 


K Walker – Spurs £4.0m

Generally I’ve gone for the cheapest elite defenders I can. I’m relying on clean sheets and risking a little on game time and attacking quality.  Otherwise there will be too much invested in the defence in my mind with no clear path to returns.  Spurs underperformed on clean sheets last year getting only 9 which was 12th in the table for CS’.  However they were very unlucky in my view and had underlying shooting stats and big chances against which didnt really reflect that.  Kyle Walker also gives you assist potential and is pronbaly the Spurs player least vulnerable to rotation

L Koscielny – Arsenal £3.7m

Despite all the uninformed pundits out there Arsenal had the 3rd best clean sheet record and the most clean sheets away from home.  Koscielny should be nailed on game time wise given his form last year and Arsenal also have the 3rd best opening 6 fixtures of any team according to my fixture ease schedule

M Nastasic – Man City £3.6m

Pellegrini has promised a more attacking approach this year and it remains to be seen if this affects the unquestionably best defensive team in the league last year.  Unfortunately the prices reflect that and Nastasic comes with game time risk and little attacking prospects.  However he is a significant discount to the other options and I’m gambling he will get the nod as compared to Lescott and Richards his passing is infinitely superior  which is needed as for all Kompanys defensive strengths its not his either.  Pellegrini likes a structured build up and his ability will be needed.


G Bale – £6.0m

The lack of a captain and bonus system means that the potential loss of ground in not having Bale and RVP is less but it also means the price differentials are also less marked.  Personally with Spurs having good fixtures last years player of the season is a must have for me

D Silva  – £5.3m

With Pellegrini offering a more attacking approach and City having great opening fixtures coverage of them is essential.  While I am a huge fan of Aguero the offering of a difference of £1.5m for Silva is too tempting.  I’m betting him to shine when released from the negativity of Mancini. The price for Negredo though will be interesting

P Coutinho – £4.2m

This is much more sensible pricing by Telegraph fantasy football compared to FPL.  £4.2m is a fair price and far better than Sturridge at £6.2m.  I’m betting he will play  behind the striker in a 4-2-3-1 or maybe on the left of the front 3 in 4-3-3.  Liverpool have the 6th best opening 6 fixtures which get even better so coverage is esirable and affordable with Coutinho

R Brady  – Hull  – £2.7m

My cheap midfielder.  4 goals and 13 assists last year gives some hope for returns as I need to get some value here.  Dwight Gale’s acquisition gives some worry as he may play on the left but the pre-season should throw up some sub £3.0m value plays


RVP – £8.0m

Do I need to say anything.  Cost is only issue when you dont need a captain.  Tough fixtures and if Kagawa plays behind the striker at £4.0m he offers Man Utd coverage

at half the price as an alternative

D Bent – £4.8m

 This is on the basis that he transfers to Newcastle which is strongly rumoured. Lets get this right 3 seasons ago he scored 17 goals and the season before that 24.  Even last year he got a return in FPL of a goal or assist every 160 minutes in a system that totally didnt suit him.  Beneteke forall his praise only returned every 130m.

A Corneluis – Cardiff – £4.2m  

I havent done a piece on Cardiff yet so I dont know much about him but £7.5m is a huge fee for Cardiff.  The Danish international is great value at £4.2m and was the danish leagues top scorer last year 

Ok thats it. The league code is 8000919 if you want to join our league.  There will be lots more articles nearer the time on players etc so stay on the site for telegaph coverage.

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  1. Thanks for all the great information. I won my league last year with your help.

    I was wondering if you have any plans for “Best options” write ups in the near future and when you plan to post your final tff team?


    • thanks for the comments, much appreciated. yes i will be doing one but it maybe as late as the week commencing the 12 th August cheers

  2. Thanks for your help last season, With it i too won my super league.
    Any tips like Michu and Cazorla from last season would be Brilliant.

  3. Only just come across your site but really looking forward to reading more about TFF and thoughts on players and strategy.

    I came second in a friends superleague and determined to go one better this year.

    Site bookmarked and will keep coming back

    • Hi Tom, I will be doing an article on all the best players in TFF during the course of next week and showing my team before the gameweek deadline

      Cheers and see you then!

  4. Hi,love your site I came second in my private league last year I was beaten by 1 point this was down to your. Guidance and help.hopefully this year I’ll win it

  5. Hey, yeah came 2nd in my league last Season too. Glad you are doing it again. Michu was the tip of the season need another beauty like that this year!

    Got rid of Van P just before the season kicked off and went with Benteke and Soldado instead, I’m sure I’ll be regretting it!

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