Telegraph Fantasy Football 2015/16 is back at fantasy football geek


Telegraph fantasy football is back and were covering it again on fantasy football geek here’s a summary of the basics as well as the new rules.  We’ll also outline our first draft team and give you the FFGeek League details

Telegraph Fantasy Football 2015/16 is back at fantasy football geek

The basics

Telegraph fantasy football is a fairly simple game which differs from Fantasy premier league in that there are no subs, no captains, no bonus points, no wildcards, no limit on players from one team and far less transfers.  You just score points for goals and assists and your defs/GKs get deductions for goals conceded.  It also has a fundamental difference in that it includes the FA Cup.  As I said the points scoring is similar to FPL although there are deductions for defenders and the GK for points conceded.  It also has “key contribution” points for a goal.

Those are the basics although I’ll copy and paste from the site the full details

FFGeek team

Here’s our very first draft team.  It was done very quickly and is very much a draft.



I pretty much follow the FPL team I do but understand that there are far less transfers.  About 4 per month and 36 this season in total.  The lack of subs means I try and have players who are fairly nailed on in the team.  Above the players with gametime risk are Myhill (who will lose his place in October when Foster returns) and Walcott.  To a lesser extent Mane and Azpili have some rotation risk.

In defence as there are deductions for goals conceded I’ve tried to go with teams with a strong defense and have invested a decent amount of cash in this regard.

The midfield I have to include Hazard.  Walcott is the gamble for the Arsenal team and I may have to work out how to get Ozil in the team if Walcott loses his place.  Siggy is the attacking hub of the Swansea team and Mane is the player with good fixtures over the first couple of months.

Upfront Rooney as a striker is the best representation of Man Utd and gives the ability to transfer in Aguero without too many transfers when he returns. Ill probably then work out how to get Depay into the team who’s a reasonably good price.  Benteke has good fixtures for Liverpool to start the season and Wilson is another player with good fixtures

The Fantasy Football Geek league

The league is called FantasyFootballGeek and the pin is 8000919.  It’s free to join as many teams as you want but no prizes unfortunately.

The full rules

Here’s a copy and paste from the site to give you the rules.  I’ve also copied there whats new this season section if you’ve played before.  There’s also loads of stuff about different leagues and prizes etc which I haven’t bothered to copy

6. Team selection
6.1 Managers’ team selections must consist of 11 players chosen from the selection list. The combined total value of their 11 player team selection must not exceed £50 million at any time throughout the Competition. The team of 11 must include 1 goalkeeper and:
4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers (4-3-3) or
4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers (4-4-2) or
3 defenders, 5 midfielders and 2 strikers (3-5-2) or
4 defenders, 5 midfielders and 1 striker (4-5-1) or
3 defenders, 4 midfielders and 3 strikers (3-4-3) or
5 defenders, 3 midfielders and 2 strikers (5-3-2).

7. Scoring points
7.1 Points will be awarded based on all FA Premier League and FA Cup matches (featuring Premier League teams) played from Saturday, August 8, 2015 up to and including the final match, scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2016. Points from abandoned matches will not count towards scoring in the Competition.
7.2 Points will be awarded and deducted per match as follows:
All players:
Starting XI appearance (2 pts)
Substitute appearance (1 pt)
Goal scored (5 pts)
Key Contribution (3 pts)
Red card (-3 pts)
(note: two yellow cards leading to a red card in the same match counts as one red card)
Yellow card (-1 pt)
Missed penalty (-2 pts)
Own Goal (-3 pts)
Goalkeepers only:
Penalty +5 (for these points to be awarded the goalkeeper must have prevented the penalty from being scored with some part of his body).
Goalkeepers and defenders only:
Team keeps a full-match clean sheet and player plays 60 mins or more (5 pts)
Team keeps a full-match clean sheet and player plays fewer than 60 mins (2 pts)
First goal conceded (0 pts)
Each additional goal conceded (-1 pt)
Points are not awarded for penalty shoot outs.
Key Contributions
7.4 Key Contributions (“KCs”) for goals will be awarded at the sole discretion of the judging panel appointed by TMG. Up to two players may be awarded a KC for the same goal.

9.1 Managers may alter their teams by effecting transfers, which may be actioned online via the official Competition website: or mobile application. A total of 36 transfers are available during the Competition. Managers may use a maximum of five transfers in any one Game Week (Tuesday to Monday). Transfers beyond the maximum number allowed in any Game Week will be rejected as will any transfer requests beyond the seasonal maximum of 36.
9.2 Transfer requests shall be acknowledged via on-screen confirmation. TMG shall not be responsible for transfer applications lost in transmission or received late due to high online traffic levels or for incomplete transfer applications.
9.3 A pre-season transfer amnesty shall operate until the first Scheduled Event Kick-off on Saturday, August 8, 2015, which allows Managers to make unlimited changes to their line-up without affecting their season transfer allocation of 36 transfers. Following this, transfers may be submitted at any time up until the final Scheduled Event Kick-off on Saturday, May 21, 2016.
9.4 Players must be transferred before a Scheduled Event Kick-off in order to score points in that Event. Players transferred after a Scheduled Event Kick-off will score points from the next Scheduled Event Kick-off. With all transfers, Managers must ensure that their teams continue to meet the selection criteria. Once submitted, transfer requests cannot be altered under any circumstances. For the avoidance of doubt, there must be at least a two-hour gap between two scheduled match kick-off times in order for transfers to be made between matches and score from the next Scheduled Event Kick-Off. If the gap is less than two hours and/or if matches overlap, then the earliest kick-off time of these matches will be deemed the transfer deadline.

What’s New This Season?
If you’ve played TFF before here’s a summary of the main changes to the game this season:



Transfers – we have increased the transfer allocation to 36 this season, and you can now make changes to your team in between matches – see the ‘Transfers’ section in this Information Centre for full details.

Clean sheets – as this is a team-based concept, we thought it was about time we acknowledged this within the scoring. This season, a player will earn a full clean sheet bonus of 5 points if they are active for at least 60 minutes of a match where their team does not concede a goal for the entire match. Players who are active for less than 60 minutes of a match where their team does not concede a goal for the entire match will receive a part clean sheet bonus of 2 points.

Key Contributions – this season we will also be awarding KCs for players who “win” penalties, even if they were not in control of the ball. KCs are only awarded if the resulting penalty is converted directly.

At the very least I’ll show my final team before the season starts

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  1. Never tried the telegraph fantasy football before, but giving it a go this year. Any thoughts on team selection welcome.
    Van Anholt
    Johnson (Glen)

  2. Hi John (and other league members)

    I hope you all don’t mind me joining your DT league! I’m trying to join a league where there is a reasonable number of players and therefore a reasonable chance to win (and to maintain my interest for the season). Not worried about prizes – just keeping near the top of the league (hopefully) and swapping banter will be good enough for me!

    Have you all done this before and are you expecting a lot of teams to join?

    Good luck all!

    • Looking for a fantasy football game that will be interesting for the full season? Check out (or the iPhone app).

      Buy a unique squad in the pre-season auction and then trade with other managers outside your league for prices you choose! Players are in short-supply so other managers can’t copy your squad! Free to play.

      • Hi

        How can you join an existing league or are you creating a new league? Are there any other managers interested in joining in, noting that the auction date is this Monday?

  3. Only a few days left get involved:
    I’ve set mini league up with sky fantasy football, £10 entry and prizes are 1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10% invite and pass the details on to anyone you want. Sky hold the money and pay it out at the end of the season
    League pin: 8126996
    Password: tango69

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