Telegraph fantasy football returns to FFGeek – rules review and a first draft team

Here’s our Telegraph fantasy football returns to fantasy football geek article where we recap on the rules and show a first draft team

Telegraph fantasy football returns to FFGeek – rules review and a first draft team

Last season was my best in telegraph fantasy football and I finished with a 227 overall rank

The rules

There doesn’t appear to be any rule changes from last season that I can see but here they are in a nutshell.  Obviously you should satisfy your self as to the rules yourself by reading them on the site.

The basics

It’s an 11 player game.  No subs, no captains no wildcards.  It couldn’t be simpler or easier to play.

The game includes premier league and FA Cup matches

There are a number of formation options and no limits on players from 1 team.


40 transfers per season and 5 in a week maximum

You can make transfers between games as long as there is 2 hours between kick off times

Point scoring

This is straight from the Telegraph Fantasy Football site

All players:

Starting XI appearance (2 pts)
Substitute appearance (1 pt)
Goal scored (5 pts)
Key Contribution (3 pts) – Can be more than one player
Red card (-3 pts)
Yellow card (-1 pt)
Missed penalty (-2 pts)
Own Goal (-3 pts)
Goalkeepers only:

Penalty save (5pts)
Goalkeepers/defenders only:

Full Clean Sheet – player plays 60 mins or more (5 pts)
Part Clean Sheet – player plays fewer than 60 mins (2 pts)
First goal conceded (0 pts)
Each additional goal conceded (-1 pt)
Points are not awarded for penalty shoot outs.

Clean sheet bonuses:
In order to earn a Full Clean Sheet bonus (5 pts), your player must complete at least 60 minutes of the match and his team must keep a clean sheet for the entire match (excluding penalty shoot-outs).
If a player is on the pitch for less than 60 minutes and his team keeps a clean sheet for the full match, he’ll score a Part Clean Sheet bonus (2 pts).

All players still earn 2 points for starting a match and 1 point for coming on as a substitute.
So, for example, if your goalkeeper/defender starts the match, plays an hour or more, and his team finishes the match with a clean sheet – they will score 7 points.

The FFGeek first draft team

So my focus with in structuring a team is to have all top 6 team players (Man City, Man Utd, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea) except for 1 midfielder and the goalkeeper.

To do that I’ve found that you need to play with 4 at the back and with less than 3 strikers.  Last season I pretty much went 4-4-2.  This season my first draft team has started as a 4-5-1. in order to meet that criteria.

The 2nd criteria is that in midfield I’ve generally looked for the creative set piece midfielder due to the wider key contribution rule.  Players like De Bruyne, Ozil and Eriksen are top of my consideration list.

Lastly the World Cup has changed things somewhat  with the late returners.  See my FPL article on the subject.

With defenders it’s a balance between attacking potential, gametime security and price.

With that criteria and limitations in mind here’s the first draft team:

telegraph fantasy football


Here I’ve gone for a team that I’m hoping can outperform their expectations in Wolves and picked new signing Patricio


I’ve literally gone for the top 4 teams of last season in defence.

For Man City Otamendi looks the only certainty to start of the World Cup returners.  Interestingly Mendy seems to be on the pre-season tour so I could switch to him for extra attacking potential

Man Utd have 2 defenders in Smalling and Bailly that should start the season and hopefully have some longevity.  With Valencia an unknown return date injury those are Bailly and Smalling.  Bailly is slightly cheaper and fits into the team overall price easier than Smalling would have

Robertsons price at £3.8m compared to Van Dijks at £4.3m settled that for me as well as his attacking potential

With Spurs the World Cup returners has meant it was either Sanchez or Davies who would lineup GW1 and have some longevity.  Again there was a slight price saving for Sanchez which sealed it.  Spurs have a number of absentees and are playing their first 4 games away so I may flip to a Chelsea defender with Christensen and Rudiger the only ones that budget would allow.


It was a truly awful season for Ozil in 17/18 and that’s before you even mention the World Cup.  However only De Bruyne had a better xA than Ozil when on the pitch so I’m hoping that something to prove plus the presence of Lacazette and Aubameyang on the pitch potentially can transform his season

Sane was a tricky one.  His stats from last season were so good that I chose him over D Silva and Mahrez.  It’s not an easy one but I may just flip to De Bruyne anyway once he’s back.

I’m hoping I don’t need to explain Salah.

Sanchez was another who had a pretty ordinary season but with a off season rest and the likelhood of getting set piece representation then he looks a gamble worth taking

Lastly I’ve gone for the new Southampton midfielder Elyounoussi as a potential gamble on the back of quite incredible Swiss League stats for Basel.  You may remember the last Premier League player who’s route to the premier league involved Basel.  None other than Salah.  Anyway 11 goals and 15 assists in 31 starts at a goal or assist every 100 minutes or so is quite mind blowing so he seems worth a throw of the dice.  He’s also very cheap.


Just Aguero here although I have cash in the bank to flip to Kane who is probably the priority forward.  I did think hard about Aubameyang but his 2 first fixtures in the face of a flip to Kane did rule him out.  While I have Kane I doubt I will ever have Eriksen as a double up.

That’s it hope you found it useful

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2 thoughts on “Telegraph fantasy football returns to FFGeek – rules review and a first draft team”

  1. Not bad, though id change a couple of things. ‘Dont be tempted by ozil’ is a mantra of mIne, which has replaced my old mAntra ‘dont be tempted by walcott’. Also, i always have two strikers. Id rather have arnautovic than ozil. I dont think D.sanchez will play all the time, so that could be a waste of a transfer. Often, cheap defenders can get you as many points as expensive ones.

    Finally, ive been disappointed too often on taking a punt on new players, id play safe with your cheapie. Then again, you were in the top 300 last year…

  2. I’M entering a pub league based on the scoring if ref but you have to have a set formation of 4-3-3 and only allowed 5 transfers for the whole of the season. Please could YOU give me your recommended starting 11 ? Many thanks

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