Telegraph fantasy football – the FFGeek contributors show their early draft teams

Here’s our Telegraph Fantasy football article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their early draft teams.  All of them finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500.

Telegraph fantasy football – the FFGeek contributors show their early draft teams

Bryan  O’Rourke

Bryan finished 37th in TFF last season and 7th in 17/18

My first draft having picked myself up from the floor with the changes and reduced prize fund this year.

The best value for money still looks to be found in defence so I have started off with a 5-3-2 formation.

Pope in goals looks a good pick, if he is first choice.

Everton have some good fixtures and Coleman and Digne offer attacking returns. Zinchenko looks underpriced if, as expected, he starts the season. Alexander-Arnold looks the best pick of the Liverpool defenders.

Salah’s inclusion speaks for itself . I’d like an Everton attacker and Richarlison wins it for me, while Jota still represents good value at 3.9 million.

Still torn between Aguero and Sterling but with Aguero on penalties that swung it for me. Bournemouth have good fixtures too and Wilson should beamong the goals.

A very early pick, I will sit back for a couple of weeks and assess the pre season fixtures and transfer ins and outs. Good luck with your selections

You can find Bryan on twitter with the appropriate handle of @CoachTff

telegraph fantasy football

Ben Humphrey

Ben finished with an overall rank of 576 last season

See also Ben’s article TFF Bargain punt

I’m trying to focus on three things when putting my team together.

1: An overall balance.

2: Value for money.

3: Fixtures.

Man City, Liverpool and Everton all have a good start to the season, although City and Liverpool would be heavily involved regardless of fixtures. Everton are represented by Digne and Sigurdsson. I could have gone for Richarlison, but I got the feeling at the end of last season, that Sigurdsson was getting back to his best form, not to mention the cheaper price and owning dead balls.

The two hardest decisions were Sterling or Aguero, and Salah or Mane. I would love to have Aguero, Sterling and one of the Liverpool duo, but it just stretches the rest of my team too far.

I’ve gone for what I think is value upfront with Pukki and Wilson. I may have my Norwich coloured glasses on when it comes to Pukki, but he scored 30 goals last season, without penalties, and has scored plenty of goals whilst playing for Finland, so I believe he can step up to the PL.

Half of my defence is still a bit up in the air. I’m hoping that Zinchenko will start the season as first choice, and Godfrey is a kind of place holder for now, although he is a very good price and has an eye for goal, so I might even go mad and leave him in.

I would have liked to double up on Liverpool defence, and still might try and work that in, especially if Gomez can nail down a spot.

All the best with your team building.

You can follow Ben on twitter @OMPfantasy

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Stephen Troop

Stephen finished with an OR in the 900’s last season

Here is one of my teams. One I’ve managed to get Kane, Salah and Sterling in. I have a few drafts with the most common players being Salah, Sterling, TAA, Fraser. Fraser seems good value compared to Wilson and King and has great fixtures. The others need no explanation.

In addition I have a few cheaper enablers. Gross could thrive again with a more attack minded manager following an injury prone season which would be great value at 3.1m (Trossard at 2.9m is also an intriguing Brighton option). Gunn is a cheap goalkeeper and I think should start. Southampton Improved massively in the second half of the season under their new manager and I think will continue this progress. Having Allison and downgrading Robertson is another option here which I like the look of.

Another team I think will have an excellent season is Leicester and Pereira has good KC potential. I like Everton’s Digne’s price as well for even better KC potential and excellent starting fixtures. He features in other drafts.

Zinchenko should get the LB spot with Mendy’s injury (despite City’s new signing) but I expect rotation at some point. Finally Lanzini could be a steal at 2.8m provided he starts. Another player who struggled with injury but potential to thrive in a Pellegrini attack minded team. They are currently trying to tie him down to a new contract and have already signed a new striker which should help assist potential.

All in all I think the team is a little unbalanced however I have a few more balanced teams and I can’t pick a favourite.

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Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an overall rank in the 300’s last season

hi all, this is my very initial draft for TFF put together in few minutes. Bear in mind I am not very actively following pre-season, and I have only skimmed at the fixtures and players prices, so be kind!
My must haves were Sterling + Salah + Premium Striker + Liverpool defender + City defender + Everton cover.
I’ve ended up with 3 Everton, which that might be a bit too much, but good fixtures and they seem excellent value.
For the premium striker I think Aguero for now, but it could also be Kane. I will go with a second cheap striker, so Haller is pretty much a filler at this stage.
Alexander Arnold much cheaper than VVD and Robertson, so he will be popular. Zinchenko is a dodgy pick and needs monitoring.
Ryan in goal might stay, I am not keen on spending 4.5 in Allison or Ederson.
The final note is that this year prices seem higher, so at least a couple cheapies are needed to balance out the team. For now, Dann is my super cheapie.

telegraph fantasy football

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8 thoughts on “Telegraph fantasy football – the FFGeek contributors show their early draft teams”

  1. Any tips for teams on telegraph if not allowed to do transfers all season? Set amd leave it!

    Never done telegraph before and thats the rules set by mates in a cash league

  2. Hi. You have all put players in your teams that have played in either the Copa America or African Cup of Nations……….

    Do you not think the likes of Mane, Aguero, Salah may miss the start of the season?

  3. Benji, needs a lot of luck with injuries etc. Can only advise you pick sure starters and really focus on a good defence as this tends to get you best value over a long haul.

  4. Chris, I suspect Salah will start. For the Liverpool game you’ll see line ups before the start anyway. Also missing one game for one of your players is ok, as you don’t want to waste an early transfer just to bring them in. I agree with not havin too many though.

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