Telegraph fantasy football gameweek 29 – transfers made

Well at least waiting for the Tevez Barnsley game got its reward despite the mess is got me in to position wise.  I’ve made 5 transfers in 1 go believe it or not 3 I could maybe have done yesterday but I changed my plan today!  Here’s the team and transfers

Hart out – Reina in

Cameron out  – Nastasic in

Cazorla out  – Bale in

Tevez out  – Suarez in

Sturridge out – Lukaku in


Reina, PReina, P

Reina, P





Azpilicueta, CAzpilicueta, C

Azpilicueta, C


Nastasic, MNastasic, M

Nastasic, M


Bale, GBale, G

Bale, G


Walcott, TWalcott, T

Walcott, T


Mata, JMata, J

Mata, J





van Persie, Rvan Persie, R

van Persie, R


Suarez, LSuarez, L

Suarez, L


Lukaku, RLukaku, R

Lukaku, R


Good luck to everyone in telegraph fantasy football this week

4 thoughts on “Telegraph fantasy football gameweek 29 – transfers made”

    • 3. Ive made a complete mess of TFF. The FA Cup thing has thrown me a little. Hopefully can make things up in the last rounds


  1. Can you explain the reasoning behind your transfers? Do you have any plan for a updated “ones to watch” for Telegraph?

    • the ones to watch article has been a bit difficult as they take an enormous amount of time so ive tried to focus on the fantasy premier league ones

      Here’s a brief explanation of the transfers though

      Reina – cheap exposure to the liverpool defence and a chance to get City exposure through the value route of nastasic. unhelpfully Reina picked up an injury. saurez is just a better pick than Sturridge and lukaku is ridiculous value in TFF

      i’m working on some way of making something similar to ones to watch without the time committment


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