Telegraph fantasy football – GW21 review and an FA Cup special

Here’s our telegraph fantasy football tips version of the “FFGeek contributors show their teams”. In it we have last seasons 7th place overall finisher Bryan, Sergio who finished 1,951 last season and top 1k finisher Ben Humphrey.  This week it’s a GW21 review and an FA Cup special

Telegraph fantasy football tips – GW21 review and an FA Cup special

Bryan Forbes O’Rourke

Bryan finished an incredible 7th place overall in telegraph fantasy football last season

66 gameweek points, total points 1,129 , Overall rank 1,923 transfers left 20

Bumper points from the two premium strikers this week. Clean sheets for Trippier and Alonso and a late xmas present of three KC’s from Kolasinac. Imagine how good a pick he would be if Arsenal could only defend.

I made a last second transfer replacing Balbuena with Taylor of Burnley. Based on a hunch that Burnley will come good again and Balbuena has a knock which has kept him out of the last two fixtures.

It’s the FA Cup at the weekend and I generally don’t go hat-trick hunting during the 3rd round. Its always tempting when you see a top premier league striker lineup against the minnow team from league 1. Good luck anyone hat trick hunting this week, it’s just not a tactic that has worked for me in the past.

Well time to catch a breather after the festive fixture frenzy. The team is decent on paper and with 20 transfers left there is a lot of room for upward movement. Have a good FA Cup weekend 😂

telegraph fantasy football tips

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished in 1,951 position last season in telegraph fantasy football

Gameweek points 46, Total Pts 1,109, Overall rank 4,095, Transfers available 18

An average week so far ahead of the first FA cup weekend involving premier league clubs. Kane and Kolasinac hit double digits, in the case of Kolasinac thanks to a hat-trick of KCs, very impressive for a defender, no clean-sheet for Arsenal though, business as usual. Same for City, and that is 8 in the row, which is very disappointing.

Regarding the FA cup games, I am not really expecting many of my players to be involved, but hopefully they provide a few points. Being so low in transfers, I am not planning in any move this weekend. Usually this first FA cup weekend is for secondary players, but a few good opportunities might appear, in particular thinking about Man United players or any other top 6 club regular starter who is in action.

Good luck for GW22 Geekers!

telegraph fantasy football tips

Ben Humphrey

Ben is a top 1k finisher in TFF

Week points: 63,  Over all rank: 2000,  Transfers remaining: 24

Team review.

That was a pretty good week, though the fantasy God’s have mocked me, leaving me ranked exactly 2000 after I wanted so much to break back in to the top 2000. Still, I’m only one off.

It all started so well with Kane and Aubameyang collecting 23 points between them. . That was then topped off with a Kolasinac cherry who was awarded three KC’s. If you’ve seen him play over the last few weeks, it has been coming, he’s a monster.

On top of that, there was a Chelsea clean sheet and a Robertson assist. Then we come to my transfer. I needed to get rid of Mina, and after a very long ponder, I went with my gut feeling on Shaw, £3.2m. Before you think I’ve gone mad, my budget was restricted as I wanted to leave myself the option of bringing in Salah. Also, since Ole took over, Man United have only conceded from set pieces, and they still have decent fixtures. Anyway, it worked out this week, let’s see what happens.

I was even more pleased with my score considering my four midfielders could only manage an assist between them.

Team thoughts

Next up we have the first of the dreaded FA cup weekends. Personally, I wish these weren’t included in TFF, but there’s not much we can do about that. It turns in to a complete lottery. Half of your team probably won’t play which can skew the rankings and leaves far too much down to luck, be it good or bad.

My only planned transfer is to bring back Salah. The problem is, I can’t decide who to take out. It’s probably going to be Sterling or Aubameyang. I don’t want to lose either of them, but it’s just not possible to have Kane, Aubameyang, Hazard, Sterling and Salah without the rest of your team being dreadful and unbalanced. I don’t think there’s much between Sterling and Aubameyang, so I’m leaning towards removing the Arsenal man as it will release more cash.

I don’t imagine I will be making any transfers over this weekend though. I think it’s a case of closing your eyes, holding on tight and seeing what has happened when the fantasy dust settles.

Good luck. I think we’ll need it.

telegraph fantasy football tips

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